Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st February 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani and Akshara meeting Alok’s family and giving them sweets. Devyaani says they did not take sweets yesterday, so they came to give them. Akshara asks about Alok. Alok’s mum says he went out, tell us what is the matter, we will tell them. Devyaani says we were glad to meet you, how did you like us, we did not get your reply and came to ask, if you say, we can start the engagement arrangements. Alok’s dad says no, we don’t find the relation suitable, though the girl is good.

Akshara and Devyaani apologize and ask the reason. The man says no, you all did not do any mistake, but this relation can’t happen. Devyaani says my daughter is very good, she respects elders and she will keep everyone happy. The lady says no, she is from the family

where relations broke, we feel she will not be good for our family. Alok’s dad says you did not keep your marriage with your husband, and Rashmi also took divorce, we can’t be sure about Muskaan.

They apologize and refuse for the relation. Akshara and Devyaani leave. Naksh waits for Akshara and says he won’t go to school. Naitik says she went for work, and asks Naksh to have food and go school. Naksh says mum went and dad will see Naira, no one loves me. Akshara and Devyaani have a talk. Devyaani cries and says now this relation won’t happen, I told you its not needed to tell them.

Alok comes and asks them what happened, why is Devyaani crying. Akshara says Devyaani’s past and Rashmi’s present became problem for your future, your family said no to this proposal. She leaves. Naitik pacifies Muskaan and says he will make everything fine, and asks her not to worry. Naman also pacifies her. Devyaani comes and cries hugging Bhabhimaa. They all ask Akshara what happened. Akshara says they refused for the relation.

They are shocked. Muskaan says for my yesterday’s mistake, I said sorry, I will apologize again, I will talk to Alok. Akshara says no, not because of you. Naitik asks then what. Devyaani says because of me. She says they did not want to make Muskaan their bahu as I could not keep my first marriage. The Maheshwari have a talk. Rajshri says she spoke to her friend and wants to fix Rashmi’s relation. They all get glad to settle Rashmi.

Bau ji says whats this, I will talk to them. Muskaa says she will call Alok. She scolds him and asks how dare his family scold her mum, he knows everything about mum and Rashmi, why did he not explain his family. She says she can bear anything, if they taunt on her, she will not react, but she can’t bear anything against her mum and Rashmi. They ask what did she do. Muskaan says I can’t hear this, I have seen what they have bear till now, who are they to pass judgement. She leaves. Alok gets tensed and his mum asks whats the matter.

Akshara says we will not let this relation break. Alok talks to his family. Their family scolds him and says he is ready for marriage, but they can’t get anyone like this, she does not want a girl where everyone break relations. Alok says you all are not understanding me, I don’t want to hurt you all. His mum says you did not marry since years and now chose girl, did we say anything, we met the girl, if her family is not good, what can we do.

Alok says is divorce bad symbol. She says yes, its bad in society. He says fine, I won’t take Muskaan’s name, I will not marry her, but I will not marry anyone else. He says I was alone till now and I will alone all my life. Naitik and Naman come and hear all this.

Naitik says sorry, we came without saying, but we could not see our sister’s pain, we promised to give her happiness, so we came, what she said on phone was in anger, so we came to happiness. Naman says we came to tell the truth, Devyaani took divorce from my dad, but she tried a lot to save the marriage, my dad used to beat her, even then she used to bear it for her kids, but even it increased, she took divorce.

He says then she met Singhania family and she got love and respect, and Muskaan is part of family where they value relations a lot. Naitik tells about Rashmi’s truth. He says its not imp to tell you all about her, but when its affecting Muskaan’s life, we will not like it. He says Rashmi did not wish to take divorce, we made her take divorce, she has always supported her husband and loved him a lot, but he had an affair. She did not wish to take divorce being in hope that he will come back after realizing his mistake, her mother in law kept her as her daughter and disowned her son from home and property.

He asks did Devyaani and Rashmi did wrong, if Devyaani was wrong, will Naman and Muskaan stay with their mum, will Rama make Rashmi her daughter if it was her mistake. Naman says our family makes relations, but break. Naitik says we will accept your decision, and we promise we will not complain.

Muskaan says I can’t sacrifice my family for my love. Alok and his family comes to them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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