Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik fears for losing Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying you said Naira can conceive, what has happened to her. Doctor says its better to be safe than being sorry, hormonal changes thickens the blood, normally patients lose hope of conceiving, or else they abort the baby, this is not my field, that’s why I m asking you to take her to a good gynaecologist, take care. He goes. Kartik thinks of Naira. He cries and says I can’t say this to her, whom should I share this with. Naira comes there and asks what are you doing here. Kartik says I was waiting for doctor, he is busy. She says I m feeling hungry. They go out. She drinks juice. He says I don’t want to have anything. She says you aren’t pregnant. He thinks how to tell her, she is so happy. She smiles.

Aahatein….plays…. He

stays sad. She smiles and kisses him while enjoying the swing. She says we will name her Kaira if its a girl, did you think of any name, what will we call him if its a baby boy. Kartik thinks I can’t take it any more, I have to tell her. She sees a butterfly and smiles. The butterfly doesn’t sit on her palm. Kartik keeps a rose on her palm. Butterfly comes over it. Naira smiles. Kirti, Devyaani and Bhabhimaa are on the way. Devyaani says I told Naksh that reports are normal, we are happy. Kirti says I want to have something spicy. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa say we shall have food outside and watch a movie. Kirti says I can’t believe this. Naksh calls Kirti.

Devyaani says its me, Kirti is driving. Naksh asks are you going home. Kirti says no, we are going for ladies day out, shopping, movie and lunch. He says okay, have fun. Kartik asks Naira to be careful. Naira says its just the beginning. He checks the food and gives to her. She asks why are you sitting like this. He says we can’t have this baby. She gets shocked. He says I know you want this baby, but this can’t happen, doctor told me that pregnancy isn’t advisable in this condition, there are chances of a clot, I can’t tolerate anything happening to you, where are you going, listen to me. She asks how can you say this, it maybe risky, we have always taken risks. He says we have to undergo abortion. She says stop it, how could you think about this, leave me. She runs. He runs to stop her. She stumbles by stepping over a water pipe and falls over her stomach. She cries and says this is what you wanted. He asks are you fine. He asks what did I want. She says you never wanted the baby, you killed the baby, I hate you. He says don’t say that Naira, no…. Kartik cries.

Naira asks why did you say no, and shout this way, what happened. He sees her and says you were eating a chilli with sandwich, that’s why. She removes the chilli and says I didn’t see that. He thinks I want to save you from troubles. She says I would become a cool mom, I have started practicing. He smiles. He says its my mistake, I told this again and again that I don’t want baby, I m getting punished for this, how will I save you. Kirti says I will have golgappa. Bhabhimaa says I will also have it. Devyaani says have anything you want. Kirti says I can’t control myself. She smiles. Kartik and Naira come home. He is lost. Naira asks Kartik should we consult any other doctor. She sees him and asks what happened. He says I need to make an urgent call, go inside, I will just come.

Naira tries to make a sweater by following a video. She talks to baby. Lav and Kush come to complain about a boy. Naira says I will see him. They stop her and ask her to just help with some cool trick. She says I m very smart mom, I will tell you, look into his eyes and talk, don’t get scared, talk less but right. She asks them to go now. They go. She prepares to make warm socks for cute baby. Lav says we have explained them well. Naira says good. The boy’s mother complains about Lav and Kush. Dadi and Surekha worry.

They see Naira advising Lav and Kush for dealing with that boy. Dadi says she won’t understand and Kartik will worry. Surekha says but we have to explain, Lav and Kush may misbehave with others. Dadi says I have a way. Kartik reads some similar cases on forum. He gets shocked and drops the phone. A parcel comes for Naira. Kartik sees a sketch book for Naira and baby. He smiles seeing the cute baby. He asks Lord to save Naira. He gets doctor’s message and reads about the appointment with gynac. He says I need to meet doctor and I haven’t told Naira anything yet, but what will I tell her.

Kartik cries thinking of doctor’s words. He says I m afraid to lose you Naira. He signs the abortion form. Naira checks that and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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