Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira talking to clients at cafe. Manish and Suwarna see them. Kartik tries hard to convince clients and worries. Suwarna says let Kartik do what he wants. Manish says I can’t see him like this. Kartik goes to get files. Manish comes. Naira sees him. Manish tells clients that Kartik joined Singhanis, if he is supporting them, party will be genuine, I never heard anything against Singhanias, will you end old relations by small problem, even Goenkas supported you in your bad time, business has some rules. He goes.

Kartik gets files. The clients say we trust you, we will not file case, best of luck. Kartik gets surprised. Manish sits in car. Suwarna says if Kartik knows this… Manish says he will get annoyed and leave home, I will beg

to him to stay back, but I can’t see him requesting others, don’t know what happened to Kartik, he is doing this for that girl. She asks did Maa say right. Kartik says what happened to the clients. Naira looks on.

Suwarna comes home and tells Dadi that she tried talking to Manish, but we should give them some time. Dadi says I just say it once. Manish comes and supports Suwarna. Manish says I think Kartik listens to Naira and her family, I feel he will become their house floormat. Dadi says if we try to divide them, he will get divided, he will not forgive us, we will lose him. Manish says no, I m his father, its my no for their marriage. Dadi says sons marry by their wish in our family. He says we will end this matter, we hope he does not make any mistake in life, I will explain him, its fine if Naira is his GF, she is not suitable to become his life partner. Kartik hears them.

Naira asks did I do wrong by saying truth to Kartik. Rajshri says no. Naira says I explained Kartik that Manish did not do wrong, but he is annoyed with his dad, I hope he does not do foolishness. Kartik says you felt I will not know, Naira was there. Naira says the dish burnt. Rajshri asks her to be careful. Naira hopes Kartik does not do wrong. Kartik says its fine if you spoke to clients, I got angry hearing it, Naira said you went as senior business and explained business ethics to them, which Naira and I could not, so thanks.

Manish gets surprised. Suwarna smiles. Kartik says my boss and his company are going through bad phase, maybe he will not bear setback now. I had to agree when Naira said, thanks for not showing Goenkas powerful than Singhanias. He goes. Manish says its first time that he did not get annoyed with me, he spoke to me well, I don’t believe it. Suwarna says Naira is mature girl. Dadi says yes, Naira explained him easily, now you should understand, accept Naira for Kartik’s sake. Manish says yes, we have to take some decision now, we will bear some more.

Kartik calls Naira. She asks did you get angry, did your dad feel bad. He says I told what I felt right. He teases her. She says I told you not to say wrong. He says how can I say thanks well, I said thanks. She asks really. He says can I go against you, what happened to you, did anyone kidnap you, no shouting and fights, no reaction. She says thanks. He asks won’t you say I love you. She says I said when I left from office. He says some things need recharge again and again. She says I love you. He says I love you 2, 3, 4. Lav and Kush laugh. He says I will call you later, I have to do something of my brothers.

Suwarna sees bangles and cries recalling Akshara. Manish says I did not see you wearing these bangles. She says these aren’t mine, its Akshara’s, she came to temple to do puja for Naira and Kartik, pandit gave these bangles to her as prasad, don’t know by mistake or fate, this stayed to me, she made a relation with me unknowingly, I felt she is making me Naira’s mum and leaving, fate did not support me in Kartik’s matter, I tried best, but I will make a new start with Naira, I will not do anything that hurts Kartik.

He says fate did not support me also in son’s matter, I think what to do that he comes close to me, that he does not leave us, maybe Maa is saying right. She says no, don’t talk to Kartik about marriage. He says we have no way to stop him here. She says if this results negative then, my heart is not agreeing. He says I m sure of my decision, I think this is right, you just do preparations.

Naira wakes up at night as there is much work. She sees Naitik sitting alone. She cries. Devyaani comes and says we can just see and not do anything, Naitik does not say anything. Naira says Naitik is not sharing anything with anyone, this will not work now, its my turn to do my duties, I promise.

Dadi asks Lav and Kush to play outside. Kartik hugs Dadi. Lav calls her partial to love Kartik, and scold them. Kartik plays with them. Dadi gets glad. Kirti joins them. Dadi asks Kush to give ball to Kartik. Akhilesh signs its fine to Kirti. Kartik kicks the ball and it breaks a vase. They worry. Dadi asks them to play more. They get glad. Kartik plays. Manish gets the ball. Everyone look on.

