Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st September 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rashmi, Sameer and his sisters coming home and hearing about the contract. His sisters get angry. Rashmi asks whats happening. Devyaani says its just to be sure. His sisters feel humiliated by what Devyaani is saying, and ask Sameer to say whats happening. They say if they are afraid that they will use Rashmi, then they can keep her at their home, why are they getting Rashmi remarried. Naitik says we don’t have problem with Sameer. His sister asks Naitik to givbe guarantee from Rashmi’s side. Sameer says he is ready to sign and asks his sisters to leave it. His sister says its big thing for us, if you sign on this paper, we will not come in marriage, its his decision now. They leave. Sameer gets tensed.

Sameer says don’t know whats right or wrong,

I will sign on papers, I will convince my sisters, then I can answer. He leaves. Rashmi asks Naitik what happened to him. Sameer is her fiancé now, he has been waiting for 5 years for her yes, don’t they trust him now. She asks Devyaani what does she want to do, she knows everything about Sameer, why are you insulting Sameer, this is wrong. Devyaani says I want my daughter to be happy, I would have done same for Muskaan too, what will people say if anything happens, they will say real mum would have been careful, I m step mum.

Naitik says its just for Rashmi and Gayu’s safety. Rashmi asks him why did he get Sameer from Mumbai, why did he convince her for marriage and asks Akshara to manage this. Devyaani says just a sign on papers, then everything will be fine. Bau ji says they will not agree, even we would have not agreed to this. Devyaani says I will talk and convince them.

Naitik gets a call and is shocked. Sameer and his sisters are on the way. Sameer says a sign can’t change my relation with Rashmi. His sisters say they are making you agree to everything and will make you leave all of us. Sameer says Rashmi’s mum will be satisfied. They ask what about our satisfaction, this contract does not happen, its Rashmi’s second marriage and your first marriage. He talks in Rashmi’s defense and asks them not to say anything against her, he loves Rashmi and can’t hear anything.

Naitik says sound system guy is not coming. There is nothing infront of money, bookings are already full. Rashmi says leave it, sangeet won’t happen now. Naksh says be positive, let me enjoy. Akshara says we can keep sangeet today as music guy is free today, we have everything ready and mehendi will be tomorrow. Karishma and Naman ask about Sameer and his sisters. Akshara says they will come, they are getting bored in guest house. Bau ji asks Akshara to see they don’t get troubled. Akshara says Devyaani can take papers with the invitation. Rashmi says if Devyaani goes, they will refuse for marriage. Devyaani says I also want Rashmi’s happiness, I will talk to Sameer’s eldest sister, I m not doing wrong. Bau ji says I just know this marriage should not have any hurdle, else I won’t be able to forgive you. Devyaani says there will be no problem. Naitik says I will come along. Devyaani says I will go.

Akshara asks Devyaani to write invitation for sangeet. Devyaani writes on betel leaves. Akshara requests her to convince them well. Sameer and his sisters have a talk at guest house. He asks his sisters to have food. He says he will do as they say. They ask about his self respect. He says a sign does not end my self respect, but I will do what you sall say, have food now. They all laugh and sit to begin having food. Devyaani comes there. The sisters say they are adamant, Sameer will not sign on the paper.

Devyaani says she has to say something. She asks them to think as mother of Rashmi. They disagree to the contract. Sameer folds hands and says sorry, I can’t do anything. Devyaani says fine, I will leave, and gives invitation for sangeet. She leaves.

Sameer asks them to have food. Sonal cleans her saree by the betel leave and does not see today written on it. Sameer does not see the invitation that sangeet is today. They say they know sangeet and mehendi are tomorrow. Devyaani comes home and says they did not agree. Bau ji scolds her and says he will not forgive anyone if they out hurdles in marriage. Sameer asks his sisters to go for shopping, he will call mini bus for them. They all get glad.

Naira, Gayu and Mishti come home. They get excited to have sangeet today. Akshara says we will make a new start when they come in sangeet today. Akshara gets ready. Naitik compliments her and says he has decided to enjoy the marriage. She says yes, we have to make this marriage happen well. He stops her and romances. She says shayari, its because of Sameer. He says its because of your love. She reminds how he got drunk in Rashmi’s sangeet last time and laughs. He gets annoyed and says I m having Déjà vu feeling. She says nothing will happen and stops him from slipping, reminding about Muskaan’s marriage. He says its record, marriage does not happen with everyone being fine. He goes. She laughs.

Sameer asks Rashmi why did she not say about function. Akshara says its sangeet today, Devyaani has sent invitation. Sameer gets angry and says Devyaani did not say a word about sangeet kept today, I decided this marriage won’t happen. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Uhhhh
    if devyani is too much
    thn akshara nd bauji r three four five much

    1. i agree wit thz ,thz serial is tooo boring ,how many times doing marriage in thz serisol

  2. It’s better that the serial is stopped. There is nothing new happening. They just keep celebrating all the festivals year long with weddings once in a while. Each wedding, the great couple marry again and their timeless love which is still so fresh even after 30 years of their wedding is so impossible. There can be new shows without villains. We’ve got enough gyan on how Rishta between Akshara and Naithik is.

  3. dis show makes a record nd survive 7 years without any vamp or bakwass drama like other shows hats off to the show maker

  4. seriously! Devyani f&*&*^ me off!! SHE IS SOOOOOOOO FAT!! and should mind her own business!!! Gawd she is soo annoying I want to punch her everytime I see that fat face of hers.
    This show needs to stop! Cut it out production team! You will find jobs in other programmes! None of the actors/actresses can act!

  5. I don’t know why people are opposing this serial. this is one of the perfect one without any negative characters. i feel i don’t get bored of seeing the good things again and again as of different marriages, functions, it really helped to know the value of relationships here. no tension no such wrong things as young girl marrying old man, second marriages and too many cinematic scenes to high the TRP as other shows. Its funny that people are not getting bored in watching as many ways of wrong things to cheat others but getting bored of watching a good thing about relationships.NO OFFENSE IT IS JUST MY SUGGESTION.

  6. i agree you divya

  7. I agree with u divya fully. #YRKKH rockzZz. (Y) From this serial we get a clear concept about Indian culture. This is a great show of star plus. I personally like #akshara_&_naitik(naksh) a lot.

  8. Shit serial as well as the cast.

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