Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik worrying for Naira. He says she behaves like tigress, but she is not a real tigress, I have to find Naira fast and leave from here. Naira plays tigress sound. He gets scared seeing some bone. He looks for network. He gets a tiger toy and smiles. He looks around and calls out Naira. He says agreed that you are brave, come in front. She says not now. He asks will you take my life. She asks what will I do of your life, I want you alive.

Manish says this will look good. He says you chose this Kalgi. He says it will look good as my son is wearing this, he is very handsome and becoming groom now. She says I will one sack of red chilli to ward off his bad sight. He says he has grown up, but I could not become capable in his eyes, that I hug him and congratulate,

to say I m happy for him, till when will this go on, I know you are more hurt than me. He hugs her and she cries.

Dadi comes there. She says its big problem, we entered haveli at wrong mahurat, we have to do puja. Suwarna says don’t worry, tell me about arrangements. Dadi asks Surekha to tell Kartik to sit in puja. Dadi says how did we do this mistake.

Naira says tigress have hunted a frog, I m proud of me. Kartik says you can come and eat me now, I also this myself. He gets the red dupatta. He asks her to come out now. He sees Naira running and runs after her. Dadi tells Singhanias that they are keeping puja for Kartik. Baisa says yes, do, we are also doing puja for Naira. Dadi asks did you not get haldi grinded. Baisa says we have rasam to grind haldi. Dadi asks is it of good quality, it can be allergic. Baisa says its from my own house, I got it for Naira. Aditya hears Dadi telling about calling Kartik at 5. Aditya smiles.

Kartik sees the decorations. Naira comes and says Kartik. He sees her reflection in river. He says how to see you now. She asks shall I go. He says no and turns to see her. He smiles seeing her. She says I love you a lot. She shouts I love you Kartik. They sit and talk via signs. Din me jugnu….plays…. Kartik shows Kaira’s heart. They leave the heart in the river. They cut the cake. He applies cake to her. She runs. They act like each other and laugh. He hold her hands. She shows him his name tattoo on her neck and waist. He looks on. Yeh rishta kya …..plays…… She gives him a flying kiss. He smiles. He runs to catch her. They have a romantic moment.

Dadi asks where did Kartik go. Kirti thinks did he go with Naira. Aditya smiles. Kirti says maybe he went to spa or salon. Aditya says Kartik is not just yours, you kept puja for him and he maybe with Naira, if Naira called him first, he will go there, I just heard it by mistake, I will keep quiet now, else people will blame me wrong. Suwarna says I m sorry from Kartik’s side. Akhilesh says its out mistake to not find him. Dadi asks why did he go, Naira took him, its marriage tomorrow, does this look good. She asks Suwarna not to say anything to defend them. Manish says Akhilesh explain both of them to take care of family respect.

Kartik thanks Naira for making this happy moment. She says its nothing compared to what you did for me. He says love changes everyone, you changed from tigress to peacock, and I…. She says you are still a frog. They laugh. He says promise me we won’t fight. She says its impossible. He says yes, fight is necessary, what to do, I know, let’s make this day special, we will commit something to each other. She agrees.

She gets orange cloth and says this is fire, we will make some vows. He says you won’t see any other guy, even I don’t see guys, I will not even see some girls unless they are too pretty. She says fine, you will change the deo, I can’t bear it. He says you have to throw your shampoo, it spells like kada. He says I will have bath everyday except Sunday. She says I will love you every day except Sunday. He says fine, I will bath everyday. They say one thing is left, we will say it together, we will not leave loving each other whatever happens, never ever. They hug. He says our vows come in this one vow. She says I will do my best to keep this vow.

Kartik comes and apologizes to Dadi. Akhilesh says you should have informed us. Dadi says I was doing this puja for you and Naira, even Naira does not understand, I know she called you. He says no, its my mistake, I told her to give me some good surprise. Aditya says how can anyone love someone so much, teach me and Kirti too. Dadi says you got mad in Naira’s love. Kartik says nothing like that, we will do puja now. She says mahurat passed. He says we can talk to Lord anytime, I did not know what I did, I m really sorry, my cute Dadi, explain her not to get upset. Dadi laughs and hugs him. He asks her not to get upset by him and Naira. She says you won’t go anywhere till marriage. He says its not possible and runs. She says I have fear in heart, something wrong can happen. Mansi runs after Lav and Kush. Akshara’s pic falls by her hand. She picks it and cries. Kartik holds her. He asks what happened, tell me, why are you scared. She says I did not do anything intentionally, it happened by mistake. He sees the photo frame and says its fine, we can repair the photo frame. She says no, not photo frame. He asks what.

Akhilesh asks what happened Kartik, don’t you trust me. Kartik says no. Akhilesh says its nothing like that. Kartik says don’t force Mansi to agree to you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  4. It seems that haldi ceremony is going on and the entire Goenka and Singhania are very happy and excited about it.Kartik’s (Mohsin Khan) step mother Suwarna (Parul Chauhan) applies haldi to Kartik and gets too emotional.On the other hand Kartik touches Manish’s (Sachin Tyagi) feet and takes his blessings.Manish and Suwarna get happy andexperience son’s love after a long time and hence shed tears.

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