Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara welcoming Naman, and apologizing to lower the happiness as Naitik did not come. Everyone feel sad for Akshara. She asks Mishti is she happy. She gets Naitik’s call. She asks him is he fine, why did he break his promise when he said he will come. She ends call. Naman worries. Everyone ask what did Naitik say. Naman says he took decision in hurry and did not tell me. She says Naitik said some work is pending there, he will end it and come back soon. She goes.

Varsha tells Shaurya that Dadi slept and she had soup happily when she knew Naitik is coming. Shaurya says yes, they all are happy. Varsha says Akshara said they all happily cried, what will happen when Naitik comes. Naira hugs Naitik’s pic and cries. Akshara comes there and hugs her.

Naksh and Gayu come. Akshara hugs all of them, and asks them not to cry. She says I can’t take Naitik’s place, but I can try to cover up his absence, we have waited since many months, we shall wait for some more time. She asks Naksh to make Gayu and Naira have food, else they will get ill, talk to Naman well, its not his mistake that he came alone. Naksh takes Gayu and Naira with him.

Akshara cries and asks how shall we show you how much we miss you, how to show this moment, you tease me or joke, but come back, I told you bad sight will catch us. Dadi cries and says I won’t be here, I will not get treatment done, I want to go to Akshara’s house. Varsha says don’t be adamant, you said you will show annoyance to Naitik. Shaurya says yes, we made plan and that’s why we did not go there, someone should scold Naitik for being away of home for so many months, you forgot. Varsha says yes, you can scold Naitik. Dadi says yes.

Varsha asks Shaurya did they reach till now. Shaurya says yes, would be. Dadi says Akshara would be very happy, keep them tied now. Kaki says distance increases love. Shaurya says city distance is better than distance between hearts. Dadi says yes right, history knows all couples face separation, Ram-Sita, Radha-Krishna, distance makes one know depth of love. Naman is on call with someone and worries that Naitik can find out about him. Naitik does work and says sorry Akshara, this work is necessary, I came to know Naman’s truth before flight, I did not come to know about him, now Naman is not here and I can find out about him,

Varsha and Shaurya are shocked knowing Naitik did not come. Rajshri says yes, Akshara is sad, we will not tell Dadi. Shaurya says Dadi wants to meet Akshara and Naitik. Rajshri says Akshara asked us not to tell her. Varsha says poor Akshara has to give tests again. Rajshri says Lord knows what he is doing, we can just see present, but Lord can see future, when we think well, we feel whatever happened was right. Varsha asks Rajshri can you explain this to Akshara, its easy to say. Rajshri says not needed, as Akshara explained this to me.

Naman asks Mishti for his pendrive. Mishti says I did not tough it. Akshara asks are you finding this, Maharaj got this and I thought its you. He says its imp thing, did you check it, it was diamond cutting technology seminar video. Akshara says I did not check it. Naman thanks her and goes. Mishti says I have Papa’s pendrive, thinking I will get his attention, he will talk to me. Akshara takes pendrive and thinks whats happening there that both Naitik and Naman are too busy, they both don’t say anything, Naitik just said its imp work, but did not say the work. Mishti says I checked pendrive, there is no seminar video, there is just accounts docs. Akshara says why did Naman lie, maybe to scare Mishti. She sits to check the pendrive.

She says no, its wrong, its like doubting Naman, why shall I doubt on him, Naitik would have told me. Naman comes back. Akshara gives him pendrive and asks will you have coffee. He says thanks, I will have coffee, its been many days since I had coffee made by you. He checks pendrive. She goes.

Dadi asks how is Naitik, is he fine. Rajshri says yes, he is fine. Vishwamber says Naitik has much work there and no one to take care of him. Dadi asks did he like your kachoris. Rajshri says yes, he liked it. Dadi asks who won, whose kachoris were better. Vishwamber says we both lost. Rajshri says he did not eat, his stomach was bad. Dadi asks did Naitik ask about me, when will he come to meet me. Rajshri says he asked. Vishwamber says he will be busy for few days, he will come when he is free. Varsha asks Dadi to rest now.

Kartik says its good, all papers got signed, I have to work on this in office. He prays. Naira comes and asks him is he going without taking Prasad. She gives him Prasad and says I was thinking that Papa is coming late, we have time, can we complete dance academy work. He says not a bad idea, it will be become big surprise for Naitik. She asks will this happen. He says yes, if you smile. She asks about presentation. He says I will do it after office, think its done. She says you said you are Ganpati’s brother and you can make wish fulfilled, ask him to send my Papa. He says I will say, but you said you don’t want commission agent between you and Lord, where everyone is praying truly, your emotions are enough to change Lord’s decision, smile a bit, Papa will get sad seeing sad princess. She smiles.

Naira hears a man saying about Naitik….The man shakes hands with Kartik and gives him money. She says it means Kartik is working against my Papa.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I guess kartik is helping naitik in bringing out namans truth…

  2. Wait so Kartik is a bad person, so if he wants to kill natik or something why does he love his daughter it cant be a concidence

  3. Anyone know about kartik background??…I hope kartik doesn’t wrong with singhania family or their heart…
    Thanku so much to amena for this update..

  4. Anyone know about kartik’s background???… I hope kartik doesn’t wrong with singhania family n their heart…
    Thanks so much to amena for this update…

  5. Anyone tell me about kartik’s background plz..bcz I aware of this..

  6. Actually karthik is sukanyas brother and come to take revenge from naira.. As they think sukanya died because of naira. But soon his love stop him by doing so.. I think so

  7. I have read about karthik that he is a a a brother of the girl shivaangi naira’s frnd.
    Have a search on google

  8. He is not negative thats for sure creatives are just buildingup a showdown between naira and karthik qhere she will completely accuse him of being behind all these but he is pucca working for naitik .

  9. or naman is trying to brainwash naira by putting blame on karthik

  10. Nyc epi today…bt karthik was in love with naira na…o kiyn usse badla lega…plzz any one tel me ke karthik naira se pyaar karta he ya apni behen ka badla Lena chata he…bt such a bad feeling fr Akshara …

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