Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kartik confronts Naksh

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik holding Naira in arms. He makes her away. She stops him and says promise me you won’t spoil things, see Kirti is happy, do you want to break her heart. He goes and recalls the video. Naira says don’t say anything, please. Kartik thinks I won’t let this relation grow on the basis of a lie, I will tell truth to Kirti. Kirti hugs him and says I was missing you, everyone danced so well, you missed it, Naksh is asking about you, meet him, I feel you have triple relation, you guys are good friends, we are so lucky. Kartik sees Naksh.

Naksh hugs Kartik and says we were waiting for you, now it will be fun. Naksh cares for Kirti. Kartik looks at them. Ananya asks Kartik where was he, Naira was waiting for special surprise. Yash says they planned some

surprise for Naksh. Kartik sees Kirti holding Naksh’s hand. Naira shows the dominoes. She asks Naksh and Kirti to strike together. It forms an eight. Bhabhimaa asks what’s this. Baisa asks what does eight mean. Naira says its a sign, it means their love will always be there, if misunderstanding happens, it fails, love wins, when everything looks getting bad, we have to change perception, we know there is something good surprise in it. Suwarna blesses them. Akhilesh says minister has come. Manish goes. Naira and Kartik leave. Naksh looks on.

Kartik says why couldn’t I tell Kirti, I had the chance. Naira comes there and cries. Naksh thinks how to ask Naira and Kartik’s problem. Naira asks Kartik to calm down. Reporter asks Naksh and Kirti for a couple pic. They pose. Naira holds Kartik. He says leave my hand. She falls back. Naksh comes and shouts Kartik. He holds Naira and asks are you fine. She says yes, I slipped back, what are you doing here, go. Naksh asks what’s happening here, Kartik why are you so upset, why are you behaving like this. Kartik holds his collar and asks did you not have shame to cheat my sister. Naksh asks what happened. Kartik says don’t act smart, I have seen your and Yash video, you admitted everything, you never loved Kirti, this marriage is just a deal, why did you lie to her, how dare you, you know she is already hurt, why did you think to hurt her, I will tell her truth. Naira says no, you won’t say. Kartik asks why. Kirti thinks what’s the matter, Naksh also went. She goes. Rajshri prays. Surekha says your friends are waiting and takes Kirti. Rajshri gets relieved.

Kartik says I always thought you can’t hurt Kirti, you have used her for your benefit, she really loves you, how to tell her she is starting with life with a lie, you have no idea, you have hurt many people, why, tell me. Naira pushes him away. Kirti comes and sees them.

She asks Naksh what happened, is he fine. Naksh says I m fine, something got stuck in my throat. She feeds him water. Naira says Naksh and Kirti became of each other, why do you want to hurt them. Kirti sees their pic frame broken. She asks Naira what happened here, what’s all this. Manish and everyone come and ask the matter. Manish asks Kartik why is he so angry. Kartik says don’t take tension, manage guests. He goes. Naira says we will go, guests will be waiting.

Kirti asks Kartik what’s the matter. Naksh sees the frame and pic. He says will this get fixed or not, its enough, I will tell truth to Kirti, I can’t live in fear, now Kartik also knows, he will tell Kirti in his way, then she won’t listen to me, what shall I do, when I see Kirti, I see happiness, I don’t want to snatch this happiness, I m also happy, I don’t want to lose her. Kartik comes and says you ruined her life and doing this emotional drama, I know your truth, this won’t affect me, you felt I will be quiet. Naira asks did you tell Kirti. Kartik says I also became a liar, I cheated her, I didn’t had courage to tell her, I have hidden this, Naira cheated me and locked me in room. She says no. He says I don’t know how to face her. He sees the pic frame. He throws it angrily and goes signing Naira not to come. He says don’t try to talk to me, it won’t be good for any of us. He goes. She cries. Rishton ka milna jhulna…..plays….. Naksh looks at her and cries. He says what did I think and what happened, I wanted to give you happiness, but what did I give.

Kartik and Naira sit alone and think of each other. Kaisa sulook…plays………..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pls vote for keerthi in the below link,only if u genuinely feel that keerthi looked better as abide in the bridal wear the Naira… She was actually leading Naira fans are voting again again and making Naira win…

    1. Aku

      Obviously keerti’s is much much much much better than that overacting ki Dukan make up ka Makhan irritating annoying selfish mean attention seeker naira and Mohsin

      1. Agreed Aku

    2. Ponkuri

      Hi Mitra voting done??

