Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara talking to Naksh. Naira sees Kartik’s hand bleeding and rushes to him. inspector says we have to take Naksh for details and formalities. Akshara asks Naksh to go. She does aid to Kartik. He says Maa…. She cares for him and ties bandage. She asks Naira to complete tying the bandage and goes to get haldi milk. Naira asks are you fine. He asks are you fine. She says yes, why did you become hero. He says if anything happened to you, whom would I tease. He jokes. She gives him painkiller. He says I won’t. She feeds him tablet. He chews that and says its too bad. She asks who chews tablets. He asks for sweets. She feeds him sweets. He says kheer is very nice, who made this. She realizes and says its that kheer…. He says its beautiful kheer, and feels

drowsy. She says he is gone and he falls on her. She asks him to wake up.

Akshara and Naksh come. Akshara says I got haldi milk. Naira says I gave him that kheer by mistake. Naksh says I will make him sleep in guest room and check on him. He takes Kartik.

Akshara hugs Naksh and Naira, and says we got saved by big danger, if anything happened to you both then.. Naksh says sorry for all this. She says its good my children are safe, Lord supported us. Its morning, Naksh asks Lord why did you do this with me, I was just helping and you did this, I will never help anyone, I always get cheat, this is your justice. He goes and angrily throws things in his room.

Devyaani and Rama get headache. Rama asks for Gayu, she was saying something to me at night. Devyaani says I will give you kada, I will say what happened. Rajshri says its tough to trust anyone. Bau ji says we got saved because of Akshara’s smartness. Vishwamber asks how is Kartik, did he get much hurt. Bau ji says he helped a lot. Gayu hears them and rushes to see Kartik. Bau ji asks Naksh to help someone but know about them. Naksh says I m sorry and goes.

Bhabhimaa says Naksh got cheated again, he may not trust anyone again. Mishti checks Kartik’s fever and goes. Gayu comes there and worries seeing his wound. He holds her hand in sleep and says Naira…. Gayu gets shocked. She asks what did you do, shall I praise your bravery or goodness, you did a lot for me and my family, I m sure we are made for each other, I can’t love anyone else, you are really nice, I love you Kartik.

Rajshri asks Akshara to take care. Vishwamber says take care of Naksh too, some lessons fill bitterness in heart. Akshara says I will send Kartik later, doctor will check him. Rajshri says Kohli did one thing good, he gave us a good son. Akshara asks them to send Nannu, I have to spend time with him. Varsha is worried and tells Akshara about Nannu, he behaves strange. Akshara says you talk to him, maybe its new place for him, he is not able to adjust. Varsha says I will call you if I need.

Kartik imagines Naira as his wife, waking him up. She asks him to get up else… He asks else what. She throws water on his face. He gets up from his dream and Gayu asks Naira what did she do. He throws water at Naira, and it falls on Gayu. Naira laughs. Gayu says I was saving you. He says I m sorry. Naira asks Kartik whose dreams was he seeing, he says so what, stop this nonsense, do you wake anyone wounded like this. Naira says you are saying as if you fought a war. They argue. He says I m talking to Gayu, are you fine. Gayu smiles. Naira says its just water.

He asks Gayu are you okay, I m sorry. Naira says Gayu is not made of salt. He says I m talking to Gayu, sorry, take tissues. Naira argues and leaves. Kartik says all girls are same, I mean Gayu is very sweet, but Naira is so… Gayu says she is short tempered but not bad at heart, don’t mind. He says you are actually sweet. She asks shall I apply medicine. He says no, wound is little, it will get fine. She says I don’t know to thank you or… he jokes.

Everyone come there and ask what happened. Gayu says Naira did this, she has put water on us. Akshara asks Kartik how is he. He says fine. She asks him to stay here till doctor comes. Devyaani says I will get kada for you. Bhabhimaa says I will make sweets.

Akshara asks what are you thinking, you earned this love. he says I don’t want to go, I m fed up of rest. Mishti says we will play games. They go. Mishti and Kartik talk. Kartik says I can say feelings to your sister, else she can propose me. Gayu hears him and smiles. She goes. Rama talks to someone. He asks will it look strange to come like that. Rama says there is work, you have to come. She tells Akshara that Gayu’s friend Vivaan is coming, don’t say Gayu, its surprise for her, Vivaan is a nice guy from good family, their friendship is like Sameer and Rashmi, he is coming to meet Gayu. Akshara says he did not come since 2-3 years. Rama says you will know when he comes, I will make his fav food. She goes.

Devyaani asks Akshara why is Rama so happy. Akshara says Gayu’s friend Vivaan is coming, Rama asked him to come, I felt strange. Devyaani says Rama was not here when he came last time, maybe Rama wants to meet him.

Kartik holds Gayu’s hand by mistake. Vivaan comes and Gayu gets surprised.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. silent reader

    I think vivaan is the guy for gayu. Really Excited

  2. Omg! Kaira’s scene were adorable!!!

  3. M also too excited….Kaira rocks!!!!??

    1. Thank god the riya is gone. I dint watch last 2 episodes for this stupid riya track.

  4. Wow KAIRA are super good Yaar ,they fight with each other they fight for each other ,but yet perfect for each other.gayu seriously how can u think he loves u after he said Naira ,seriously wake up girl .misthi has two sisters not just one …wow Fahad is entering he is too good actor…momo n Farhad will just add cuteness n hotness to the show.super good to see akshara and Karthik bonding ,

    1. Exactly the same i was thinking!! and guys in the precap he took gayu’s hand instead of naira’s!!?

  5. Suhana66

    I saw today’s eposode on Tv
    On the precap, I noticed Kartik has a new hairstyle but I prefer his old hairstyle was much better.

  6. Wow … Hero fa Gayu … Awesome… Hope chemistry works out between Gayu and Vivaan.. Jus lik Naira and Karthik… I want to see Gayu happy… I love her a lot …The show is too good

  7. Gayu too has true feelings for Kartik- that secret crush, that hidden smile, that untold love n lots f butterflies in d stomach, n one day knowing the fact that he loves HER-that pain….. I think every girl have had these feelings. Then why r we all supporting only Kartik’s feelings? Gayu has the same feelings for Kartik as Kartik has for Naira. Why does it always happen that the boy falls in love first with a girl who doesn’t love him n one day he makes the girl fall for him. Why can’t a girl love first? We just want to see the lead couple, the normal guy making the princess his own but NOT the normal girl making the prince her own. Kaira looks good but that doesn’t mean Gayu is doing something wrong by falling for Kartik
    I will prefer gayu n kartikkartik together n Naira should remain the hero f the story, she doesn’t need a man

  8. I want fight between 2 girls 4 one boy means love triagle more exiting & gayu Naira kartik love triagle then gayu mad 4 kartik take from Naira plsssss

  9. I want fight between 2 girls 4 one boy means love triagle more exiting & love triagle then gayu mad 4 kartik take from Naira plsssss

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