Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik throwing the paper. Mishti apologizes to Kuhu. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara to give that paper and wraps something in it. She asks Akshara to take shagun plate. Naitik asks Akshara to go, he will end work and come. She says I had to talk, but its fine, come on time. Bau ji asks her not to worry, Naitik will come on time.

At Maheshwari house, Rukmani tells Varsha that Ananya is lucky to get such a guy, its good Ranveer realized his mistake and saw Ananya’s qualities. Rajshri asks for Naitik. Rukmani says send Kuhu away, she looks part of family. Akshara says her dad is busy, Naitik said he will come in some time. Shankari Tai comes and greets them. She says its great, congrats from my side. Varsha asks Akshara to ask Shankari Tai whom did Sneha marry,

where is she. Akshara says I won’t ask, Naitik will tell me. Varsha says when will he tell you. Akshara says don’t tell me anything, don’t know when Sneha met Naitik… Naksh hears them and says who is Sneha, sorry, I heard by mistake, why are you worried, who is she… Varsha says our friend. Akshara says we were just talking some old stuff. Naksh says Dadi is calling you. Akshara says we are coming. Akshara explains Varsha and they go for Ananya’s mehendi. Ananya sits to get mehendi applied on her hands.

Everyone tease Ananya about Ranveer’s call. Ananya smiles. Rajshri asks Ananya to talk to Ranveer, there is still time for rasam. Kuhu takes mehendi and applies on her hand. Rukmani says its abshagun, what did you do girl. Kuhu cries. Akshara says its fine. Rukmani says we believe so. Akshara cleans mehendi and gets it on her hand as well. She says I will go and wash my hands. Naitik comes there. Rajshri welcomes him. Naitik compliments Akshara and smiles. Varsha signs Akshara. Akshara refuses.

Varsha goes to Shaurya and asks him to do one work. She asks him to ask Naitik about Kuhu’s dad, when will he come. He asks why, what happened. She thinks I can’t say truth. She says you know Rukmani, everyone is asking, maybe there is argument between Akshara and Naitik about Kuhu.

Mishti says we will play music, Kuhu knows to play keyboard. Nannu gets the keyboard. Kuhu plays the Maheshwari family song tune. Mishti says Akshara sings it, Naksh has put this on net, she may have seen there. Everyone slap. Yash plays mehendi song. Mehendi rachan lage………..plays………… Akshara sings and Varsha applies mehendi to Ananya. Tara and everyone dance. Akshara cries seeing Naitik. Naksh sees Tara. They all dance. Naksh sees Akshara crying, when Naitik is with Kuhu. Akshara wishes Naitik tells her the truth, she is not doubting him, but this matter is troubling her. Naira applies mehendi on Akshara’s hand. Shankari Tai says even I want to do shagun rasam today. She takes the plate. She gets that paper and could not read it, by her weak eyesight. She says its not necessary and throws it. Akshara asks Naira to get paper to clean mehendi.

Naira gets that paper and cleans some mehendi. Rajshri asks Akshara to bring flowers for Ananya. Akshara says I told the man for jaimala. Naira goes to dance and throws paper. Akshara picks it and reads…. Sneha writes that Kuhu is your daughter, I came to Udaipur and could not meet you, I did not wish your family life to get disturbed, I thought to raise Kuhu alone, when my life has no guarantee, you manage your daughter now.

Naira asks Akshara to come and dance. Akshara hides the paper. Kuhu plays music. Naitik asks Akshara how did her mehendi get bad. Dadi and Naitik ask Naira to apply again. Akshara says few things when get spoiled once, do not get fine, I mean first applied mehendi color should go for applying second. Naksh looks at them. Akshara goes to wash hands.

Ananya needs water and sees everyone busy. She tries to pick a glass. Kuhu helps her and makes her drink water. Ananya thanks and hugs her. Ananya talks to her. Shaurya comes there. Ananya tells him that Kuhu is so cute, if I had younger sister, she would be like Kuhu, why are you worried. He says there is less time for marriage arrangements and goes.

Rajshri goes to Akshara. Akshara hides the paper and makes excuses. Rajshri says I have to talk, Kuhu is seeing her father in Naitik. The paper goes with the basket. Rajshri says I don’t know how is her father to leave her like this. Akshara says don’t worry, he will come, and Kuhu came with Naitik, so she is close with Naitik. Rajshri goes. Akshara worries as Maharaj ji took the basket, if anyone get that letter then…..

Akshara asks Naitik who is Kuhu’s Papa, and shows the letter. He reads letter and gets shocked. He keeps quiet seeing Varsha there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. today’s episode was very nice nd acting of naitik akshara was so nice both are best actors. i knew it that kuhu is not naitik daughter.

  2. I feel kuhu is shauryas daughter

  3. After so many days the YRKKH Team plays my most favourite song “Mehendi Rachan Lage…..” Thank u so many much for playing this beautiful song. BTW 2day Akshara was looking superb!!!! ?

  4. sarayu (honey)

    i am sure writers will not spoil naitik’s character by making him father of kuhu

  5. I am sure,shauraya is kuhu’s dad,bcas ananya said to shaurya ‘ if i had younger sister,she is lik kuhu’ so surely kuhu is younger sister of ananya
    Bt y writers r spoilng shaurya character,pity varsha

  6. channel plz repeat the show once at night also

  7. I like Kuhu. She is so cute. She participated happily by dancing and her piano playing was so nice. And the way Naitik danced with Kuhu looked amusing.

    Kuhu, you are a doll!

  8. Hmmm yaaaa its very nice………….. Very nice episode

  9. yes i agree with u this show must be repeat at least once at ni8. this would very gud for fans.

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