Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dada ji arguing with Naitik. Bau ji, Bhabhimaa and Devyaani look on. Naitik asks Dada ji to leave. Dada ji asks for his granddaughter Tara. Naitik says we don’t need to hide her. Dada ji says I will take Tara and leave, tell me where is she. Naitik says I don’t know, I did not see her after she left from hospital. Dada ji asks what, did she come to hospital. Naitik says yes, don’t you know, you told a lot to my son, Tara came to meet my son there, she maybe afraid of you. Dada ji says maybe your son has called Tara, your son encouraged her to play hockey, he did my fake sign and filled form, I can file many cases.

Naitik says I don’t know where is Tara, you did bad with Naksh, if you hurt him again then it won’t be good, Tara also did mistake,

why are you not telling her anything. Dada ji says your son fooled her, this time I have to do something else to make your son get sense, ask your son about Tara first. Naitik shouts Naksh. Akshara says she felt someone shouted, and goes to see. Naitik asks Dada ji to ask Naksh. Dada ji says I don’t have to ask him and taunts him. Akshara comes there and sees them arguing.

Naitik says your grandsons have beaten my son like goons. Dada ji says yes, they will beat more, if we don’t find Tara, this time I will not leave anyone. Akshara asks how are you talking, that too in our house. She sees him and says you… Naitik says he is Tara’s Dada ji. She asks is he Tara’s Dada ji. Dada ji asks why, don’t you believe, I felt you and your son are always creating problems for me. Naitik asks Akshara is he the same man who created issue in Krishna. She nods.

Naira asks Naman did this uncle beat Naksh. Naman signs yes. Mishti says I will beat this uncle. Dada ji asks Akshara to get Tara. She asks what, who told you Tara is here, she is not here. Dada ji says I know she is here. Akshara asks him to find her out. Ananya gets Tara to meet Naksh in his room. Tara cries seeing him. Naksh gets glad seeing him and asks how did she come here. Tara says Ananya helped me. Ananya says we came from back door. Tara apologizes to Naksh. Mishti comes there and sees Tara. She goes out. Naksh holds Tara’s hand.

Akshara says I will show you my home, if Tara is here, we will agree to what you say, else you will never see this house. Mishti says she will beat this uncle, I will beat Tara Didi also, she is upstairs. They all get shocked. Akshara asks is Tara here. Dada ji claps and says you all act well, this girl has told the truth. Naitik asks Mishti did she see Tara. Mishti says yes. Akshara says I have come from there just now. Dada ji shouts Tara, come out, I know you are here. Tara says its Dada ji. Naksh asks did he know you are here. Ananya asks how, we did not say anyone.

Ananya, Naksh and Tara come there. Everyone get shocked. Naira says she is the one who has beaten Naksh in Rashmi’s marriage with hockey. Dada ji holds Tara’s hand and says he will see Naksh after dropping Tara home. He says Naitik complaint about Sangram, even I know police station address. Dada ji and Tara leave. Ananya apologizes to Akshara and says I got Tara here. Naitik scolds Naksh and says we did not think we will see this day. Bau ji says no need to say him, we can’t believe what you did. Bhabhimaa says you all became different family, you did not tell us. She cries.

Rajshri and Kaki tell Dadi what Naksh did. They say Naksh did not do right. Dadi laughs and says why are you all talking like kids, what if he planned by my name, whatever the reason, I have seen Goa, there is nothing to feel bad, he stayed with us, we did not feel he went Goa for someone else, I felt bad that he did not tell us that he like someone, let him come, I will see him.

Bau ji asks Naitik to take complaint back, else Tara’s Dada ji can file Tara’s kidnapping case on Naksh. Bhabhimaa says Naksh will not get fine if that guy get punished. Bau ji says we know you don’t need our advice now. Devyaani says police favors girl’s side. Akshara says let them be in jail for few days. Bau ji asks is this any game, I will inform police to take case back.

Naksh says sorry for this trouble, mum and dad have hidden this so that you all don’t get hurt. Bau ji says elders are there to advice young lots to rectify mistake, I don’t think this family needs elders. Naksh says nothing like that, sorry. He slips and they all worry. Naksh says I m lucky to have you all, its my mistake, not Tara’s, don’t hate her. Akshara asks him to rest.

Dada ji brings Tara home and asks how did she do this mistake, I will not leave Naksh, I will send him to jail. Tara requests him not to punish Naksh, its all her mistake, it was her wish. Naksh did not trap her. He scolds her, asking what is she saying, does she realize. She says yes, I m saying truth. I did not wish to hurt you, so I did not tell you anything, I love Naksh. Dada ji gets shocked.

She says Naksh also loves me, that’s why he has got beaten for me. Dada ji asks what, do you love him. She nods. He asks more than me? I have raised you and loved you a lot, I was proud of you and got everything before you said, I loved you more than your brothers, you should have given me poison. Tara says don’t say this. Dada ji says you don’t know what you did, I trusted you so much, you have ruined my trust. She says she will marry whom he says, but don’t hurt Naksh, I promise I will agree to you always and not trouble you. She asks him to swear on her that he will not harm Naksh. He looks at her.

Dada ji meets Naitik and everyone. He says he has come to talk to them. He gives Tara’s proposal for Naksh. Akshara says I don’t accept this proposal.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Well done Akshara. Stay firm 2 ur decision.

  2. Misty’s part was very funny!!! On a serious note dadaji n his co. should be beaten very harshly. Then that criminal family will realize that how naksh felt when he was beaten by his granson..

  3. Bau ji u r so defensive! Pls be strong when ur lalla got attacked by that goon family.. U must teach them a lesson.

  4. Whts wrong with this akshara?? After this many problems dadaji came with the proposal and akshara denying it??

  5. OMG…dada ji get convinced so soon. I was expecting some more drama done by him…But anyways our Akshara is here..She will first give a big lecture to him….

  6. I like what Tara did today..She don’t want to hurt anyone…very sweet.. 🙂

  7. Dadaji is not good . He will take revenge .

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