Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone reaching the haveli. Akhilesh says this is our ancestral haveli which is close to our mum’s heart. They all like the haveli. Kartik and Naira talk in Rajasthani language. He says we will stay here today and then go to palace tomorrow. Naira jokes that frog’s prince is marrying a princess. Naksh asks shall I keep things inside. Dadi says no, none will go inside, whatever happened at dhaba spoiled things, pandit told mahurat and it passed, we will not enter the haveli now. Devyaani asks when is next mahurat.

Dadi says we have to ask pandit. Karishma asks will we stand here. Dadi says yes. Naksh says its enough, time is getting wasted here. Lav says I have to go loo, tell Dadi. Baisa jokes on Dadi. Naksh says tell them to come by mahurat and

let us step inside. Rajshri says let them talk, wait. Kirti calls Aditya and does not connect. Dadi calls pandit. He tells about mahurat at night. Dadi drops phone and does not listen. He says I will tell you haldi mahurat, wait for 5mins. She picks phone. She asks what did you say, I did not listen. He says 5mins. She says fine and ends call. She tells everyone that they can step in haveli after 5mins. Everyone dance on dhol beats. Manish and Suwarna dance. Manish collides with Kartik. Kartik sees him and gets away.

Dadi says enough of songs for today, don’t show much happiness. Dadi asks them to place Lord idol. Suwarna and Rajshri place the idols. Rajshri says its important to make them part of our celebrations. Suwarna says yes, first we will place Lord idol before starting any good work. Naira gets Akshara’s pic and says even mumma is Lord’s avatar. She places Akshara’s pic. Everyone get emotional. Naira says this is the only way to include mumma in our happiness. Suwarna says she is here as she is in our hearts. Kartik and Naira light diya and they all pray.

Naksh says everyone have the room keys, Akhilesh supported me in making everyone comfortable. He asks them to go to their rooms. Dadi and Surekha are happy to get privacy. Baisa says Naksh did good to keep us away from them, else we would have followed mahurats. Kartik and Naira see each other. Gayu asks Naira to come. Naira asks how to give surprise to Kartik. Gayu says we will think something, come. They go.

Kirti worries and says where is Aditya, I can’t let any more issues to happen. Naksh asks what happened. She says I was calling Aditya. Aditya comes and creates an issue. Naksh goes away and looks on. Aditya says hotel room would be better than this. She says its our haveli, come. Aditya pushes her and goes. Naksh holds Kirti. She goes after Aditya.

Everyone like the haveli. Baisa, Rajshri and Bhabhimaa divide the jewelry and keep. Karishma says place is good, I don’t think theft can happen. Varsha says bad people can rob any place, we will lock cupboards and keep the keys. Varsha says I will go to see the place finalized for haldi ceremony. They all take a selfie.

Dadi asks Suwarna to manage Naira’s jewelry, its our haveli, but many people are here. Suwarna says but I… Surekha asks Suwarna to manage jewelry. Dadi says there should be nothing wrong, you both have to manage everything. She gets pandit’s call. She says we entered haveli. He says I told you there is no shubh mahurat till night, you heard something else. Dadi worries and asks what to do now.

Naira and Gayu think how to give surprise to Kartik. Naksh asks Naira and Gayu do they need any help. Naira says no. Naksh says I have heard half things, no need to worry about permission, I m with you. Naira says thanks, you are awesome. He says even girls’ brothers have heart, go. Naira and Gayu leave. He says this moment is special Naira, I regret that its not in everyone’s fate.

Naira says Kartik get ready, your surprise is getting ready. Naksh says whom to give the room beside Naira’s room. Kartik hears this and stops Naksh. He says you spend time with me. Naksh says I m Naksh, not Naira. Kartik says you worked hard, I will help you. Naksh says I m allotting rooms, two rooms have common door, no one is taking it. Kartik says I will take it. Naksh says its far. Kartik says I will sacrifice. Naksh says I m thinking to make it storeroom. Kartik sits sad. Naksh says I m elder brother, I don’t object to love, but I m not so foolish. Kartik smiles. Naksh goes.

Kartik asks Lav and Kush whose marriage is it, who should get best room. Lav and Kush say you. Kartik asks them to give that side room, view is better. Gayu and Mishti come and give him treasure hunt map. Kartik says we will play later Mishti. Gayu and Mishti ask him to see. He checks and asks really, you guys are the best, thanks. Gayu asks him to go. He goes. Gayu wishes him all the best. Aditya looks on.

