Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Martha saying I told Chandu to get all the electronics and other things. Inspector asks did you give him dollars. Martha says yes. Bau ji asks why. Martha says to give to them. Rukmani asks what, you mean dowry. Martha says yes. Rukmani says we don’t have this tradition to get dowry. Martha says I asked Chandu to get this to give dowry to Rukmani, as Rukmani said she will love the bahu who gets much dowry, I wanted Rose to be happy. inspector says its good we came here, so its dowry matter, arrest them.

Kartik thinks why did Naira get scared seeing police, whats the matter. Akshara says we did not do anything, Rukmani did not say such thing to Martha, its misunderstanding. Anmol and Yash react seeing inspector arresting Rukmani. Vishwamber calls commissioner

and makes inspector talk to him. inspector leaves them. Vishwamber says I spoke to commissioner for Chandu’s case on Akshaya’s saying before. Inspector apologizes and leaves. Mohit and Nandini ask Rukmani what did she tell Martha. Rukmani swears on Anmol and says I did not say anything. Martha says Rukmani told someone on call, not me.

Rukmani says I was talking to my friend, I told about dowry and then said we don’t take dowry. Martha says sorry, it was confusion. Rukmani gets annoyed as her family did not trust her and got angry. Martha apologizes. Mohit says Rukmani and Yash would have gone to jail because of you Martha. Yash says I would have cleared your confusion, you did not talk to me. Nandini says we made Rose our daughter and you did not regard Yash as your son. Yash says I m hurt, maybe we have no relation. Martha says sorry, don’t punish my daughter, she loves Yash, don’t break their marriage.

Rukmani asks does Martha think I just cancel marriage, I m getting much angry, go and get their rounds done soon. Martha says no, don’t do that. Akshara tells Martha what Rukmani means. Martha hugs and apologizes to Rukmani. Rukmani says no, I will take dowry now, Martha will take me out for one month. Everyone smile. Yash and Rose take wedding rounds and do rituals of marriage. Everyone is glad. Kartik looks for Mishti. She says we will give shoes. Kartik says no, let other team win, I want Naira to win. She asks why. He says because Naira got scared seeing police, if she gets shoes, she will be happy. Mishti asks why, did she do anything. He says I don’t know. Naira hears them and scolds Mishti. Mishti cries and goes.

Kartik stops Naira and asks what happened, you scolded a little girl, I m seeing since police came, you are behaving strange, please tell me. She cries and says I did not do anything. She hugs him. He holds her. She is about to tell him the matter and Kuhu comes to call her. Naira says I was seeing bidaai arrangements and talks to her well. She pats on Kartik and says everything is fine. She goes crying. He looks at her. Yeh rishta kya…..plays…………. Naksh looks for Naira and Kartik. Bau ji asks him to take list. Naksh thinks he has to catch Kartik, he is always around Gayu and Naira.

Naira cries and asks how can I be so weak, I have to face truth and can’t stay like this in fear. She wipes her tears. Yash and Rose take blessings form everyone, and they all thank Akshara. Akshara asks them just to promise her that their relation will never break. Yash and Rose promise her. Akshara congratulates them from her and Naitik’s side. Nandini asks Anmol to touch Rose’s feet. Anmol says we can shake hands. Rose thanks him and hugs saying we will be friends. Nandini says Anmol does not understand relations. Rukmani says he is young and immature. Mohit says I m glad Yash has become mature and will manage relations.

Naksh says I decided not to marry. Yash says I married as you guys supported me. Rose guarantees that their group will be same, and she will not come in between them. Chandu tells Pungi that its not her mistake. Martha says its my mistake. Chandu says its fine. Rukmani says Martha gave Rose to me, its our duty to give you something. She gifts a beautiful saree to Martha and says I have designed all this work. Devyaani says Rukmani is unpredictable. Rukmani asks Martha to take it fast, else she will take it back. They laugh.

Martha says I can’t return all those things, so… Rukmani says no, we will not accept this. Martha says I can’t take this with me. Akshara asks why don’t we send all this to Rishikesh’s ashram by Rose and Yash’s name, the kids need all this. Everyone like the idea and clap. Bau ji says you thought right and ask Martha and Rukmani do they agree. They agree to Akshara’s idea. Naksh goes to talk to truck driver. Kartik thinks to find out Naira’s problem and holds her.

Kartik says I can’t see you worried, smile has to come on your face, I will bring that smile. Naksh and Akshara look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i dont watch yrkkh bt the in today’s episode the hug between naira and kartik is not better than our naitik nd akshara i knew our naitik nd akshara first hug it was so cute nd second hug is a speechless our naitik akshara all the hug in yrkkh is muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh better than kartik nd naira . nd thanks sbb ur gold award segment is awesome after a very long time we watch our naitik akshara a very cute nd funny moment it was so awesome i really watch this gold award a big congratulation our naitik akshara they both are very romantic couple for ever

    1. girl just chill.u always dont hv to compare akshara-naitik n naira-kartik.they dont hv the same love story,they r not same characters,not same actors r playing them,they dont hv same fandom..its been 8years of this show n akshara naitik r parents of two adult children..they cant all the time show their that age ppl’s love romance everything revolves around their children n family coz they r above all young likes,crush,cuteness.above that naitik is not present here so they r showing more kaira.not necessary every time yu hv compare them with ak-nk.let them b liked by new fans n if u dont like them ignore.

      1. most of the vewiers always want our karan mehra aka naitik he is the main lead of the show i dont this serial when the naitik was left the show bt i read the updates because for naitik suspense nd only for naitik akshara romance there nok jok nd also a very cute moment they both are always a very beautiful couple

  2. Anika

    Wow! Awesome episode!
    Soon Naira will overcome her fear and everything will be fine between mother-daughter!
    And yeah as usual Kaira scen

  3. Anika

    Wow! Awesome episode!
    Soon Naira will overcome her fear and everything will be fine between mother-daughter!
    And yeah as usual Kaira scenes were just awesome…
    But Naksh shouldn’t behave like typical brothers!
    He was also in love with someone’s sister, so he shouldn’t misunderstand Kartik ?

  4. plz get gayu out of naira n karthiks way she is getting things complicated and triangle love stories dekh-dekh ke pak chuki hai aur nahi

  5. awww loved loved loved kaira scene.kartik is a sweetheart.want more kaira scenes.

  6. kairas hug was not romantic hug and still a one sided love ,here the hug was wherein Naira wanted someone to confide in as she was very scared ….Karthik character is amazing what a selfless love ,he will do anything for her but would never want anything in return ,….Naira ur such a amazing character who has flaws but same time heart of gold,,,,,,so dam real .
    Wished akshara or Nash and seen Naira tensed ,she is still living in fear .now Karthik will make her face the past n bring her out of it, probably with the help of akshara …

  7. Sethidisha002

    i love it

  8. it is my view piu dont be interfere.

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