Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying I know this office well, and where we can romance, I have dreamt our romance till now. She says fine, but my dad is here. He says you can spoil my work. She asks him to take revenge later, come for work now. Dadi says yes, there is an age when family looks love enemy, and love looks right. Manish says he should know we love him, Naira blamed him and did not support him. Naira asks can’t anything happen now. Kartik says we have one way to convince clients, we can’t put reputation in risk. Dadi says every coin has two sides, you are seeing Naira blamed him, he is seeing Naira worked hard to prove him innocent, you are annoyed and he is thankful. Manish says I m also thankful but I can’t give my son to them, I can’t forget how they behaved

with my son, he is my life, if anything happens to him….

Naira says tell me what to do, I will do. Kartik says we are together, we will do everything together. Dadi says each step to Naira will take Kartik away from you, love is blind and adamant. Manish thinks. Its night, Naira says Bhabhimaa also slept, I will do work. She sees voltage low and thinks to call electrician in morning. She sits to work. Rajshri comes and feeds her food. Rajshri asks about work, does Naitik know. Naira says work will be handled, Kartik and I will manage, Naitik will worry if we tell him, whatever happens…… Kartik says this work will end…. Surekha asks are you talking to yourself, being in love. He says no, did you make this tea. She says I know you like it. She thinks he will not take it if I say Suwarna made this.

Kirti comes and helps Kartik. They pull his leg. Kartik says after working with Naitik, I understood to be serious in life, I will do something to make everyone proud. Manish looks on. Surekha says I m proud of you. Naira says I m thinking will Kartik’s family not feel strange that he is working for us. Rajshri says yes, but this is called family, they will understand each other, since that case, things changed, we women are given big responsibilities by Lord, as Lord knows we will manage everything well, like he returned your family, you should return his family and relations, don’t miss our your duties.

Its morning, Manish goes for walk. He sees Kartik and Naira in the park. They have tea and laugh. Manish turns. Naira sees Manish. She asks why did you come here Kartik, we could discuss this on phone. Kartik says I dreamt of you at night, you have right on my time. She thanks him. He says work means much to me, so just let it be.

Lav and Kush call Mishti, and say Naira and Kartik go office, send kachoris. Mishti asks why, doesn’t your home has food. Lav and Kush say its not yummy. Mishti says fine, I will send. Gayu and Naira talk to Mishti. Naira says I have to pay bill, I will have food later. Devyaani and Bau ji come. Naira says I forgot to get medicines. Bau ji says its fine. Naira gets call from ashram and says sorry, I will send it. She says ashram cheque bounced. Bau ji asks are you fine. Naira says everything is getting spoiled. Devyaani says you are trying, thats big thing. Naira says mumma never gave anyone the chance to complain, I m not able to do anything. Rajshri says she also learnt things slowly, you don’t leave courage. They all encourage Naira. Naitik looks on.

Gayu asks Naitik not to worry for Naira, she is strong and will manage things well, after all she is Akshara’s daughter. Naitik smiles. Rajshri asks him to have food. Baisa asks them to talk to Kartik’s family. She asks them who will take Manish’s guarantee, just talk to him. Rajshri asks her not to worry. Kartik gets manager’s call. He calls Naira and asks are you mad to go factory alone, its not safe. Naira says nothing will happen. Kartik says yes, as I m coming there. She says no need. He says I m coming for myself, not you. He leaves. Manish looks on. The papers fly. Manish sees the papers. Manish waits for Kartik. Kartik comes home late. He falls down. Manish asks him to open eyes and walk, else he will be hurt again. He says there are 100 people to help you in office. Kartik says they are Goenkas. Manish asks are you not Goenka.

Kartik says I m doing my work. Manish says my problem is you are bearing burden, you have 1000 crore business and doing work for small salary. Kartik says this is my work, commitment is commitment. Manish says father is father, like you have run in worry for that girl, I m worried for you, I was sitting here and worried. Kartik says I m not kid, and stop pretending. Manish says your worry is worry, and not mine. Kartik argues. He asks Manish to stop this, even they are humans like us, we think we are Goenkas, just we are great, and all others are not, I don’t know why am I talking to you, no use to talk, you will not understand.