Kartik is on the way and says today Naira is giving me surprise, I had to come here according to map, where is she. He sees the ready signboard. He says this is surely for me and goes in jungle path. Someone is there. He looks for Naira. He sees danger sign board and says Naira would have not seen this.

Dadi says its big mistake, we entered the haveli on wrong mahurat, ask Kartik not to go anywhere. Kartik looks for Naira and hears a tiger.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello Vrushy dii,Hales dii,Bff Lasiii,Chanya dii,Pat dii, Raf dii,Shophie dii,Shesha dii, Soumya dii,Dona dii,Sweet Rosa dii,Swara dii,Ponkhuri dii ,Dona and Dhanvi dii,Rahul bhai Aniket bhai,Adi bro and all .

    Wonderful Episode !!:)

    1. Chanya

      Hi fenil bhai..I am fine and how r u? And I think you are elder than me…so I am not your di..

  2. Ekta23

    Hello everyone
    How are you all?
    Well today was a fabulous day for all of us
    The day started with the most awaited shivin confession and ended with such a fantastic episode ??
    I cannot believe till now that they are actually dating
    Today the whole day I just kept playing that audio of mohsin or Shivangi
    I literally jumping here and there in happiness but still cannot believe it ❤….It was actually like a wishful thinking

    1. Rahul96

      Chill Ekta chill
      This is a serial EKTA !!!!!! Please don’t let it control your life !!!!! Please Ekta keep all this stuff out of your life dear. !!!!!!! Please stop daydreaming !!! Please don’t feel hurt about my words !!! My intention was never to hurt you !!!!!
      Please accept this advice from your brother !!!! Or whatever think you about me !!!!
      After reading your comment I really really get worried about you dear !!!!

      1. Ekta23

        Hey rahul96 …..I am so so sorry guys ….This msg was not sent by me … Actually one of my friends did a prank on me by posting anything which is actually a little too high
        I am so sorry for this misunderstanding but believe me this was not done by me as I was busy studying the whole day
        Once again a big big big apology but srsly speaking I have not done this
        Like u I also actually feel the but it’s just due to some of my stupid friends that this misunderstanding is there
        Once it was not me
        Sorry for wasting your time on this

      2. Ekta23

        And thank you so much for the advice ….Right now even if I have done nothing still I feel guilty
        But trust me I have not done this at all ?

  3. nice…I love the epi bt I wnt more naksh and kirti scenes they are the besttt jst like kaira I love both of them..!!

  4. Many many happy returns of the day LOL …

    1. Rahul96

      Hahahaha if I am thinking right ( about your comment ) then you simply nailed it bro. Your comment made me full of laughter . ??????????????

  5. many many happy returns of the day lol ..

  6. are they dating in real too???

  7. guys is it true that aditya will kidnap naira and akshara will save her on wedding day???

  8. Small request can we keep shivin dating news n excitement n seeing shivin in kaira scenes as this site has all age groups and exam going students. Let’s stick to onscreen kaira at least here as all social media sites r talking only these..let’s live kaira n yrkkh family bonds n learn from them n move on .its not healthy at young ages to think of celeb couples and all . life is just not about television or cinema reality is different .lets not get obsessed with it .rest upto what others feel…
    As I see this site everyone bonds well like family n discuss healthy things just wanted to convey the same . sorry if anyone is hurt
    all the best for exams whoever is appearing . exams career family is more important than all these obsession about celebs.
    I remember Rahul once telling that to me also..thank u

    1. Rahul96

      Great Shilpa ,
      Thank you so much .!!!!!! You told the words of my heart . I was also going to tell the same . But today I am preoccupied by college assignment !!!!!
      Thank u thank u thank u ………. …… about infinity times thank u so much !!!!!!!
      And I really appreciate your words !!!!!
      Once again thank you so much Shilpa !!!

  9. Nice episode.but ths aditya is vry irritating.his character is so worst

  10. Nice episode but guys ths aditya is so irritating.due to him all show will become worst.his character is so loose.naira & kartik looks good with eachother.

