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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Muskaan tells her dad that mom called him. He says her mom is a liar, she has learned it too. Deviani says she doesn’t want her children to meet him and his shadows get on her children. He says she must deter someone else, but he doesn’t listen and warns her not to do any such thing again.
Rajeshwari and husband talk to each other. He says she is still angry with Deviani. Rashri says he must know the reason, she lied about AKshara that she isn’t home, but AKshara was home. She says she never lied, she never had any complains with Gayatri but why is Deviani wanting to make her and AKshara far from each other. She says she will say is simply on face one day.
Deviani apologize everyone. Bhabi maa says their all problems are same. Deviani says she didn’t invite him

because she didn’t want him to be a part of Namal’s engagement. They all tell her to be calm, and not to worry as they are all with her. Namal also assures Deviani that dad will only be involved to the extent she will want. She asks when and where they met him. Naitik tells them about the truth.
Yash sends Nandini to bring water.
Naitik says Namal told him the truth in the way. Deviani asks Namal to get Karishma here, they say it is so late. Deviani says what is the problem in coming home, when they can go out.
Naitik and AKshara are worried that maa is much worried. Namal and Karishma come there. Karishma says before she says something, she want to say that they were mistaken, but she wasn’t. Deviani asks that no one said anything, and she spoke so much. She asks what she has think about her and Namal. Karishma says they are ok they way they are. Deviani says they aren’t. She and Karishma have an argument, where Karishma speaks a lot to her. Namal also accepts that they lied to her about the engagement. Karishma asks who is effected. Akshara says they all love Namal, she cant say the elders wrong. Akshara says they can get more time. Karishma says they can talk to her parents. AKshara says if she is ready for marriage, they will talk to them. She asks Namal to take Karishma home.
Akshara comes to bed, Naitik asks what is in her mind. He asks her to sleep, she isn’t ready. She asks about Lux, he says he is asleep with Namal. He asks about ALok’s work. She heads for some design, but he asks her to sleep. She was irritated, Naitik makes her lie and sings lullaby for her.
In the morning, Namal take a leave. Naitik and Akshara tell Deviani to stop worrying. She says what will happen after their marriage.

PRECAP: Alok watches Akshara and Naitik on the gol gappa stall, and takes Akshara’s photo.

Update Credit to: Sona

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