Kartik takes files and goes. Dadi and Suwarna see Manish. Dadi asks Suwarna to convince Manish to agree for Kartik’s marriage, who else can convince Manish better for marriage than you, else Kartik will leave home.. Suwarna says sorry, but we should give time to them. Dadi says I did not ask opinion, just explain Manish.

Dadi says Kartik will be divided into two halves. Manish says Naira does not deserve to become my bahu. Kartik hears them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vrushy

    The kaira moment at the start was just awesome. Also their date in the park was cute. I love how both of them have simplicity in them. They love tapri walking chai ???
    Hope this Manish track ends soon. He is not even understanding his own son. I saw a video where karthiks said takes Shaun for naira and she refuses as her Maa passed away recently and she needs to be with her family. Later karthiks fights with Manish and said and takes naira side. He is just so understanding. Love kaira and yrkkh forever ??

  2. iss budiya naaa

  3. Thanks for bullet speed update

  4. Hii twana,aniket,sachudi,sophiedi,rahul bhaya, are you all
    Episode was nice but that goenkas are spoiling,hope they will not separate kaira

    1. I am good , busy with my exam. Thanks for asking and how are you???

    2. Hello Sruthi we r doing fine… how abt u?

    3. I am fine dear…and yourself?

  5. Hiiiii evryone!!!! Aliya,Aniket,Rahul bhai, Sophie dii, Sachu dii, Soumya, Trishi, Ishika, Vrushy, Pawan, Adi, Sruthi, Pat dii n every one on this page..
    Kaira moments r sweet!! Really enjoyed them!!???
    Karthik n uska papa ka rift is getting bigger… ?
    Glad to see Naira’s dadi helping her evrytym… ?
    Will Naksh ever come back?? Waiting for him n won’t Hina come back?? ?
    Aliya tomorrow’s ur chem ppr na??? STUDY WELL N HIT A BIGGER SCORE… I know u can do that mera bestiee!!!!!???
    Rahul bhaiya u too study well ?
    Gud luck for evryone who has exams!!
    Waiting for 2morrow’s ep… n even ur kahani vrushy!!
    Gud N8

    1. Vrushy

      I am so happy that you liked my ff soo much 🙂
      Anyways hina khan would not be coming back. The production house has already started looking for a new face for akshara. And as for naksh big boss is going to end in january so we will have to wait till then if he doesn’t get eliminated !!

    2. Hey Twana…how are you?
      You are right, the anger between Karthik and Manish is increasing more, as the days past…I wonder what happened between them…

      1. I’m fine Sophie dii thank u very much for asking… what’s that disease that makes u feel sick?? Let me give it a very hard punch n tell it to stay out of my sophie dii????
        Well Sophie dii get well soon!!
        #Praying for everyone’s health in our YRKKH family!

  6. Kaira scene looking awesome.manish ko kyun samaj nahi aththa spin beta ka pyaar.he will be happy with naira.naitik ko thodamove on karna chaiyeh,goenka just understand singanyas problem.

  7. A big hiii to my new YRKKH family.
    Hi Aniket, Pat Didi(elder sister), Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Kajol , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, Sruthi, Has , Shopie , Divi , Aarti , Ponkuri , Ritz, Sanjana , Heshani , Sachu di , Riya , Karishma , Raven, Ishika , trishi , sarayu , krishnan and all other YRKKH fans and silent comment
    I hope you you guys have enjoyed your day.

    Thanks amena dii for your fast update.

    And i am extremely sorry guys from the core of my heart for not commenting yesterday as i was busy in my exams.

    Where is Aniket??? I hope everything is all right with Aniket !!!

    Where is Shilpa??? She is also not commenting from a long time !!! I hope everything is all right with Shilpa !!! Shilpa if you are not commenting because of our different povs during akshara accident case , then i am extremely sorry but that doesn’t mean that you will stop commenting. You atleast comment something here. Now everything has become alright in kaira relationship so i think our different povs should not matter also. I am again sorry Shilpa.

