The episode starts with akshara and naitik asking naira whats wrong with her, naira says nothing and manages to convince them saying if the matter gets out of her hand she will ask them for help, but right now she is managing by herself. AT maheshwari house, akshara’s mom asks karthik if anything is wrong and he would like to share anything. nwe thasks why the other person doesnt think what i think and soemthing else. she asks him to stay strong. he says its been long time, lets see how much rent is due. she says we will do it later, whats the hurry, where r u going anyways.

Back at Singhania house, naira and gayu are having a chat and gayu aska where did u go last night, share with us if u cant with mama and mami. naira says nothing and gayu hugs her and asks her not to go anywhere like last time. she asks naira to fry pakodas for her dad. naira tries frying them and gayu corrects her saying slowly in low flame. gayu says just like love, how love happens slowly it will be deeper. she bites her tongue and looks at naira. but naira is lost in thought and is frying pakodas. gayu asks is she fine , and asks where did she get that princess line, naira tells her karthik told her. gayu gets upset and asks her if he said it to u. naira covers and says no he said it to mishti. she asks naira not to test karthiks patience and stop fighting with him.

back at karthiks room, he types something soemthing and prints and says this is right decision, coz who has to see, dint see. if anyone knows before that i should leave.

Naira is holding dance academy papers and gets some doubt and thinks to ask karthik. she sees mishti and gets idea to make mishti ask. naira asks mishti to ask but mishti runs away. naira takes mishti’s phone adn types message to karthik sending academy pics. karthik replies he will look into them but asks mishti in message to not to tell to naira as she might get angry.

In naitik and akshara’s room, akshara wears a saree and is feeling shy, naitik and akshara romance each other. mishti comes and says sorry and runs away. naitik and akshara say everyone is coming in between their romance and laugh.

At maheshwari house, Karthik comes wearing new kurta, he looks good. he says he has to go on office work. but the family stops him saying that his boss himself is coming here, so he has to stay back.

whole singhania pariwaar comes there and greets each other. naira looks at karthik, but he looks away. buddy dadi gets emotional and greets naitik and asks him to stay with akshara together forever. they have emotional talk.karthik thinks to talk to naitik about his resignation, but gayu comes and talks to him. naira thinks of talking to karthik ,but dadi interrupts saying surprise. daadi makes akshara and naitik do a rasam. she makes them make dulha dulhan out of coconuts and tie a raksha ka daagha and say they will stay
together forever. everyone smile.

akshara and naitik talk and announce that they want to say something about karthik and gayu. gayu gets stunned and naira looks at karthik.
everyone ask what is it. naitik announces that he want s to make gayu and karthik a pair. A pair as in business as their collection is huge hit in swiss.
gayu is excited and smiles. karthik wants to give letter to naitik but is interrupted and does not give it and smiles. Naira gets up and says even i have a surprise and gives naitik dance academy papers. naitik gets emotional and hugs naira and they share a emotional moment. Naira says how much karthik has helped her and she will take his help further .
Karthik interrupts naira and says No naira you have to do on your own , i wont be helping u anymore in front of everyone. everyone is puzzled. episode ends on their face.

Naira shouts at karthik in front of everyone saying, just because u asked for something and i said no, u r taking revenge on me. everyone is shocked and puzzled. naira realizes she shouted in front of everyone….

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