    3. I voted sis from all my media gadgets

  2. Shivaya khanna

    Hate hate the way they are shaping Karthiks character irrational stupid short tempered cvs pls do something the Karthik who always stood for Naira is blaming her pls do something pls cvs its a request

    1. His character is completely butchered love; I guess that’s what you get for acting arrogant on set

  3. Ponkuri

    Hi Hi Bro Fenil Sis Kaina Anjana Raf Sachu Missy Meena TVfan1 Ayesha Aku Anjali Natasha YRKKH fan (Sagarika) n all????

    Argggg… Today episode… Really can’t stand Karthik…. why spoils everything? ???

    I really really hope Naksh goes out n tell everyone the truth…since his main intention to agree to this marriage is for Naira happiness n now Kaira’s relation is alrdy come to this… wat is the point of keeping the truth?? (although I know Naksh has feeling for Kirti… but Karthik said Naksh is lying pretending) so no matter what Karthik will not believe Naksh anymore!!! So tell everyone n see who hurts more?? all becoz of Karthik stubbornness ?? somemore he can said he knows Naksh well?? Are u sure Karthik?? U said if a brother loves his sister he will not hurts another sister!! did u see Naksh hurts Kirti??? And all this happened becoz he was given no choice… When Dadi proposed for the marriage… She alrdy gave no chance for Naksh to say no… Coz if at tat time Naksh said no… I believe the two families will not be the same… Dadi will blames Singhanias for turning dwn this proposal becoz Kirti is a divorcee ???? she will give Naira a hard time!!! Naksh agreed becoz he had kept this in mind… and now since Naira is no more happy wit Karthik… Naksh dun hve to try explaining to Karthik to
    believe him… As Karthik alrdy has the mindset that Naksh n Naira is cheating them!!!! No use explaining… Just end this nonsense!!! Let Karthik handles this himself…I GIVE UP??

    1. Yes Ponkuri sis
      Kartik has gone mad – he has completely lost it
      The one who never saw his sisters pain is now accusing others of bad behaviour. So he thinks all this time he has been good to her. All that cheap romance – okay

      1. Ponkuri

        Correct Sis Missy???

  4. Kartik is behaving like a kid, immatured behaviour; luv between Karthik n Naira is very weak, no understanding, no maturity in the relation. Please keep Naksh & Keerthi in a better relation…somehow being their wedding, their function, priority is not given to them. We viewers like to see other couples also rather than watching all time Kartik & Naira.

    1. I agree with you – his behaviour is too much I can’t take him
      There is no growth in his character and he is regressing, that’s a shame

  5. believe me guys I was so emotional I was having tears in my eyes when naksh was struggling for breath…then his angel keerti came and fed him water and the way he covered up saying something got stuck in throat it was such a emotional scene for me..
    and seriously like I still can’t forgive dadi goenka for slapping naksh I will never forgive this immature kartik for doing this with naksh..if naksh is helpless that doesn’t mean this kartik will take advantage… enough of this immaturity kartik come to ur senses…
    jitni bar bhi iss kartik ko immature kehlo utna hi kam hai…
    Go To Hell Kartik…

    1. I feel you sis when I was reading it I keep saying to myself if only Akshara was alive. She would have put Kartik in his place for his cheap thinking against Naksh

  6. Hello to all YRKKH telly fans, it has been a while since I commented as I haven’t been watching the show regularly but I’ve finally caught up & after so many weeks i can honestly say I was looking forward to today’s show.
    Keesh are definitely growing on me ?. Their relationship reminds me of Akshara’s & Naitik’s even though they haven’t gelled completely as a couple you can see the mutual respect & understanding between the two of them…. as opposed to kaira who can’t manage their own relationship let alone other family relationships.
    I’m convinced they have made karthik act like a complete moron so that cvs can yet again demonstrate Naira’s mahaanta & prove how Naira was so right to in allowing the Keesh wedding to go ahead.
    Karthik whose character is supposed to be a modern day man, has now been turned into a cave man ? . It feels like a repeat track we’ve seen all this between the two of them already.