    Hi guys if anyone here is not commenting here because of problems in real life , then you guys can share your problem here . See we have now become a family here and it’s true that we ( me and other members of this family) can’t help you , but considering your problem as our own problem or shelf problem we can give you useful tips. Guys always feel free here to share your real life problem here we will definitely give you a solution, considering your problem as shelf problem.

    Hi aliya all the best for your exam.

    Hi ishika if you have feel hurted by my comments of 19 December then i am extremely sorry , trust me i was only joking and was not at all serious.

  8. Hi sachu dii
    So basically chemistry is your favourite subject!!!!! Glad to learn that you were also a science student. Infact I am also a science student and math and physics was my favorite. Glad to learn that you are chemistry lover. In fact actually it’s little bit tough to find chemistry lover.

    Hi vrushy ,
    What’s your age ??? I mean are you 20+ or less than 20 ??? I am asking that whether i should call you vrushy or vrushy dii??

    And guys coming to the episode it was good . Love the kaira moment . And i can understand manish and dadi. Dadi is feeling insecure of naira and she wants naira and kartik to get married because she doesn’t want to lose kartik Manish is not happy with naira , he is unhappy by the distrust of naira and is not realizing naira’s pain and is also not seeing that despite losing her mom it was naira who proved kartik innocent. Actually guys dadi manish has doesn’t know naira and her family too well and they have not seen the love , the goodness of this family. But don’t worry guys kaira love story will conquer everything.

    And guys if the show is shifting to kartik – naira love story??? Then what will happen to naksh- keerthi , Naitik-akshara , love story of gayu?? Does you guys have any idea????

    1. Vrushy

      Hii rahul.
      I am 16 !!
      And as for gayu’s love story. Karthik’s elder brother has been finalised opposite her. Its some actor named MuKUL so we would have to wait for his entry !! And for naksh we have to wait till jan end as big boss would end by that time !!

    2. Rahul, how old are you…
      I am 24..

  9. Hi all yrkkh fans……

    Hi Rahul..Thanks for writting my name..

    The episode was good..Precape is interesting.It’s really good that kartik heard them…

    But missing Akshara very very muchhh…..without her yrkkh is nothing..She is the soul of yrkkh…But only for kaira i am watching yrkkh…

    1. Hi karishma ,
      No problem. It was nice to write everyone’s name. And karishma what is your age ?? I mean are you less than 20 yaa more than 20 so that i can call you by karishma or karishma di

  10. The kaira scene was just awesome . Also why are the goenka’s so immature. Also what will happen to Naksh-Keerti, and gayu love story??

  11. A big hello to all my yrkkh family. I dont want to say names because I would hate to miss someone out, I hope you all understand!!

    Todays episode was good as we got more of singhaniyas which are lacking in the episodes nowadays. I really hope the conflict between Manish and Karthik is closed soon so they can be a happy family because they are interesting characters – producers are good at moulding characters from nothing!

    Hope everyone has had a great day and have whizzed through the exams! 🙂

  12. Hello Everybody?

    Hope all of u are doing great??
    Thank you Rahul for being so concerned n cared for everyone here ??
    You r very caring? we appreciate it very much
    Today episode is nice too… Ya Dadi seems to worried that Karthik will leave again seeing the father n son relation
    Manish shuld be thankful that Karthik at least came back home… N knowing well that Karthik can leave home again if he still hold against Naira n her family?

    Have a great Wednesday! All my wonderful friends Bros n Sistas here????

    1. Ohh no problem ponkuri . Everyone in this family is concerned about each other . And ponkuri are boy or girl??? Sorry i have no idea about your name. And are you 20+ yaa less than 20 . So that i can call you by ponkuri if you are less than 20 and ponkuri di yaa bhaiya if you are more than 20.

  13. Hi everyone!!Can I join with you all?I am yrkkh and specially kaira lover…really liked your new family..I am 16 and from Australia .

