Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Manish turns upset with Suwarna

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhana dropping the wallet. Naira says everyone is calling you, come. Suhana says Shubham told me he will call me. Naira says your brother has told everything to us. Suhana says he would be so angry. Naira sees her bracelet. She asks her to come. They come downstairs. Rahul shouts Suhana, how dare you….. Aryan holds her hand and says I m with you, you don’t need to get scared. Rahul says leave her hand. He catches Aryan. Kartik and everyone stop them.

Suhana says sorry to hurt you, Shubham and I love each other, so I came here myself. Rahul asks have you gone mad. She says he is so nice. He says the guy I have chosen you is better than him, he has tricked you. Kartik says she has come on her own, its your mistake to get her married forcibly. Rahul

says its our family matter, don’t interfere, I will file a complaint against your brother. Manish says do anything, I will see who files the case against whom. He calls inspector and asks can you come home right now. Suhana thinks why is he calling police. She signs Rahul. Rahul signs no. She asks Manish not to call police, if Shubham or Rahul get hurt, she will feel guilty. She asks Kartik to tell Manish not to call police, it will defame their families. Suwarna says I also feel you shouldn’t call police, law favours the girl and her family, Shubham loves her and wants to marry her, he is already worried, we should help him. Manish asks you knew this. She says I wanted to… He says you proved you consider Shubham just as your son, not ours. Suhana says please don’t call police. Naira asks why are you so scared Suhana, let them come, you are an adult and accept that you love Shubham, why are you scared then.

Suhana cries and says I m scared, its a big deal for a girl that police comes at home because of her. Naira says you should have thought of this before taking this big step. Suhana says he was not agreeing. Naira says things are still the same, police should come, its better. Kirti agrees. Aryan says when we are in love, why should we get scared, let police come, we will see. They hear police siren. Suhana signs Rahul.

She recalls hiding from police and running with money, in multiple cities. She thinks if anyone recognizes me, I can’t take risk, once I loot Aryan, I will go to any foreign country, not jail. Police comes. Suhana sees colours. She takes colours and smears on Rahul’s face completely. They all look on shocked. Suhana says I m sorry, its Holi, I wanted to apply colours on your face, I didn’t wish to blacken your face, forgive me. She signs him. He also smears colours on her face and says you know I love you so much, I told all that in anger, happy Holi. Inspector asks Manish is there any problem. Rahul says no, it was just a misunderstanding, sorry I told all that in anger, when I saw Suhana begging for family respect, I realized my mistake, if matter goes out, it will defame both families, sorry. Suhana says sorry, we can sort this at home. Manish says sorry to trouble you inspector. Inspector says its fine, call me if you need any help. Police leaves.

Manish says what’s this way to talk, we don’t talk like this, take your sister home and leave, we will think what we should do. Rahul says but its decided. Manish says nothing is decided, everyone just kept their opinions, final decision is still due. Aryan asks Suhana to go home, he will call her. Suhana says I apologize to you all, please forgive us. Aryan looks on. Suhana thinks to be careful of Naira. A colour plate falls down by her hand. Rahul and Suhana leave.

Manish says Kartik ask your brother when was he going to tell us, after marriage. Aryan says I was going to say. Manish asks him is he out of his mind. Aryan says Suwarna promised me that she will stand by me, tell them. Suwarna nods. Manish says I don’t care, you both won’t take the final decision, I mean it. He leaves. Devyaani asks Dadi and Rajshri to drink the juice. She says don’t know what will Dadi say about Suhana. Surekha says yes, its not easy to make her bahu. Kartik says storm will come when Dadi knows about the police, I will see dad. Naira sees Dadi. She says I felt that girl was bit strange. Suwarna asks Manish to listen, there was festival going on, when could she tell him. He says I don’t want to listen anything and goes. Kartik asks her not to worry. She says convince him please. He says I will try, how did you agree so soon. She says like I wanted you to be happy, I want Shubham to be happy, did I do anything wrong.