Kartik says game over, I will take Lav and Kush to Naira’s home, even elders play with children there. He goes. Manish says even elders and children will play here, we have to see who wins. Naira hugs Gayu. Kartik goes and hugs Naira and Gayu. Naira gives good news of clients agreeing, its all because of Manish. He gets upset. Naira gets a call. The man says your wedding lahenga is ready. She asks wedding lahenga. The man says yes, Akshara Singhania ordered it. She gets shocked.

Naira cries seeing the bridal dress. Kartik is with her. Surekha tells everyone that designer Kiran said Kartik and Naira came to select wedding lahenga. Manish gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vrushy

    Naira trying to unite karthik with his family is seen from now itself. Manish should understand that naira wants good for karthik. He should get it that she won’t do anything bad for him. Loved kaira phone conversation !!??
    I soo want to see the lehenga that Ak has selected for naira. So tomorrow said will go with the Shagun and naira would reject it. I totally agree with suwarna they need some time !! Her bond with naira in the future would be worth watching.
    Loving this new vibe of Yrkkh ?

    1. Vrushy di dont worry he will understand naira soon.. and so sooty di I m not able to read your ff due to my exam… once I get free with it I will surely read it. Hope you understand…

      1. *sorry it was not sooty it was sorry. ..

      2. Vrushy

        No need to be sorry. Concentrate on your exams as they are important for your future. All the best !!

  2. Thankz Amena dii for ur super fast update…
    Hiiiiii everyone(YRKKH family)!!! Aliya,Aniket,Rahul bhai, Sophie dii, Sachu dii, Vrushy, Shilpa, Pat dii, Soumya, Trishi, Chanya, Sruthi, Karishma, Shesha, Adi, Garima, Ishika, Ponkuri, Pawan n at last but not least our most youngest sissy Riya… How r u all???
    Hope u all r doing fine n if any1 is ill, Get well soon!!!
    Aliya mere bff although u won’t be able to come here I wish u all the best for the Bio ppr… And Rahul bhai u too study well n hit a big score in ur exam!! ALL THE BEST
    Aniket hope u r fine…
    Chanya,Trishi n Sophie dii I lived in Aus for 12 yrs..
    Ishika I hope u rn’t angry with me.. ☺
    Riya dear although u r the youngest, u r the wisest, u tell such inspirational things!!
    Adi do u also hv exams?
    Sophie dii how r u now?? I hope u r all right now!! Did my punch work?? ?
    Did anyone read Vrushy’s ff?? Read if u cn.. that’s awesome
    Well coming to the ep..
    Writers seems to be revolving the story around Goenka’s until Karthik’s problems n his reasons behind the rift bw him n his papa’s are revealed!!
    Suwarna seems to be a good person!!
    What happened to that Mansi?? She just came n disappeared..
    Naira-Karthik scenes r awesome!! Loved them… Love these twins Luv n Kush
    At least Manish did something good.. but that seems to be only to keep the respect of Goenka’s as Karthik requesting clients will hurt Goenka pride n his son’s pride
    Anyhow Naira seems to be much matured than before!! Good to see her being a responsible daughter!!
    Still unable to decide if dadi z a good person or not??
    Somehow read something in spoilers that made me happy… there was the news of Naira accepting the proposal n naira proposing Karthik!! Waiting for that too..
    My comment is too long na??
    Btw a very good n8 to everyone!!

    1. Of course dear… but can you tell me your age so as to decide whether to call you di or not

    2. Hey twana di how much you know abt all of us haa… surely you are the most responsible in the family and wiser than me.. and at least Manish did some good of singhaniyas although he did it for kartik but still singhaniyas are getting benefit so it’s okay…
      And sorry the nextreply was for ishu but by mistake it postend next to your comment…

    3. I am very fine Twana…your punch sure made me laugh..
      You are very caring…never change dear..
      How are you?

      1. You also lived in…why did you move? Just curious..

      2. Sophie dii my papa worked there as a doctor n after his consultant exam we moved here

    4. Hi..twana..i am fine and so happy to know that you are from Australia too..i got to know so many friends from here….how are you?enjoying vacations

      1. I’m fine Chanya…Yh enjoying the vaccation for a too little bit of time… I wonder where is this Trishi today?

  3. What a lovely episode

  4. Hi my elder brothers & sisters how R U all. If U don’t mind you all accept me us your younger sister

    1. I’m doing fine… Of course Ishu accepted.. welcome younger sissy!!
      How old r u Ishu?? … just to make sure if u r younger than me…

      1. welcome dear…

    2. Amalina

      Of course, welcome Ishu!

    3. Vrushy

      No need to ask yarr…
      Its a family ,, welcome !!