    1. Yes you are welcome

    2. Oh yeah Chanya u cn join us!! Welcome

    3. welcome Chanya…

    4. Welcome chanya di

  14. Hi Rahul Bhai and Aliya, Thanks fr remembering me!! Actually I have a Severe Migrane prblm since 4th std. And since last 2 days I ws suffering from the same!! Yesterday I ws unconscious fr about 4-5hrs!! So I was unable to reply ur comments!! Sorry!!

    1. Get well soon bhaiya

  15. Hi Pawan, I would love to have a younger borther like u! Love u too bro! Hi Aliya, BFF ban ne ki dosti accepted! Hi Rahul Bhai, Next time want to hear ur paper ws best not OK-OK. Hi Twana, Enjoy ur tour with Family! Hi Ishika Di, I will be copleting my 18yrs in feb2017! If u dont ming then, Can all of u post ur Bdays, so that v can celebrate it here also?

    1. Get well soon yaar!!! May god bless u with a healthy life!!! Hope u r ok now…
      Even my mom has migraine n I know how worse it is!!
      Get well soon!!!!
      Can u accept even my request of BFF ban ne ki dosti??
      Will be 18 on April 2017

    2. Hi Aniket,
      I was born on the 1st of Jan…

    3. Hi Aniket…
      Hope you are doing fine…..please get well soon..
      Lets’s all pray for Aniket…please

    4. Get well soon…may you get a healthy life!!!

    5. Hi aniket nice idea and please take good Care of yourself .
      I will not comment my birthday today as sachu di is not emotionally well.

      And guys please pray for sachu di’s younger brother.????

  16. Thanks for welcoming me… So now I am too a part of this family..coming to the episode it is nice..really liked first part kaira romance…i can’t understand dadi’s character…hope Manish understand the singhanias and naira…

  17. Dear Maria, oh I am sorry, Dumb Maria!! This time u did it, But if u ever raise ur eyes against any of my family members, I will kick u out of the site!! I MEAN IT, AND U MIND IT!! Hi Sachu Di, dont plz b so kind hearted towards Maria, to ask her to be ur friend. Such ppl dont deserve 2nd chance!! Hi all, If u want to welcome Maria, in the group, no issues. but if she enters here, I will exit this wonderful family!! Bcz I cant c the ppl who hate the eldest persn of the family to b in our sweet family!!

    1. Don’t worry Aniket….we have all boycott her..
      And under any circumstances please dnt’t leave the family as well love you..
      And I am sorry because I was the one who asked everyone to give her a second chance…
      I promise I won’t do this again..
      Sachu di and Aniket plz forgive me

  18. Hi all, our family is of 18 members- Rahul, Shilpa, Aniket, Pat, Pawan, Aliya, Sachu, Twana, Sruthi, Vrushy, Garima, Soumya, Riya, Sophie. Trishi, Adi, Ishika and Chanya!! (pardon me as i didnt mention bhai or didi, cz I ws just enlisting the names). So plz I request u 17Members to post ur complete D.O.B.!! Thank u!!

    1. Sorry I didn’t mention the date…I’ll be 18 on 11th of April 2017

    2. It’s okay.and my dob is 26th December 2000…so I am going to 17…so excited for my birthday..

  19. Hi aniket how are you now

  20. Yeah Agree with u Aniket Bhaiya…They don’t deserve a 2nd chance bcoz not once,She insulted our Sachu dii twice!! And neither I tolerate this nonsense nor like it!!! If some one tries to raise their hand against our sweet YRRKH family, I won’t tolerate it!! Bcoz we r family although we r from different places in the world as Twana di said!!! I am the best example, Although I’m not frm India, I love this sweet YRKKH family from the depth of my heart! All my elder sissys n elder bros n younger sissys n bros, Remember, I am always there if someone tries to tell that we r just showing off!! cause we r not!!!!
    Ok let’s just forget that nonsense..I just couldn’t reply yesterday so thatz why I brought this matter again!! I’m sorry if I spoilt any of ur moods!!
    Aniket bhaiya how r u doing now??? Hope u are ok….Get well soon!!!!!!
    And abt my D.O.B- I will be 17 in 04th of July 2017

    1. Where are you from Trishi..just wondering…because I als live overseas
      And don’t worry we will all stand against the people who talk nonsense