Kirti thinks of the note and thinks Naksh isn’t saying anything, but he would be annoyed. Bau ji says we shall leave now. Manish says you didn’t have anything. Naira asks Naitik to stay for some time. Bhabhimaa says Naitik misses you so much all day. Dadi and Rajshri come downstairs and see everyone. Dadi asks is Holi over, everyone is stunned maybe. Lav and Kush show them the Naagin dance video. They get shocked. Dadi says who served me the thandai juice, don’t know what all I did, I m ashamed. Naira says its nothing like that. Kartik says it was just family there. Dadi says but kids and Naira’s family were there. Naksh and Kirti ask Rajshri to come out of the car. Rajshri says don’t know what’s everyone thinking, I m sure I did a lot. Dadi says tell me what happened when I was not in senses. Kartik says you didn’t do anything. Naira says but something happened that you should go. Naksh goes. Dadi asks what, Suhana…. tell me everything. Kirti holds her head and falls down. Naira stumbles and falls. Rajshri doesn’t see Kirti.

Doctor says congrats Naira, you are pregnant. Naira smiles. Doctor says Kirti’s report says that it will be difficult for her to conceive. Naira cries and goes to Kartik. Someone pulls her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What will happen now

  2. What the crab is this, keerti can’t conceive so naira will gonna sacrifice her baby to keerti. Stupid makers can stoop so low to make mahaan naira, then dadi will gonna taunt naira and the long scenario will continues . Why on earth cv’s making keesh to have child so early without even showing them their characters develop and keerti strong personality before she become mum.

    1. I am fearing for the same..It cannot be more crappier if they show Naira sacrificing her child for kirti or sort of..But the segment says keerti is pregnant and Naira crying infront of God.. Dunno what they are trying to show..

  3. Kirti will be pregnant and naira will have some problem (obviously if u go jumping and pulling out stupid stunts u will have issue concerning pregnancy).
    What could have been a good track for keesh now will have guilty keesh looking at rona dhona of naira idiot .

  4. I am big fan of this show before one year ago
    I am feeling very sad for this story.Why should they always create naira mahaaan?
    Her acting is very bad.keerthi is very better than naira.Now I am not interesting to watch
    this show.

  5. Surprised when Suhana told Naira ‘every one listens to you’ , when she asked them to convince Manish to not to call cops..They have just met..

    And regarding the doctor, If keerti is pregnant or not, the person who has the right to know it first is keerti and then Naksh ..Then why the hell the doctor is saying this to Keerti’s brother’s wife.. Why she should know it before keerti?? Utter nonsense..Not only the family, seems they are showing that the entire city, sorry world(even Greece police obeyed her), is under Naira’s influence only..

    1. Day by day even simple logic and normalcy is getting subdued under the sentence, ‘Kaira are leads’, which is blatantly forcing, when Doctor informed Naira about Keerti’s personal thing..

      And suwarna deserves this from Manish as she felt only talking to Naira regarding her own son’s matter, but Not to her own husband..

  6. Please don’t do this with naira kartik or naksh kirti. I want both couples babies, naira kartik babies and naksh kirti babies. Please. Please.

    1. If there will be both the babies then how will naira sacrifice her baby and become mahaan

  7. Shivaya khanna

    It’s simple my logic guys the CVS show things of Akshara repeating with Naira like Akshara Had a miscarriage Naira will have a complicated preganancy and by revealing the facts now about her problem she there is scope of showing a preganancy track again few months later which can be pulled for long and those bashing Nairas character for being Mahaan atleast she cares for her brother and sil she is not ruining anybody’s happiness by revealing her problems she will wait for the right time to tell everybody that’s not acting mahaan but acting sensitive they show problems with Naira cause they have shown her strong enough to handle problems and in every show the leads always suffer so all the kaira fans out there we will have a roller coaster of emotions with kaira and all problems of their immaturity will be resolved and keesh fans don’t get angry that kaira is getting importance although Keerti is pregnant be positive and think she has got some special happiness in life Kairas baby track will definitely come in future first dear Daadi has to learn importance of Naira and Singhanias

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