Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st June 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rose apologizing to Rukmani and saying I did not know Yash’s family will be too big, I will propose you first, I will try to become good bahu like you want. She holds the ring and says I will make cook, entertain you, and accompany you for market, I will give you grandchildren too, I love you Dadi, please agree. Rukmani gives her hand. Rose makes her wear the ring. Everyone clap. Yash hugs Naksh happily. Rukmani hugs Rose and smiles. She asks Yash to come and not be shy. Yash hugs her and takes her blessings. Rukmani says I was just testing them, I was seeing does Rose really love Yash, is their love true. Rose thanks Naira and Akshara for making this possible. Yash says Naira should become lawyer. Akshara says Mohit won’t have problem, but Nandini. Rukmani

says I will convince her. Kartik smiles and thinks Naira shows her different look every day.

Rukmani shows her ring to Mohit and Nandini, and says I got engaged. Mohit asks what. Rukmani says I mean I said yes for Yash and Rose’s engagement. Rose gets rings and proposes Mohit and Nandini, asking would you be my family. Mohit says sure, and takes the ring. Nandini does not accept her proposal and goes. Akshara goes to talk to Nandini. Kartik says I will leave. Bau ji says wait, Akshara will convince Nandini, we all will have sweets together. Kartik smiles.

Akshara asks Nandini whats the matter. Nandini says nothing, I don’t want to talk. Akshara asks her to please tell. Nandini asks them to do as they want, and does not look happy. She goes. Everyone talk about Rose and Yash’s engagement. Yash tells them that Rose lost her father. They all decide to play Rose’s fav basketball game. Kartik looks at Naira and smiles. Akshara talks to Rose’s mum. The lady speaks in hindi and says Yash taught me hindi, I called you because Nandini called me, don’t tell this to Rose, Nandini asked about kundli to show to pandit for matching it, Yash and Rose love each other, will there be any problem in their marriage. Akshara says no, just tell Nandini any info she is asking. Gayu asks does Nandini believe in kundli. Akshara says no, how did she ask about this, call her.

Kartik is leaving. Naksh asks him to play. Naira says let him go if he wants. Yash asks Kartik to play. Kartik says I have office work. Naksh says then think this is office work too, we need team members to make two teams. Naira says I will not play if he is playing. Kartik says she got scared of me. Naira says good joke, come on ground, we will see who wins. Naksh asks Kartik to stay back. Gayu smiles seeing Kartik. Naira checks the basket. She falls down and Kartik holds her. Gayu sees them and gets sad. Naira falls down and Kartik asks her to learn to manage herself.

Kartik and Naira argue and challenge each other. Gayu says we decided the teams, and tells about Kartik being in her team. They all start playing. Rose plays well. Rukmani says you made me proud Rose and is happy. Naira compliments Rose. Yash helps Rose. Ananya and Gayu look at him. Akshara passes the ballot Naira and makes her win. Elders look on and clap. Both the teams have same scores. Rose asks one member from both teams to come and play, so that they can decide the winner and break the tie. Naira and Kartik challenge each other to see who wins. Naira and Kartik play. She wins. She goes to him and calls him loser. He asks her to have sweets and feeds the laddoo. She hits him with the ball and turns to go. He throws the ball and hits her. She gets hurt and falls down. Kartik, Akshara and everyone get shocked. Kartik apologizes. Naira holds Akshara’s hand and cries. Akshara and Naksh take Naira inside. Kartik worries.

Nandini says this marriage can’t happen, I got their kundlis matched, their kundli grah does not match, they both won’t be happy with this marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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