      1. Hi Sophie diii Get well soon u too!!
        Sophie di I live in Sri Lanka heard that u r frm Australia… Where do u live in Australia?? Well I lived in Melbourne for 3 years

    2. Hi..trishi..we are in same age..and you know I am a Sri Lankan but now I am in Sydney..I am so happy to meet you ?

      1. Ohh Hello Chanya.. Happy to know that u r from SL too… Yeah I’m also happy to meet you?
        Our story is a little bit alike… but the difference is I’m now in SL n u r in Sydney… anyhow destiny has made us meet through YRKKH… I’m very happy!!! Happy to meet u Chanya!!
        I’m done with my O/Ls n is free for sometime until A/L classes start.. and u?? Since when do u live in Australia Chanya?? Just curious..

    3. Since last 5years…our family shifted there..and you have done your little bit free…and now I am done with my school and going to enter medical college…and you know we visited sl last August…

      1. Ahh I only stayed from 2011 to 2014!!! But I was in Melbourne n only visited Sydney once to see Opera House….Congratulations on ur success!! U hv completed ur education in such a young age and I’ll have to wait for 3 more yrs to enter the medical college!!! I’m also doing bio science..
        Good to hear that u visited SL last august…Some of my cousins stay in Aus n they’ll be here at the end of December!! While u r excited for ur birthday, I’m excited to celebrate new yr with my cousins!!!

  21. Why maheswari’s house have not shown for long tym?I hate goenka’s story….we want new Akshara now…then we can see singhania and maheswari family for long time…please stop changing the story of yrkkh…..

  22. Hey everyone…
    Really liked today’s episode
    Hppe all are doing fine
    I am feeling sick, that’s why I can’t write much
    Sorry guys

    1. Hi..sophie…get well soon…you will be fine..ok..

    2. Hi Sophie di .. please take care of yourself and take good care of yourself.

    3. So sorry for not calling di…☹

  23. Good afternoon my yrkkh family…aniket bhaiya hope ur well now…and my D.O.B is 8 June.
    The episode was good,the kaira’s scene at starting was awsome and kartik and his father r very different from each other their thinking is totally opposite.
    Welcome all the new members and best of luck who have exams.

  24. Hi dears hope all r doing well. Aniket hope u r feeling better now. My father also suffers from migrane n know how worse it is to handle. I tried to be friendly wit Maria bcoz it hurts a lot when someone tells they hate u. Iam in no mood to comment bcoz today is my younger brother’s 19th b’day n he is no more. We lost him 8 yrs before n still I miss him so much as he was my world. I strongly believe that it is him who is now born as my son. Plz pray fr his soul dears. Dont know y bt felt like sharing my pain with u all. Bye for now I ll come back when I feel better.

    1. Hi sachu di ,
      We are so sorry to hear about your loss . Yes we are praying and we will definitely pray for your brother soul .
      I can’t say anything about you because no word can console you if you lost have lost your close blood family relative , specially brother , sister , mother , father or any of your loved ones.
      But we can say onething that we are with you and we are praying and we will pray for your brother.
      May he rest in peace?????

    2. Ohh!!! Sachu dii don’t think twice before sharing ur pain with us!! We r all there for u to share our joy n sorrow… we r family na….
      And I feel so sorry for ur younger brother..
      It must have been very much difficultfor u na?? Pain that we get from losing a loved one z not easy to erase!!
      May his soul rest in peace… I pray for ur little brother from the core of my heart..
      We r very sorry Sachu dii
      Don’t worry we r always there to share ur pain n happiness… Glad that u shared ur pain with us!!