    1. He is just totally out of his mind and won’t give naksh n naira to speak.

      1. *chance

  7. Hello to all YRKKH telly fans, it has been a while since I commented as I haven’t been watching the show regularly but I’ve finally caught up & after so many weeks i can honestly say I was looking forward to today’s show.
    Keesh are definitely growing on me ?. Their relationship reminds me of Akshara’s & Naitik’s even though they haven’t gelled completely as a couple you can see the mutual respect & understanding between the two of them…. as opposed to kaira who can’t manage their own relationship let alone other family relationships.
    I’m convinced they have made karthik act like a complete moron so that cvs can yet again demonstrate Naira’s mahaanta & prove how Naira was so right to in allowing the Keesh wedding to go ahead.
    Karthik whose character is supposed to be a modern day man, has now been turned into a cave man …It feels like a repeat track as we’ve seen all this between the two of them already ?.
    One thing that did make me happy was how Kerri finally got the limelight, she looked stunning & was definitely looking the part as the newly wedded bride ?

  8. and when naksh was caring for keerti wowww he is such a cuteeee guy he is capable of handling everything maturely…the way he said am also happy and I don’t want to lose her,I don’t want to snatch her happiness woww I can’t stop loving him he is good,better,best and bestest no matter what….rishi is slaying as the character of Naksh love u always… after nakshara keesh r the best…

    and guys when keesh played dominoes after that who told that chirpy voice naira to give a long longgg lecture???I was like she will finish now now now but she kept on speaking and irritating me huhhhh I wish to enter the screen and strangulate her neck…
    now its not the end of the problem but now they will show kartik and naira sitting alone shedding tears,remembering flashbacks,BG emotional song and what not…
    I have to skip their scenes always cuz it doesn’t give me that emotional feeling or happiness to watch them it just annoys me and I don’t wanna get annoyed….

    1. Ponkuri

      Sis Ayesha ? ur Welcome?

    2. Me too Ayeesha I haven’t watch the episode, just read TU because I can’t take Kartik’s misbehaving with Naksh- how can he think such a cheap way against Naksh and the Singhanias
      You are spot on I love Keesh because they represent YRKKH more than Kaira

  9. hi ponkuri thnx for remembering me in your each comment and how r u dear?

  10. Oh my god… Givin us so much of Keesh scene sterday, now they have spoilt it.. why, why was naksh kept mum when Karthik was scolding him and telling that naksh used keerti for his benefit.. wat benefit Karthik, jus getting beaten up by you and being questioned by stupid people like you and naira.. irritating.. I wish naksh had given it back to Karthik, when kartik was blaming him.. being silent also would make others believe that naksh is wrong.. I know he is in guilt but y should he be. Love blooms .. in naksh keerti matter it has already started its fragrance.. pls CVS stop showing this track.. I personally feel that naksh tells everything to keerti before any one could tell

  11. Aku

    And yes guys fenil ponkhuri Missy kaina please go and vote for keerti in the link given.. you guys can vote multiple times.. but do vote she deserves it

    1. Ponkuri

      Sis Aku the voting done!! ?

    2. I have voted but can’t say how many times as I am embarrassed to say – let say it’s a lot on different devices

  12. Requesting to show Keesh

    karthik and naira are two immature and irrational characters. Naira tries to meddle her nose in everything, believes she is always the one with just and right and Karthik a dummy with no brains (either follows all so great naira and in those instances where he uses his brains it is in a rather immature way). naksh on the otherhand is ideal in many ways and real with apparent flaws i agree but that what makes him so real and his ideal guy characteristics are something all girls look for sensitive, caring and understanding. Keerthi a docile girl trying to understaand life and herself very real again. that i guess make it clear who should be the leads of the show i will be very happy if kaira get less or no showtime

    1. Agree with you dear
      Me too believe that Keesh will take the show forward as their relationship is really Nayi Soch – we can see how their relationship develops and how they managed the family relations. We all know that Naksh is family oriented and Keerti is not selfish – she coped in a bad situation just so her family will not get hurt. I want to see her healing and her bonding with the Singhania ladies.

  13. Ponkuri

    Bro Fenil had not been commenting since yesterday hope he is ok?? Sis Kaina also hve not comment yet today… Can’t wait to hear from them???

    1. He is from Gujarat. And yesterday was Gujarati new year.

      1. Thanks Rahul
        I wish him well and that he enjoys his holiday very much

  14. and how dare kartik to say that naksh is using keerti for his own benefit kartik now tell me do you have any shame?
    I can see how much he hurted naksh by this accusation…. blo*dy selfish kartik….he is akshara’s duggu he can’t use anyone for his benefit

    1. I know right – I wish I could go in the screen and read him well well – stupid boy


    Please male kirti win. She looked a lot better than naira in d bridal wear.


