Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Muskaan comes there, Akshara introduces her to Alok. Alok suggests that she must buy a printer that absorbs heat, it is very expensive so she must replace it to save her laptop’s battery.
Varsha scolds the cotton vendor. Jasmeet advocates him, Varsha scolds Jasmeet that she doesn’t understand anyone. The cotton vendor requests her to let him go, he will do it tomorrow morning. Rajeshwari also asks Varsha to leave as well. Varsha doesn’t agree and has and argument with Jasmeet too. Rajshi stops them, while Ananya asks Varsha to let uncle go.
Alok says to Akshara that it was a productive day, he must leave now. Akshara asks him to wait till Naitik comes. Bhabi maa comes to ask her take some food. They take Alok as well. He says these people are really sweet, and loves

her a lot.
Namal and Karishma were about to kiss in the room. The police come on the door, and asks them to come with them. They say their friends also say they are innocent, but they take drugs and call girls here. Karishma says they have no friends here, and came here by themselves, alone. They can asks their families. The inspector insists on them to go.
ALok appreciates the food, and asks AKshara is she fond of jewellery designing. She says when she used to be free, she made some designs. When a few years ago, Naitik had an accident Bauji took her to office. Then Naitik is fine now, but they both handle the business together. Alok says that Naitik also appreciates her, and she is handling the house and office together well. There is someone, who is the reason for the success of a person. For him, she is the reason of his success. Hadnt he got her letter that day, he must never have moved on. Akshara asks him not to make her ashamed. ALok says he is happy that she has forgiven him. She asks if Naitik knows about it. Akshara says they both hide nothing from each other. He asks her about Shoray, and remembers Varsha. She tells him they got married. Alok says it is good, that they get in affairs themselves and scolds other, Then excuses to AKshara that she was just kidding.
Naitik was leaving the hotel, when people talk about police raid on a minister’s party. He goes to attend a call, when he sees the young people going with police. He recognizes Namal, and goes after him.
Alok and AKshara recall the past time, and discuss about a teacher who was against marriage. She says had she listened to her, and didnt get married she could never know how beautiful is being married. He says he can’t say upon what he hasn’t tasted. She asks hasn’t he got married. He says no. She asks the reason, he says because of her.
Naitik requests the police that Namal and Karishma are engaged, and were not a part of party. The inspector says they raided only the rooms booked by minister’s son, and they were in one of them. The man standing with Naitik, stops them and says that they must end what started here. He must tell him the price.
Akshara asks is he saying the truth, is he joking as she was never responsive to him. He asks does she feel he is joking. Bhabi maa asks will he take more sweet, he tells her he is fond of sweet and tells her he isn’t full yet.
The inspector asks is he bribing him. The man says he knows that his son is innocent. Karishma asks who the man is. Namal says he is my dad. The inspector asks 2 lacs, the man agrees saying he must leave both now.
Alok takes a leave, Akshara says I am sorry, he got late. Alok says it is absolutely fine. Muskaan watches him leave.
Deviani asks Akshara to rest, she says she will wait for him. Deviani says she must also think about the baby, Akshara says she is a wife as well. Deviani says she will wait with her as well. Muskaan goes to bring tea.
Namal asks Naitik if he trusts him. The man says had he trusted him, he would have saved him. The man appreciates Namal’s girl friend, Karishma says she is his fiancé.
Jasmeet and Anshu look for a key. They were all worried. Anshuman says he wants it urgently. Anshu fears that this might have got into some pillow or quilt.
The ladies discuss that they will celebrate Nandini’s goad bharai well. Muskaan was excited about it. Deviani says that it is her seventh month, they must talk to Rukmini. Someone rings the bell hastily. Deviani is shocked to see her past husband. She asks what he wants. HE asks she wants the drama on the door, or she will allow him in. Bauji asks who is it.
Dadi tries to open the safe with the pin. Shoray makes fun of her and Gobhi. The safe opens, Rashri asks how she learned. Dadi says she learnt it, as she also had a habit of losing keys.
The man asks Deviani, that she didn’t gave up hiding things from him. AKshara asks what he wants to say. The man says Akshara is the one, who made his children against him. Bauji explains, but he isn’t ready to listen. The man says he has the right to know all about his children’s life. They ask what they are talking about , he complains she didn’t tell him about Namal’s engagement.

PRECAP: Karishma misbehaves with Deviani.

Update Credit to: Sona

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