  11. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey kartik naira congratulations on both of ur wedding day I’m so happy for both of u may Allah give u happiness prosperity in both of ur lives may Allah keep both of u smiling happy

    1. Ha ha best tis is fiction not real don’t bring god these matters

      1. Soofia Bhatti

        hey I’m soofia Finley naira kartik congratulations for ur wedding I’m so happy for both of u may Allah give u happiness prosperity in both of ur lives may Allah always keep both of u happy in ur lives

        From ur number fan soofia Bhatti

  12. enough drama ya let the wedding come soon every thing just the same old drama.

  13. Chanya

    Hello everyone!! How are you all? Seems like everyone is busy with exams sorry guys.even I couldn’t comment because of my studies..this is first year first much busy …
    Rahul bhai how are you?? Ya..i am still an intern n after two years course will start
    Aniket bhai even I am so confused is it you?if yes even ur name lakhan is good from now onwards I’ll call u as lakhan
    Sachu di do take care of yourself and baby too
    Hi pat di Sophie di how are you?
    Sophie di there was a plane accident in Melbourne na
    And my bff where are you??missing you so much..every thing is fine na..
    Raf di twana di missing your sweet talks too..btw prepare well for your exams..all the best..
    Aliya di lakhan bhai even you too z do well in ur exams
    Lasya di are you busy too..
    Shesha nice to see you again
    Roz how are you?
    Vrushy dear how are you now?and all the best for your exams too
    And swara di welcome here
    And pankhori di..really nice to have you in our family..there no boundaries in our family..
    Guys do well in your studies..even I’ll not be able to comment regularly from next month onwards..don’t forget me..
    Bye you all..

    1. Vrushy

      Hii Chanya,
      Yup i am good now.
      Thanks for you wishes.
      All the best to you yoo !!

    2. Hi Chanya
      I am not sure in New York right now.

  14. Chanya

    Coming to the episodes I couldn’t watch it..even I think they are dragging too much..sorry f I have hurt anyone unknowingly..i know it’s kaira’s grand wedding..still..and aditya ‘s character is so annoying..feeling so sorry for keerthi..precap is interesting..

    1. Sindhuts

      No no.. Chanya… Very true… Dey r dragging too much… Each n every simple ritual has some misunderstanding… It’s boring I can say

  15. Hi Everyone!
    Sorry guyz..I ws unable to comment bcoz of my studies but I missed u all a lot…..

    Hi Aniket(Family Maker)!!
    Wishng u a very happy birthday!!
    May God Shower his blessings upon U & may bestow u health, peace and prosperity in ua life & may Shine ua future… Once again many more happy returns of d day Aniket aka Lakhan!!
    We trust u bro, no need to prove….
    How r U bro? How ws ua practical exams?? Prepare welll for ua board exams…Hope, U’ll hit a great score.!!
    What about ua NEET exam bro?? All the very best………
    Hi Rahul bhaiya..
    How r U?? Really nowadays ua comments r soo funny bhaiya….Thnx for ua wishes…& bhaiya y u told that Aniket’s way of writing is similar to mine? What u have noticed bhaiya? Plss let me know naa..Yess Pat dii also said d same…then,Ystrday I left a comment for u bhaiya to clear ua confusions.

    Hi Pat dii & Sachu dii…
    How r U now dii??Perfectly Fine?
    Hi Vrushy!
    How are U?? Fully recovered??
    Hi Lasya!!
    U r missing from a long time. Buzy with ua studies?? Okay, Study welll & hit a big score but sometimes comment here (only if u r free)All the very best!!!
    Hi Twana, Aliyaa, Pawan, Rosa, Chanya, Chanpreet, Soumya-Study welllll guyz…Best of luck for ua exams..
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    Yess dii, I’m preparing best for my exams thats y soo buzy di…Hw r u dii?
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    Hi Sophie di..
    How r U? Then Yess dii, Aniket is right..Y u r thankng us dii..Can’t we do that for our beloved elder sister(dii)???
    Hi Fenil bhaiya!
    How are you? TYSM for including my name everyday in ua comments bhaiya..
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    1. Vrushy

      Hii Raf,
      yup i am fine now and fully recovered.
      All thanks to your wishes !!

    2. Hi Raf

  16. Happy birthday aniket

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    Know i want to see kairas marrige i cant wait know episode was good I loved the way how kartik wqs talking to naksh

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