    Please male kirti win. She looked a lot better than naira in d bridal wear. Naira was looking like a clown

  17. Hmmm….. what to say
    I liked the acting by the actors….. they did it really very well
    And Rishi to hamesha……. killing acting yaar!!!!???
    To be very honest….. he is much better than that childish and stupid Rohan Mehra??
    Rishi perfectly suits naksh’s character!!!! He is killing yaar!!!
    And I am damn sure I would have never even liked keesh if Rohan continued…… thanku so much rohan for leaving the show???

    And a very happy bhaiya dooj to all the brothers….. @fenilrahuland others??
    Best brother of Indian television….. NAKSH SINGHANIA????

    1. I agree with you more than hundred percent 100000000000000000%
      Kartik is so jealous of that and is looking stupid trying to be best brother
      He just comes across as stupid – here is Naksh willing to sacrifice his life for his sister
      But Kartik can’t take it that’s why he is screaming you cheated my sister
      How can it be a cheat when it was arranged – I really don’t understand him. I so want to take his class

  18. Guys if anybody agrees with me then plzzzz let me know

  19. Kaina1

    Yeh hypocrisy kya kehlata hai ??? I mean guys today my hatred for karthik increases by 10000000000000000000 folds I hate you truly deeply madly yaar himmat bhi kise hui naksh ko haaath lagaane ki

    1. Aku

      Yaar we can’t do anything.. CVs can do anything to make these stupid creates happy.. as I said in our chat.. If these two are deciding others track what else can you expect? And thank god it’s Saturday.. we can have good weekend without these irritating creatures!

    2. Sis I am with you – I refuse to watch episode because I cannot take them on screen but I have commented on the episode.
      What is Naksh gaining from this apart from Keerti being his wife
      And the video conversation was a private, intimate and frank one between two brothers. Because if his naughty brothers then this wouldn’t have been known. This is why I don’t like Technology these days people so abuse the use of it.

  20. Hi all .. please do vote for keerti for best bride…
    I have voted multiple items

    1. I voted for her 70 times now she is 10 % less than naira plz do it more

  21. Hii im new here im keesh fan

    1. Welcome Salma keep commenting let us know what you think
      Even if you don’t agree with the majority just explain your opinion

  22. Welcome salma….. even i am new…. a grt fan of yrkkh

  23. thisis was expected from CV.. no ise of talki g about kartik..wast of time.. will come to Kah❤❤❤ awww… he is in love with Keerti glad to see him speaking his heart out . i want keerti to lisent to him. he would be the the happier person on earth.. n the way she cared and worrie for naksh that was the best thing.. such a lovley scene yaar ❤❤? trust me now i wantto see more n more of the.. it will be very beautiful journet of keesh.. but cv need to wake up n look at the show if not non will left to watch it.. irz just kaira kaira n kaira.. only kaira bakrth will be left to watch the show..

    1. I agree Zak with all your points

  24. wahi to kaina how dare he to touch naksh like I said I was so so emotional after seeing naksh struggling for breath trust me I will never forgive kartik for that…uski dadi or ab ye bhi..
    we can’t get enough of saying how much we hate kartik!!!

  25. and hi yrkkh fan and Salma
    u guys r most welcome glad to see ur comments keep sharing ur opinion..

    1. Aku

      Now it’s showing page not found.. anyways I have voted many times do let us know who wins

  26. hi ponkuri fenu told me he is having problem because of new TU he will try on monday

    1. Ponkuri

      Thank you Sis Ayesha for the info of Bro Fenil ??

  27. kaina such a small comment???

  28. Welcome new comers like Sagarika, Ayesha, Salma, Anjana, Zak. Sorry if i forget anyone.

    Thanks everyone for my birthday wishes!! ”
    And sorry for my late thanks!!! I am busy!!


    Happy new year to all my Gujarati friends here, except fenil. Hahaha ?????.

    Happy bhai dooj everyone. Bhai dooj is a traditional regional festival of Bihar and UP just like raksha bandhan.

    Happy Govardhan Puja everyone!! May lord krishna blesses everyone.

    And coming to today’s episode. It was nice.
    Hope everyone is fine. Okk bye good night everyone, take care and have sweet dreams.

