Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik looking at Naira. His soul goes to Naira and holds her. He tells her that he has seen her pain and past today, she is hiding everything but she has seen her pain hidden behind her smile, but he will get her real lost smile back on her face and promises her. Yeh rishta kya……plays……. She smiles. Kartik’s soul goes back to him. Everyone ask for Yash’s shoes. Mohit asks Mishti to ask for price. Kartik gets the shoes and gives to Yash. He says shayari and tells them that he got much love from them. Rajshri says you earned all this, you will get good result. Dadi says you will get married and will get a nice girl. Kartik says I will ask for money as sits a rasam, give it to Mishti and Kuhu. They say we don’t want anything. Everyone clap.


asks Martha to do Rose’s bidaai, we will complete this marriage. Martha asks what happens in bidaai. Rukmani says nothing, bride and her mum cry aloud. Martha asks how, I m happy for Rose. Rose says even I m happy, I want to dance. Rukmani asks her to cry as its rasam. Yash says yes Rose, you have to cry. Naksh says girls cry anytime. Kartik says right. Rukmani says we will do rasam now, cry now. Rose and Martha laugh. Rose says I can’t cry. Naira goes to Rose and you got married and will be away from your mum, you can’t meet her for weeks, you won’t be able to meet your friends, you will be staying here alone.

Rukmani asks are you making her cry or scaring her. Naira says don’t disturb. She tells Martha that your only daughter will stay here and away from you. Martha and Rose cry. Naira asks them are they getting tears now. Naira joins their hands. Martha and Rose hug and cry. Rukmani, Akshara and all women cry. Vishwambner says I think their old memories got revived, who will make them quiet. Kartik asks Mishti why is she crying. Mishti says we have to leave home when we get married. Everyone smile. Kartik says we will always stay as GF BF, we won’t marry, you won’t need to leave home. Bau ji requests Devyaani not to cry. Vishwamber gives them tissue and jokes.

Martha asks whats next. Mishti asks don’t you see movie, groom and bride go to flower’s room. Martha says no, that’s after church wedding. Naksh says Yash’s wait got long and teases him. Bhabhimaa says we will go for dinner rehearsal. Varsha says we are tired, we will stay at home, Akshara you guys go. Bhabhimaa thanks Lord. Rajshri likes her habit to thank Lord when anything good happens. Bhabhimaa prays that Naitik comes back soon. Rajshri and Devyaani also pray. Naksh gets the ring Akshara ordered. Ananya likes it and shows to Ranveer.

Ranveer says you have jewelry and got greedy seeing new things. Naksh jokes. Ananya asks can’t I praise anything, you have hurt me. Ranveer says sorry, we should not fight again, look at this cute ring. She smiles. He makes her wear the ring and kisses her hand. She makes him promise that he won’t connect any of her words with money. Akshara talks to Martha and gives the ring. Yash says Akshara does not miss any work. Rose says I liked that ring sample. He jokes that he would have got sample itself, why did he spend money. Akshara says I will put all this in room and come. Anmol hears them. Martha says Yash and Rose met in her friend’s marriage, Yash wrote letter for him. She tells about the dinner, every letter reaches the right person. Gayu smiles. Naira says Mishti will write a letter for her BF and laughs. Rose asks Gayu to write letter for Kartik.

Rukmani says I have headache, I want to go to doctor. Mishti and Kuhu say Rukmani is acting, we heard her, she wants to avoid dinner. Mohit says we will go if you don’t want. Rukmani says no, its my grandson’s marriage, I will go. He says great. All of them come for dinner. Rukmani slips and asks for help. Martha holds her hand and falls down. They laugh. Rukmani says we fight or talk well, anything, but we have to stay together, how will we go now. Martha says we will first go to washroom, make our clothes proper and then go.

Everyone smile seeing the dinner arrangements. Martha likes a lot and says this was your dream, thanks Akshara. She hugs Akshara. Rukmani says it all looks pale, what do we have to do here. Rose says I think Rukmani is not happy. Akshara says no, she will be happy, she finds it tough to accept. Martha asks where is Yash’s brother. Mishti writes love letter for Kartik. Gayu thinks even I want to write, maybe Kartik has same feelings. Naira hears Mishti saying I wrote I love you. Gayu says I have to make some list, give me your pen. Mishti goes. Gayu writes dear Kartik, since I met you, I started liking you. She crushes the paper. Khoyi khoyi…………plays………… She then writes just I love you. She says just Kartik should get this, Lord has to make sure of this.

Kartik and Naira get under the table. He says I will help you. She refuses. Naksh looks for them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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