Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayu asking Mishti to have food. Mishti says I m not hungry and goes. Gayu sees the food in Mishti’s tiffin. Devyaani asks her to talk to Mishti. Gayu says yes, once Bhabhimaa leaves for rishikesh, I will talk to her. Naksh tells Naitik that he has right to talk to him, as he is concerned. Naitik asks what do you want to say. Naksh asks him till when will you keep running this way, and how long will Maa limit herself to room, she always supported you, why don’t you support her this time, you are running and she has fear, why.

Naitik says some questions don’t have answers, end this matter. Naksh says why, relations will end, you ignore Akshara’s state, I have seen your love, that’s why I m hurt, revive your relation, do something please. Naitik says

enough, I don’t want to talk. Naksh says fine, run away, till when will you run. Naitik shouts Naksh, its enough, stay in limits. He goes.

Gayu asks Naksh not to worry, person comes back some day, don’t lose hope. Naksh says I wish Naira came back, many things would have got solved. Gayu says she will surely come. Naira hears the kids singing the lullaby and gets sad.

Karishma scolds Mishti for not having medicines. Akshara hugs Mishti and asks Karishma not to scold her. She says you are lucky Karishma, atleast you have Mishti with you, ask me, we don’t have control on few things, we did what we could, I know Mishti did not take care, its her mistake, think about her, she hears people’s taunts, she never complains, just we complain her. She takes Mishti and goes.

Karishma tells Naman that Mishti is always with Akshara, even after Naira went and Gayu came. Naman asks her not to talk these senti things. Naitik hears them. He gives papers to Naman and goes.

Akshara gives tickets to Bhabhimaa and asks her to give it to Varsha. Bhabhimaa asks did you explain her well what to do, I got old and forget things. Akshara says you won’t forget anything. Bhabhimaa wishes they get Naira. Negi tells Naira that you have come many years ago, your birthday is day after tomorrow for us, as you came here on that day. Naira falls and shouts mumma. Akshara gets restless. Bhabhimaa slips and gets hurt.

Everyone rush to Bhabhimaa. Devyaani tells them that Bhabhimaa can’t go now. Bhabhimaa says I will go, its imp, I have to do puja for my Naira. Naksh says puja will be done by Akshara, this maybe a call for her. Akshara looks on. Negi does first aid to Naira. Naksh asks Akshara to go. Akshara refuses. Naksh asks am I saying anything wrong. Everyone agree with Naksh. Naksh asks Akshara to go, look at Papa, he does not say, but we know he is trying a lot. Akshara says I won’t go and cries. Bhabhimaa says its because of me that puja is not happening. Naksh asks Gayu to pack Akshara’s bag, I will change tickets.

Akshara says I won’t go, don’t send me please. Naksh tries convincing her and says you have to do to do puja for Naira, and win over your fear. She says when I went to take Naira, she would have come with me, but she did not come, she left. She says Naitik knows everything, tell Naksh. Naitik asks her to agree, when Naksh is insisting, who knows Naira can come back, I tried to find Naira since many years, its not necessary that you always get sorrow, maybe happiness is waiting for you this time.

Rajshri prays for Akshara’s yatra. Everyone pray along. Kuhu also prays for Akshara. Naksh takes Akshara out of the house. She gets tensed. She recalls what happened and cries seeing Naitik. She steps out of the house. Gayu gets aarti plate. Akshara lights the diya and asks Lord not to let her hope diya blow off. She leaves with Varsha.

Negi gets a small baby and tells Naira that he got the baby in train, think of her mother who left her. Naira cries and says all mothers are different. She recalls Akshara. She cries.

Naksh drives the car and is on the way to drop Akshara and Varsha. Naitik says train can get missed, we are already late. Naira walks on the road and is lost. Akshara reaches train station. Naksh asks her to hurry up. She sees the train and recalls how she lost Naira. Naira also the toy train and gets angry. Naksh and Naitik ask Akshara to hurry up. Varsha and Akshara board the train. Akshara sees Naira’s pic and says I stepped outside house to get you back, I will not stop till I get you.

Akshara and Varsha land in Rishikesh. Naira comes there. Akshara feels something and tells Varsha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Plssssss don’t drag just reunite plss

  2. Why update so late 🙁
    Nice episode, glad to see Akshara finally out of the house — Gayu is soo caring……

  3. I luv u gayu,u r so cute and kind hearted,she was vry caring on akshara
    Stupid naira,always join wit wrong friends,now u deserve what ever happened
    Gayu is 100% better than stupid naira

  4. Gayu is kind hearted and looks pretty. Mishti as usual acts well. She rocks!! Karishma and Naira resemble in looks. By face only i mean not makeover.
    Waiting for others like – Tara and family, Yash and Nandini and their family, Anshu and Jasmeet and Nannu to join.

  5. Instead of akshara finding naira it would have been nice if naitik found her and bring her home for a change!!

  6. Finally akshara-Naira in one town..waiting for their reunion.i love Naira’s lively character.shes not mahan atma n a human being who do mistake n how paying price from it n i m sure in future she ll learn from it too

  7. Naitik pain of is so silent his expression is so nice in every scene in the show plz I really want that naitik will be find a naira because their bonding are so cute and naitik is so supportive husband . naitik angry look is so cute

  8. What happened with tara and her family…don’t too much leap..

  9. Nice episode…

  10. akshara will meet naira in rishikesh and akshara will persuade her to come wid her and explain to her , naira will agree and she will get a grand welcome from singhania family .

  11. Such a sweet husband is naitik.. He never misunderstood akshara, the way he insisted her to get into train to get naira is just awesome… He is not at all angry with akshara n understood that akshara can never think of bad for her children, love u naitik, u r soo cute…at least u r not like dat stupid Raman n ahem who always pamper their egos over their wife, u r a great actor karan mehra, u r always the best n u rockkkk, u r the charm of the show..

  12. I agree with u su naitik is the charm of the show

  13. Yes. I fully agree with Su. Naitik is really a sweetheart for Akshara. Such a charming and caring husband. I think Naitik aka Karan Mehra is the most handsome/coolest/understanding husband in television industry. Karan Mehra you simply rocksSs the show #YRKKH. ???✌?????

  14. Fantastic episode!

  15. Awesome episode..

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