    1. Ponkuri

      Hello Bro Rahul happy Govardhan Puja to u n everyone too (although I dun know wat is it?)

      Wishing u all the best Bro its good to be busy… Hahaha… Busy making money???

    2. Happy baleted birthday nd gujrati new years

  29. Hii guys a good news for all keesh fan in the bridal voting our kirti is only 2percent back of naira im very happy ?

    1. Now she is10 pervemt less

  30. Happy diwali to all of u we celebrate its till tulsi vivah so i m wishing now bcz past few days i was so much busy

  31. Happy gujrati new year fenil brother……nd also those who celebrate its ……

  32. Hey Kaina, Ponkuri, Anjana, Aku, Fenil, Ayesha, Zak and all YRKKH family/fans
    WOW just read the update and I don’t think I want to watch the episode.
    Kartik is so foolish and his attitude really stinks
    This is an arranged marriage so his feelings will not be sorted out yet
    Also since Naksh has been with Keerti he has never given her cause to complain.
    Also Kartik knows this family before marriage connections – when has he ever seen them maltreat any one.
    And he is accusing Naksh on things but he is behaving badly with Naira.
    I feel so bad reading the update and just wish Akshara was alive and Naitik was around
    Yes Naksh is right he should tell Keerti about the video before that psychotic boy Kartik get to her and damaged the little confidence she has left.
    Kartik is overreacting but then again he is stupid.
    So how can Naksh used Keerti – can someone please explain this to me
    Keerti was married before and Naksh has never been married
    Naksh was not the one that came to Goenkas with a proposal
    The Singhanias did not forced Keerti to be married to Naksh in fact at the time they were busy looking for a bride for him with a match maker
    The Singhanias are well established in business and have kept their business as family owned
    The Singhanias are not looking for a business merger with the Goenkas
    The Singhanias have proved over time that they have influenced too – who got the rare diamond for Kaira’s wedding?
    Naksh is marrying a divorcee who has a painful past – I am sure he would have loved to marry a girl that has never been married before
    Naksh is marrying against his wish – I am sure he would have love to choose his own bride Kartik like you did
    Naksh set up his own business since college and has expanded his business without Singhanias money & influence – so will not be needing the Goenkas money or influence
    The Singhanias did not ask for dowry neither did they ask for business partnership
    So tell us Kartik why would you believe that Naksh is using your sister
    Get off your high horse – this family who is responsible for their daughter and bahu’s death are willing to relate to them twice. Shut up Kartik
    You are the worst brother in the universe – you could not see your sister pain in her first marriage and you still could not see her happiness in her second marriage. If all this come out to the family I hope someone stands up for Naksh and put Kartik and the Goenkas in their place. Baisa will definitely do if they allow her to speak. I am volunteering for this job – I will love to read Kartik very well immature brat always sending his wife away. Stupid boy. And these are the characters that the CVs want to take the show further – oh please spare us the headache and foolhardiness.
    I have the feeling that Keerti already knows that Naksh do not love her the same way but she loves him but she adores the way he respects her. When she is told she will be fine with it all and I hope she gave her brother what for.
    Producers and CVs we are so done with Kaira’s immature behaviour; Naira’s silly cry and voice; Kartik’s stupidity.
    They are so concerned with Kaira’s stuff that they did not show Keesh’s first night – I would have like to hear what they discussed about the new phases of their life
    And I believe that Naksh is in love with Keerti but he has not processed his feelings fully

    1. Ponkuri

      Exactly Sis Missy wat u said is so true?????

  33. Vote for kirti. U all seem to be not interested in voting for her. Naira fans are voting hard to make naira win though naira looked worst

  34. Tvfan1

    so..guys..what should the to improve YRKKH??? can i plz know..increasing more keesh or making them the main couple (that would be cute tho) Or making KAIRA TOGETHER…OR ENDING YRKKH?

  35. Qayanat

    Hi everyone, can I join YRKKH family ?

    1. Ponkuri

      Hi ??Qayanat? Sis or Bro??
      Welcome to YRKKH family?

  36. Ponkuri

    Bro Rahul Thank you for letting us know abt Bro Fenil ??? n I really miss ur comments ? pls come back sooonest ?
    Hope u hve enjoyed ur Diwali ya????

    Bro Fenil wishing u a Happy New year n all the best all throughout the year???

  37. i thought writer should write something else what they write….for naksh- kartik conversation

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