Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira running to the Ganga ghat. She says why am I falling weak, I thought I forgot everything, but why did I take Akshara’s name. She says I have made all relations away, then why I m recalling all that. Akshara is on the way in train. She imagines Naira and asks where were you since many years. Naira says I was scared, I thought you will send me to jail. Akshara asks can any mother send child to jail for the crime you did not do, why did you not tell me, you did not think what will happen to me after you leave. She cries and says she has no life in her body. She says there was no one at home, everything was over. Naira says my life got over, I don’t have anyone, think how I have spent all these years. Naira and Akshara cry.

Akshara shouts Naira and

Varsha moves her, asking is she fine, did you see bad dream. Naira hears some sound and goes out. She scolds the man for ruining the ashram. The man says I want money, else I have to do this, this is the only way for you. Naira says Negi took this place on rent. The man asks Negi when did he last pay rent. He laughs. Negi apologizes to him and says there is some time there, why did you do this, I told you will get money on time.

The man Tejani says fine and leaves. Naira breaks her money banks. All the kids get their boxes. Naira says people have lots of money for fake devotion, but Lord is not helping us. She asks Lord to send some donator who can pay their loan. She asks Negi what will we do, where will we take kids, we have to get money, we can’t let Tejani win. Naira says I will do anything, but not lose my house.

Varsha tells Akshara that we will be in Rishikesh in an hour. Naira says maybe those two ladies can help us, I will fool them, you won’t say anything. She prays for some way out. Akshara sees Naira’s pic. Karishma tells Gayu that Mishti has stomach ache, maybe she does not want to go school. Gayu goes to meet Mishti.

Naksh asks Naitik did you talk to Maa. Naitik says no, I was going to talk to her, did you talk to her, did they reach. Naksh says no, they would reach soon, I m always with you. Naitik says I m always with you too. Naksh says don’t lie, I know you love Naira more. Naitik says sorry. Naksh says let her come back once, she will surely come, your tries will get successful, no one can stop Naira from coming, just some time more.

Mishti refuses to go to school. Gayu asks her what happened. Mishti says I wrote play and wanted fairy’s role, but teacher gave role to taller girl, I got a kid’s role, why is my height not increasing, everyone call me short, I hate it. She cries. Gayu says you are talent house, don’t cry and hugs her. Naksh hears them.

Naira runs to meet those ladies. Kartik asks his friend to arrange his interview. Naira collides with him and his phone falls in river. She says sorry and sees him. he gets angry seeing her.

Kartik scolds her and she argues. He says you are taking revenge. He asks how dare she tell him anything. She asks shall I say it again. Akshara lands in rishikesh and realizes something. Naira tells Kartik that she likes to break leg. Kartik and Naira argue. He stops her and shows police. He asks her to get his phone from the river. She gets tensed seeing police and recalls the past. She goes and gets his phone. He laughs and asks are you out of your mind, you got in water seeing police.

Varsha says I don’t have network in phone and asks Akshara. Kartik taunts Naira and asks for her phone. She checks her phone. He says oh, it got damaged. She says I will see you. He asks her to come back and see. He goes. Naira comes to railway station and Akshara feels her presence.

Naira walks towards Akshara. She does not see Akshara as something comes in between them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode…

  2. very nice epi..the convo between choti naira n akshara was heart touching n i m loving naira-kartik nok jhok both r so kiddish n cute lol.wondering how ll they meet after naira goes back to home.

  3. These episodes are getting better each day but please show full families and don’t drag thanks

  4. Storyline solid hein aur characters bhi likin tori bhod mystery hein – jasmeet aur anshu kaha hein? Aur gayu ki mummy Papa ko kya hua? Tara ki koy aur ki saat shaadi hogay? Kuhu ko pata hein ki uski mummy nay hein? Ananya kesi hein? Nandini ? Omi sunaina? Woh alag ho gaye parivaar sein? Do they all live somewhere else or are they just gone on holiday? We hope you unveil these soon thxz

  5. Awesome episode…

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