Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yash coming and greeting everyone. Nandini says he is spending more time at bride’s home. Yash goes and meets Naksh. Naksh shows same clothes for both of them. Yash says no, I m fine. Naksh says this is better. He says Sanju and I have bet that we will wear same clothes and she says no, Yash will wear it. Yash says I will wear this, forget it. Naksh says fine, get ready and smiles. Naman brings Naitik for the haldi. Bhabhimaa sings Maara gulab ka phool…………. and the Singhania family dance. Rajshri and everyone dance after applying haldi to Akshara. Akshara looks great in flower ornaments.

Anshu says I did not enjoy in Shaurya and Akshara’s marriage, I was very young, I will enjoy this time. They all laugh. Vishwamber says we can have many marriages

in this house, as we have many children. Nannu bites Akshara’s bangle and brings it. They all laugh on him. Naira says she has surprise for her. She comes wearing similar flower ornaments.

Rashmi asks Bau ji about Gayu, she was getting ready as if its her haldi. Rukmani says Rashmi is still waiting for her life partner. Rashmi says she has Gayu with her and argues with her. Rukmani scolds her and says she is worried for her, and Rashmi does not respect her. Naksh and Yash argue seeing this. Bhabhimaa asks Rukmani to forgive Rashmi. She says Rashmi can take her life’s decision, why to interfere in her life. Naitik calms Rashmi. Bhabhimaa requests Rukmani to leave this topic. Nandini apologizes to Rukmani from Rashmi’s side. Gayu comes back. Everyone ask Bhabhimaa to apply haldi first. She laughs and says fine, I will apply fill haldi. She applies haldi and everyone too apply haldi. Aise rasmo kasmo mein…………. Yeh rishta kyta kehlata hai……………. Plays…………… They all smile.

Yash says he has to go there. Naksh asks why is he in hurry. Naksh says Akshara is there. Rajshri tells Naira that Naitik’s haldi will be applied to Akshara too. Naira says leftover one? Dadi explains the thought behind it. Naitik comes after washing his face. He says his face is still yellow, what type of haldi is this. They all smile.

Ananya teases Sanju that she wants to look like bride. Sanju smiles. Rukmani says she will now come in marriage directly. She leaves annoyed. Naksh says he will take haldi. Naitik says how did my face become like this. Devyaani asks Mishti what did she do. Mishti says she has helped them and she mixed yellow color in it, as Dadi wanted a good color. They laugh. Naitik says what. Naman says its fabric color, it will go off. Naitik says apply same color to all, so that it looks theme, else tell the bride’s family that this marriage is cancelled. Naksh says he knows who can make his mood well.

Naksh arranges Akshara and Naitik’s video chat. She laughs seeing his yellow face and everyone smile. Naitik sees Naksh hiding and Akshara and Naira act in filmy way to ask him to marry Akshara. Akshara asks why is he thinking she will run seeing him, its their second marriage, she will marry him anyhow. He says I know, but I wanted to look good. She says she will like him anyway and says she will apply his haldi. He says no. She says no, both yellow. He says no, you are beautiful. I can’t beat anything wrong going with your beauty. They all smile.

Sanju says Ananya, Naksh’s parents are so romantic, I wish I get someone like that, true lover, no one loves me. Ananya asks really, don’t you want to tell me. Sanju hears Naksh and Yash have come. She says haldi has come and leaves. Ananya smiles. Naksh and Yash give haldi. Rajshri say they look twins. Sanju comes to them. Yash looks at her and they smile. Ananya comes in between. Naira stops Naksh and says she will apply haldi to mum. They all apply haldi to her. Rajshri asks Sanju to come. Sanju applies haldi. Yash sees her backzip got bit down and he opens her hair to cover her back. Sanju realizes why he did so. He says sorry. She smiles.

Yash confesses his feelings to Sanju. They say I love you to each other. Naksh and Ananya clap for them. Akshara comes and asks whats happening.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow very fast update!!! Thank u amena ji!!! And precap was lovely???

  2. Wow…. Get romantic couple… These couple r really example for real life couples…..

  3. Nannu n misti are really lol funny too much
    plzz akshara don be villan.between sanju n yash plzz

  4. whats naksh and ananya’s problem if yash and sanju want to go out
    its not that big of a deal

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