    3. Ohh Sachu dii I’m feeling so sorry for ur little brother…
      may his soul rest in peace!!!
      I’ll definitely pray for ur brother…
      Yeah we r always with u n u cn share ur pain with us whenever u like!!
      And itz not easy to bear the pain of losing ur loved ones.. so sachu di hum sab thumare saath hai aur feel free to share ur sorrow with us

    4. Diii so sry to hear about your brother…
      I I know we can only say condolencent words but it will not decrease your pain I can understand as I habe also lost someone who was very dear to me my grandpa. . . I know the pain… but tell me one thing will he be happy seein you sad… you are asking us to pray for him but tell me how will our prayers reach him while his elder sis is so sad… so cheer up not for yourself but for him… remember that he has never left u he is always with you in your heart, in your memory and as you said in your son… so be back again

  25. Hi Twana, Sophie di, Trishi Thank u so much for wishing me to get well soon!! Hi Twana, Glad to accept ur BFF ban ne ki dosti!! Thnks!! Hi Sruthi Di, I am not at all 5n right now, But will recover soon!! Hi Trishi, TYSM dear!! Hi Sophie di, Plz dont b sory, I am younger than u and it feels so awkward to hear sory from elder. Even if u all say me to leave the group then also I will never leave, cz I love u all!! Thanks for praying, and u also Get well soon!!

    1. Thankz a lot yaar for accepting my request!!
      Don’t worry u’ll be fine soon… We r all praying for u..
      Glad to hear that u won’t leave the grp!!
      Aniket be fine n strong soon
      Like Rahul bhai said, take rest… Don’t make u mind tired!!

  26. I agree with you ashish…I also hate goenka story..maheshwari house has not shown for long time…..

  27. Hi Sophie di
    I am 20 year old . And i am so sorry that i was not calling you as didi.

    Hi Aniket
    I am so sorry for you and please take rest and take a good care of yourself and please take rest. Take your medicine regularly and take only that medicine prescribed by a good doctor.
    Even my mothet is also a migran patient and she takes the following medicine:-
    1) Naxodam
    2) Dolonex – DT
    3) Tryptomer – 10mg or 25 mg ( depending upon level pain)
    I am just suggesting medicine names.
    But you take only those medicines which is prescribed by a good doctor.

  28. Heh my sweet 18 members gang of yrkkh…aniket hope u r fine nw..take care yaar..thanks fr accepting the bff ki dosti…
    Rahul bhaiya,twana,pat di,sachu di,sophie n all tq fr yr wishes….
    Soumya i can relate to u as im nly daughter wth sme mentally retarded gang of cousins…trishi i too feel tamil difficult…infact my least mark was in tamil sub in 10th std…but to wrk in government job v need tamil

    And sry guyz i think i may nt b able to cmmnt regularly till march17…my chem pap was worst of ll xm in life today…i score 135-140/150…each tym but last tym it was 80/150…my mam scolded me..she even said to hide it from my mumma…this tym itz even wrst im scared..i tld mumma but she said u r on phne always thn hw u will learn??par meri mummy bohath support kartii hai

    so wth stone on heart im forced to say i will nt cmnt fr 2 days after tht i may b irregular..plz don cut the contact ny1 n whn show ends at tht tym ping yr mail id guyz..those u feel comfortable..n i think aniket yarn rahul bhaiya can put up..n thn we wil txt u thn others cann get a link…i will miss u alll…. don forget me
    stay here ill b back wth a bang ….kal bio study vry hectic
    plz pray for me n remember me in yr prayers
    And rahul bhaiya do u hav siblings ???
    And haan sachu di,sophie diu,pawan,rahul bhaiya dare nt giv my place to ny 1….
    Aur twana tum aur aniket kabhi maat bhulna bff ka vada

    1. Don’t worry Aliya di my science paper also didn’t worked out well… try your best nxt tym

    2. Hi aliya,
      All the best for your exams. And yes we will never forget and your space is only yours.
      Do best in your exam my cute little sister and trust me your place is only yours.
      And yes i have no sister , one elder brother and he is 24 year old , doing job in mumbai . And rest are my cousin brother and sister.

    3. Aliya don’t worry we’ll never forget u… u’ll remain as the best(est) friend I’ve ever met in my life!! Yh ur mommy’s right!! Education is the first thing n u can care abt these things later… dis is what my mommy tells me!! She even tells me the same thing ur mom said… that I am always in the 4n… I am also frequent because my exams r over for a few days!! But it’ll start again!!
      U r a bright student… u know every1 can’t score around 130-135 for chem..
      U’ll do great… study well yaar!! Hit a big score n tell us when ur exams r over that u have done ur best… we’ll be happy then!!
      Bye Aliya keep ur 4n aside n study well..
      Again I will never wver forget u my BFF!!
      All the best n best of luck for ur upcoming pprs!! ??