  5. I just love how naira is uniting karthik with his family. I would love tonsee the wedding lehenga!! Also love how Naira is taking over all Akshara’s responsibilities but I hope that she still has some silly naira inside of her. YRKKH is doing a great job!! Also can you guys accept me as your younger sister too? I’m 11 years old

    1. Ohh Shesha welsome sis.. so our riya’s post is changed to Shesha na?? U r the youngest na??

    2. Wow shesha you are younger than me… u sbatched my post of being the youngest… but it is cool I got a younger sister…. you are most welcome dear to this lovely family…

  6. Hello to all my yrkkh family, hope everyone is well! 🙂
    I have been unable to give a full on introduction of myself so here it goes
    My name is Aditya and I am 19 years old. I live in London and was born and raised in London but obviously indian at heart and always :))) I am at university atm doing mechanical engineering.
    My birthday is on the 6th of January (NEXT WEEK CAN’T WAIT) and I will be 20 years old then 🙂
    I want to improve my leadership skills but find it hard to communicate with others, I hope everyone understands!!

    ANyway, enough about uselessness of me – the episode was really good I enjoyed the scenes at Goenkas but I want there to be more of Singhaniyas and Maheshwaris because they shouldn’t be forgotten along with the death of Akshara – producers should show them as individuals too, especially Maheshwaris, there is no scenes that show how they cope with the death

    I hope makers dont drag the story of separation because in Kairas love story we have seen it almost too many times!!!

    Aniket, I hope you are better now and the migrain isn’t coming in your way. I also hope everyone has been coping after the exams as I know how hard they can be!!!

    Thank you so much for developing a forum family, where we can share all of our happiness and sadness which we have done so far
    Keep it all up, family!

  7. Hi Rahul Bhai, Twana and Aliya, I left a msg for u 3 on the updates of 20dec. plz once go thrug it. Sachu di, without u v r incmplet and without ur coment this coment section is incomplete. so plz make us complete. I kno I cant replace ur brother, but I wil nevr giv u any chance of complain. Plz keep me as ur younger brother. Hi Twana, Adi bro, I am not well, even now, but wil b ok in 5-7days. Thanks 4 remembering me both of u!

  8. Akshara ko wapas layo plz

  9. Hello all yrkkh family… hope everyone is fine here… sachu di how are you hope you were able to cope up with the sorrow… rahul bhai how was your exam… aniket bhai how’s your migraine… hope you are taking care of yourself and until and unless you are fine you need not join us because health come first…
    Coming to the episode it was good…
    Glad to see that Manish started understanding naira.. but why dadi is behaving so rude with keerti… no granny can be so partial with her grandchildren until n unless there is a good reason…
    I think that it was due to kwerthi Manish had to marry swarna because of which kartik is upset with Manish. Because her behaviour is just too rude that cannot justify her thinking towards girls… or may be I am wrong… she is just a big mahilavirodhi.. naira is so mature she will handle everything… A very good morning to all of you once again I think I bored u all with this long comment

  10. Hi sachu di,twana,Sophie di,ishika,aniket,rahul bhaya hope u all are fine
    Aniket what about you how is your health now
    Well cmg to the episode,episode was nice naira is trying her best,kirti is very cool,I am eagerly waiting for today’s episode

    1. I am fine dear…thank you for asking, how are you…

  11. Hi Riya, Sruthi di- Wil b 5n soon! Hi Ishu, Shesha- Once u introduce urselef then u r added as a member of family!! Hi all- Soon our family is going to be of 20members!! Hi Riya, Soon u r going to loose ur post!! so sorry!! Althoug being the youngest, the way u consoled Sachu Di was amazing!! I dont think u r jst in 9std. Cz The way u think is beyond imagination of PG students also!!

    1. Aniket bhai its just that your thinking is gr8 you think abt me in this way… well I wished to thank u because this family has given me so many elder bro n sissos I don’t had any… I m eldest among my cousins so I always wanted elder brother or sister n I got it here…
      I have a request if you are fine with it may I also join your BFF group… I don’t have any BFF in real lyf… but it all depends upon yours, twana di’s, rahul bhai’s n aliya di’s wish…
      Do you know where is Pawan bhai these days???

      1. Riya dear I’m more than Happy to be ur BFF!!! Gladly Accepted….
        Thank u so much for considering me as one of ur BFF!! ??

