Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st August 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira asking Naksh about his anger. She says she came to his room to get marker. He gives her the marker and asks her to go. She asks is this about Naitik? He says he is always against me and she tries to cheer him. She draws on mirror and says he looks like this in anger. He smiles and hugs her. She asks why is he tensed. He says dhaba men are irritating a lot, they insulted dad’s insult, I feel we should do something, but Naitik does not wish me to do. She says we should do something. He asks sure. She says yes. He gets a call.

Its morning, Naira is leaving for school. Gayu says she got umbrellas for them. Naman asks Mishti did she do homework. Mishti says yes and tells the essay on her dad. Naman kisses her and says love you. Mishti says my dad sometimes

does not get bath to save water. He asks her not to tell about this bath thing. She asks why. The elders smile. Devyaani asks Naman to bath daily. Naksh says he is tensed for exams. Bhabhimaa asks him not to take tension.

Akshara asks Naksh not to go restaurant. He gets annoyed and says he has some work. Naitik says he got angry, I will call him there. She says no, let him be at home, I will not leave sardar if he says anything. He says I m not afraid of anyone now. Ananya tells Dadi that Rajshri was finding tennis ball at night. Dadi says oh, so Vishwamber took it from my room. Kaki says they played for long time. Shaurya says iw as thinking to send marketing team to Krishna.

Shaurya identifies old customers and says it means our food is liked by them. Keshav says we should use Naksh’s weekly lucky draw idea. Naitik announces about it. They clap and drop their visiting cards. Naitik sees Maheshwari hotel employees and talks to them. The man says my boss has sent us here, saying he will refund 100% bill. Shaurya has a big heart. Naitik gets sad.

Sanju, Yash and Ananya come to meet Naksh. They ask him what happened yesterday. Naksh tells everything and they support Naksh. Yash asks Naksh not to beat them, as even Naitik is silent. Sanju says you leave it, you take a stand for something. Naksh did right, we will teach them a lesson. Sanju calls at Sunny Dhaba and gives big food order. She gives the wrong address and they laugh. Yash says this is not right and Naksh says they did not do right with dad, they gave tip to dad, I will do same. Ananya also makes the food order and they laugh.

They get shocked seeing Akshara there. Akshara says you guys are enjoying, call me if you want anything. He says fine, but I won’t let that dhaba man. Akshara talks to Naitik and says Naksh is fine, don’t worry. Naitik says no, its something else, urgent. They come to meet Shaurya. They tell the elders about sending their staff and customers by giving bill refunds, it means you all don’t believe in my work. Naitik says sorry, I did not like it, and gets annoyed. Vishwamber says we all wanted to help. Akshara says we will not lose. Naitik asks till when will they help like this, they can support him, but not make them dependent, this way is bad. Nannu says he wants to bring his friends. Naitik says sure, but treat will be from my side.
The sardar gets angry as all food orders went wrong, and its all loss, someone has joked with us. The man says I understood Naksh has done this. They see the young guys making notice there and the man says they are Naksh’s friends, he has sent them to make noise here to make other customers run. Sunny asks them to get lost and scolds them. The group gets angry, and says we will go to Naksh’s restaurant. The man asks sardar to tell Naitik what Naksh did.

Naksh’s friends come to Krishna and Keshav takes their order. The sardars come there. Naksh talks to his friends and is happy. His friends tell him what sardar did. Naksh says they are always making issues. His friend says your dad is so cool and behaves well, they all should come here. He tells Naksh that sardars are fighting with Naitik. Naksh says what, I m coming there. He leaves and Akshara does not see him. Naksh comes to the dhaba in the taxi and its windy night. Naitik goes to close windows and sees Naksh. He says its closing time, why did Naksh come now. Naksh looks at the dhaba and is angry. The sardar’s workers leave. Naksh goes to the sardar.

Naksh says this sardar has done this. The sardar raises hand on him. Naksh stops him and says how dare you raise hand on my dad. Naitik controls Naksh and takes him away. Someone looks at them from far and then sardar is shown lying wounded on the ground.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Shirin sewani u rock on the show.
    Akshara and entire team ate doing great hard work for this show.Good going.

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