Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st November 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajshri and everyone talking about Naksh. Ananya clarifies to Varsha. Varsha asks her to take her advice before helping Naksh. Ananya says Akshara will come tomorrow on Bhai dooj, we will tell her. Akshara asks Naitik will they really file case on Naksh. Naitik says don’t know, we will prepare and not let them do this, I don’t trust Dada ji, he can do anything as Tara was here, don’t worry, I m here, I will prove Tara came by her wish. Akshara says Tara was afraid of her Dada ji.

Its morning, Keshav calls on landline and Naitik talks to him. Bhabhimaa says she was worried. Naira says everything will be fine, and reminds Akshara that its bhai dooj today. Naksh smiles. Naira and Mishti show their tilak aarti plates. Akshara thanks them for reminding.

Naira and Mishti hug Naksh. He thanks them. Nandini comes with Yash and does rituals with Naitik and Naman. While Naira and Mishti do rituals with Naksh and Yash. Naksh says sorry, I did not get gift. Naira says fine, you can always give us a gift, that’s a hug. The sisters gift Naksh. Naksh likes best brother mug and thanks Naira.

The family worries hearing police siren. Tara does bhai dooj rituals with her brothers. Sangram is annoyed. She says she is tensed, don’t know what is Dada ji thinking. Aditya says Vikram and Sangram are silent since they came from police station, you know their anger, they will plan something big, don’t worry, I will see. Naman says don’t worry, police did not come to our house. Varsha calls Akshara and asks about Naksh. Akshara says she is worried. Varsha apologizes from Ananya’s side. Akshara says its fine, our children have good bond, I m worried for Naksh.

Naira and Mishti take Naksh to room. Devyaani asks Akshara to go to her Maayka. Akshara says she is worried for Naksh. Devyaani says you go, I will see him. Bau ji gets a call. He tells everyone that it was lawyer’s call, I told him to prepare any legal answer for Tara’s family, when our lawyer asked Dada ji, he said he realized his mistake and will not file case. Akshara says I can’t believe this, it maybe his plan too.

Dada ji comes with Sangram, Aditya and Vikram. He greets them. They all get shocked seeing the shagun. Dada ji apologizes to them. He says he was angry yesterday and requests them to forget everything. We will make a new start. Naitik says its not easy, whatever your grandchildren did… Dada ji says it happens, it was even now, lets finish it. Dada ji gives Tara’s proposal for Naksh. They get shocked.

He asks them to accept shagun. Akshara says never, I don’t accept this, this is their planning. Dada ji says he came to rectify mistake, he is really apologizing. Akshara asks what happened that you changed decision. Dada ji says I don’t talk to women, when men are here, these are not our traditions. He says Sangram has beaten Naksh thinking Naksh was teasing her, when Tara said she loves Naksh, I had to melt. I can’t see her tears.

Rajshri worries as Akshara did not come. Shaurya and Anshu are waiting. Varsha says I spoke to Akshara, she said Nandini has come, so she got late. Ananya says I will fight with Bua, we should also get importance. Dada ji says he has broke Tara’s Roka, then he has come here for Tara. Akshara asks how can you decide about Tara’s happiness. Dada ji says when girls get freedom to play sports, they equate themselves with men, men should manage everything.

He asks them to agree for this proposal. He sees everyone silent and says he could have got Naksh arrested, but he did not do this, as Naksh is his son too, he will see his happiness, that’s with Tara, just say yes now. Akshara signs no to Naitik.

Dada ji asks Naksh to decide, as he is over 18 and can tell his decision to marry. Akshara asks Naksh not to come in his words and think well.

Update Credit to: Amena

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