Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara asking Naira what happened to her. Naira says nothing. Akshara says we can see on your face. Naitik says we will help you. Naira says I m trying to handle things on own, thanks, if I need help, I will come to you. Naitik and Akshara hug Naira. Rajshri sees Kartik and says heart gets light on sharing, you can say it indirectly if you want. Kartik says why do others not understand us, and the person wants us to think and understand what they think. Rajshri says I just understood you are worried, have courage, everything will be fine, what are you thinking. He says I was thinking, its much time, I have to pay rent. Rajshri says we will see later. He says fine, I will go.

Naira and Gayu are cooking something in kitchen. Gayu says don’t mind, but

you did wrong, everything can’t be shared with parents, but you could share with me atleast, where did you go at night, don’t do anything, we don’t want to lose you again, fry pakodas for Naitik. Naira increases flame and fries pakodas. Gayu says my lovely sister, don’t do this, frying is done on low flame, else it will be cook outside and not inside, its like love, if love happens slowly, its deep. She thinks what did I say, now Naira will ask me. Naira asks is this fine. Gayu says yes, but are you fine. Naira says nothing. Gayu asks how did you get that princess line. Naira recalls Kartik and says no, Kartik told that. Gayu says Kartik told you. Naira says no, he was giving Gyaan to Mishti and I heard. Gayu says its deep meaning, Kartik is amazing person, since he came in our family, he helps us always, you always fight, don’t test his patience.

Kartik prints his resignation letter and says I took right decision, I should do this, Naira did not see my love, before anyone else knows my truth…. Naira thinks to ask Kartik about academy matter. She asks Mishti to ask. Mishti says sorry, you ask. Naira gets Karishma’s old phone which Mishti uses. She sends the paper pics to Kartik and messages from Mishti’s side. Kartik replies, I will see, don’t tell Naira, maybe she won’t like.

Naitik comes to room and sees Akshara getting ready. He hugs her and compliments her beauty. She blushes. He says even you don’t know how much beautiful are you. She hugs him and gets shy. She says you are seeing me like this after long time. Bin tumhare…..plays…………..They hug. He stops her. He holds her close. She turns more shy and hugs. Mishti comes and laughs seeing them. She says sorry and runs. Naitik and Akshara laugh. Naitik says when will children stop coming between us. Akshara sas maybe we troubled our elders like this, so this is happening with us. Naitik says yes.

Rajshri compliments Kartik. He says thanks, I have to go for office work. Vishwamber says your boss is coming here, shall I call your office here, no one will go out today. Kuhu says everyone came. Singhania family comes to Maheshwari house. Dadi cries seeing Naitik and says my eyes wanted to see you, you have come like Ram after vanvaas. Ram says I came 20 days early, Ram come in Diwali, I came in Dussehra. They all smile. Dadi does his aarti and cries. Naitik makes her smile by holding a smiley face.

Akshara and Naitik hug Dadi. Dadi says now you both stay together always, don’t leave Akshara ever, we all also get sad, you came here before and came today to meet me. Naitik apologizes. Dadi says no, I won’t forgive you. Naitik says I got bribe, take this. Dadi says this is pendrive, whats in this. Naitik says your fav Jackie Chan movies, now are you annoyed. Dadi laughs and asks when did I get annoyed. They all laugh.

Dadi calls Karishma and hugs her. She says bad days will not stay, everything will be fine. Karishma nods. Naira sees Kartik and was going to him. Kartik says Kuhu, we have to serve welcome drinks. He goes. He checks the letter and says I have to talk to Naitik about this. Gayu asks what happened, you are self talking. Kartik says nothing, I was recalling something. Gayu says Naira fought, so I thought… He says its not a big thing, it happens. Naira says he talks to everyone while smiling, but not me. He asks Gayu about her exhibition.

Rajshri calls them and says Maa will tell everyone about this ritual. Dadi tells about village ritual for Dussehra and asks Naitik and Akshara to do it. She guides them. Dil se bandhi ek dor…..plays………. Naitik and Akshara do rituals. Dadi says you both will be safe and together. Gayu looks at Kartik and smiles. She says this is different ritual. Dadi says yes, the rituals give us courage. Naitik says yes, courage makes us have hope that we will get our loved ones. Naira looks at Kartik. Mishti says if you knew about this ritual….. Kartik says stop Mishti, its fine.

Akshara asks Naitik to tell everyone about Gayu and Kartik. Naitik says our company brand got famous by Gayu and Kartik’s hardwork, I came back because of them, I want to make their team permanent, Gayu will manage Zurich section and Kartik will manage sales. Kartik says no. Naitik says just you can do this work honestly, even Akshara decides this. Everyone clap. Naira says I want to gift Naitik. Naitik gets surprises seeing Udaipur dance competition form. He hugs Naira and says this was my dream for my princess, when did you do this. She says mumma told me, I was practicing, I got direction, else I was confused what to do in life. Bau ji says Naira worked hard to fulfil your dream. Naira says Kartik helped me a lot, else this would be not possible. Naitik thanks Kartik again and praises him. Naira says Kartik and I will together make this academy. Kartik says no, I can’t help you now. Naira looks at him.

Naira asks Kartik what do you think, you are taking revenge from me. Naitik and Akshara look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vrushy

    Finally now naira will start realising her true feelings and the place karthik has in her life.

  2. Vrushy

    I really hope that the karwachauth confession walla episode airs on momo’s birthday !!
    *fingers crossed*

  3. Mr.AVINASH. S. (A.S.)


  4. Mishti is the next villain in the show she wants to take revenge from all the family so she will try to kill naira as they separated her dad from her n karishma

  5. I dont think that mishti is the next villain on yrkkh. I am also hoping that naira confession should be on momo’s birthday. But i have read in a spoiler that she would not tell her feelings to kartik directly instead of indirectly and kartik would not understnad. Hope soon they realise each other feelings

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