    4. Hii Aliya diii
      Same here Aliya dii we hv to do tamil for gov jobs… that’s why I selected Tamil… It z difficult than I expected
      By the way Aliya dii I’ll never forget u as u were the one who welcomed me to dis grp first n u r the best elder didi I’ve met!! I don’t hv an elder sister n feel that u r like my elder sister bcoz u r always friendly n good
      Like twana didi said, U can do well n u r a bright student… N we shld give our first place to education…. so study well.. itz ok if u r unable to come bcoz it concerns ur studies na? All the best for ur exam n never forget me didi

    5. We will never forget u di and ya I know how it feels when we r single child….I know study is first so do well in other exams and come back soon we will miss u and we can never forget u di

  29. Hi Soumya Tysm dear!! I am sory to reply late as ur comment was displayed just now but when I saw the time of ur comment, it was sumthing around 1:15. Thank u again!! Thanks Chanya!! Thank u Sachu di!! Hi Sachu Di, We know that we cant understand ur pain, but all that we can do is to pray to get ur pain minimised!! May his soul Rest In Peace! RIP bro!!

    1. It’s ok aniket bhaiya….hope u get well soon

    2. It’s ok aniket bhaiya…hope u r well now

  30. Good afternoon yrkkh family… first of all get well soon aniket bhai… and so sorry for not commenting yesterday… actually my science paper didn’t worked oit according to my expectation so I was Lil disappointed yesterday as j lose marks only because of silly mistakes so I didnt feel like commenting yesterday… but it’s okay and yess anything against any of the family members will not be tolerated… sachu di is d most mature and educated member and she is d one deserves more respect than any of us… and sachu di don’t worry we love you… and aNike bhai it was so nice of you to ask for our birthdays..
    Well my birth date is 8 October 2002

    1. Don’t worry riya. Even my paper didn’t go so well. This happen in exam . But do best in your next exam.

  31. sorry for missing your name yesterday. I have no problem to become a friend of yours. nice episode. I am really sorry rahul as you were the one who made me friend on this page. by the way what do you mean by anything yesterday (don’t take it seriously i am just asking jokely)…

    1. Anything means friend , brother or whatever you want . And anything means anything?????????

    2. Ishika even I was just joking!!!
      What Rahul bhai said was that we were just joking abt u didn’t include our names in the Hii list… Don’t take it seriously yaar we were just joking!!
      Hope u r not angry with me?

  32. A big hiii to my new YRKKH family.Hi Aniket,rahul, Pat Didi(elder sister), Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Kajol , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, Sruthi, Has , Shopie , Divi , Aarti , Ponkuri , Ritz, Sanjana , Heshani , Sachiu , Riya , Karishma , Raven , trishi , maria, twana. I am sorry if i missed somebody name.

  33. Hi Twana and Aliya- Plz dont thanks for accepting ur BFF ki dosti. Its my pleasure to be a best frnd of u! Hi Aliya, Tysm BFF! Yes I will post my email, u all note it down, and when show ends v all wil create a group on HIKE (I didnt mentioned whatsapp cz its nt an Indian App). And althouh u wont b able to keep in touch regularily now-a-days, even then ur place cant b replaced by any1n! After all v r BFF and a sweet Family! Hi all, My email is- [email protected] (Note it all of the 18members)

  34. Hi Rahul Bhai, TYSM for such a long commen for me. It really means a lot. Yes Bhai I am taking complete rest. Actualy Since our first chat I feel something for u, but since when u told u fear to make online friends, I decided not to share it with u. But as u said u dont have younger brother, I cant restrict myself frm sharing this. Bro, I considered u my BHAH since our 1st conversation! I dont know I did right or wrong by sharing it with u, but just felt I should say it so I said!

  35. reply me rahul

  36. sorry I received your message right now

  37. friends is alright with me

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