  12. Hi everyone,
    Thank you Twana, Trishi, Chanya, Rahul, Aniket and all the other members who prayed for me…
    Sachu di I feel very sorry for you….this morning I prayed for your brother…..RIP
    I also prayed for Aniket…..hope you recover soon dear….take care of yourself
    All the people who are suffering from exams….good luck…if you didn’t get the results you expected, work hard…and you will get outstanding results
    You heard right Trishi…I live in Australia…by myself…right now I am in Melbourne thinking of moving to Sydney next year….Chanya it will be cool if we ever meet in person
    It’s okay Chanya and Rahul for not calling me di…
    Rahul I am glad that you are not angry with me … I would love to have a younger brother like you…
    The episode was average…KaIra keep on calling me back….so I have to watch it
    Love, Luv and Kush…they are so cute..
    I read in the spoilers that Naira is going to propose to Karthik…and of course he is going to agree…can’t wait for that track
    Guys I am sorry I won’t be able to comment tomorrow as I am will be admitted in hospital….
    Get well soon to all the people who are sick
    Best of luck to the people who have exams
    #KeeplovingKaIra #YRKKH_rox

    1. Diii get well soon… sorry for not wishing before… actually I didnt know you were sick… as I didn’t read all the comments yesterday… sorry… no prblm di you reply whenever you are fine… your health is more important..

      1. It’s ok…and thank you Riya…

    2. Of course will be nice if we meet in person..hope it happens…and get well soon di…you are so nice…

      1. Thank you Chanya….

  13. Hi Riya, First of all dont thank me, cz V R FAMILY, and there lies no thank u no sorry in FAMILY! Secondlz I would love to be ur BFF dear! And finally, no I dont have any idea about Pawan. I hope everythng is 5n with him. I also wonder where is Rahul Bhai, Pat di, Twana, Sachu Di, Soumya, Sophie di?? And i know about Aliya, she is not gonna comment for 2 days. And Rahul Bhai, Twana and Aliya if u went through my comment that I posted on 20dec updates then plz reply me here.

    1. Hii Aniket I’m too late today….
      Aniket I went through the msg u left yesterday….. yeah we will surely create a grp after YRKKH ends…. Got ur email… wait for an E-mail frm me!! GLAD to know that u n Aliya like to be my BFF!!…. ????

  14. Hi everyone!!how are you all? Hope all you are fine…and all the best who has exams..
    Coming to episode happy to see Manish helped singhanias although just for their dignity…hope he will realize naira’s goodness…still can’t understand dadi…yrkkh rocks..kaira rocks…

  15. A biiiiig hi to all my cuties out here. Thnx a ton fr sharing my pain. I was really upset yesterday. Thing is that he is my only sibling. I got him when I was 10 yrs old. He used to sleep with me play with me n I was his teacher. After +2 I got merit seat to do MBBS in pondicherry but I din go thinking he s small n needs my presence. So u all can imagine how painful it was fr me to lose him. I thank God fr giving me so many brothers n sisters here. Eventhough we dont see each other we all r connected by love. N Aniket even if u dont say u r my little bro only. Whenever u guys call me di it reminds me of him who used to call me didi. Sophie get well soon dear. Aliya give more importance to studies bt try to spare a little time fr us anytime. We cannot study 24× 7. Our brain cannot concentrate on one thing fr long time. Even in schools timetable is arranged such that children gets time fr leisure n relaxation as well. So when u keep ur books aside n relax in between do join us dear fr some time. Bt be careful the time span shud be short say 15 mints per day.
    Those who could nt do well in exams try more n do well next time. We keep our feet backwards in the beginning to run harder n win the race. N Rahul glad to know that ur also a science student n y u din share ur DOB ystrdy ? Plz do share now. Mine is on 29/10/1988.
    Once again lots of love to all of u fr being such awesome individuals.
    In between Kaira rocks n I guess Karthik’s dadi gives more importance to males in the house.

  16. hiii to everyone
    late today…. sorry…..
    I like the episode very much. why does goenka’s always take out wrong meanings??

    according to a new report kartik and naira marriage will take place and and there will be aleap of two years naira will give birth to a daughter and kartik and naira together will name her akshara.

  17. and guys (rahul & twana) how can I exclude your names??
    well if you both have no problem I would like to make you my are you ready?????

  18. by the way where is rahul today ??

  19. Lasyashree.10

    hello guys!!

    Iam new to this site bt iam a huge fan of yrkkh and even more to kaira<3,3

    can you please add me as your friend . Its my friend request to all the family members of yrkkh in the above .

    please add me as your friend . i am sure i' ll be a good friend.
    sorry i couldn't mention all of ur names iamsorry
    bt add me as ur friend add me to your circle

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