Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh bringing the wine bottle at the dhaba and going to the sardar. The sardar asks him what happened. Naksh scolds him for his actions. He asks him to keep this money plant in wine bottle in his dhaba. The sardar says he did not do anything wrong. Naksh says if you place wine again in our restaurant, I will not leave you. He leaves fropm there. The men add Sardar to take revenge for his insult and fill his ears more. Akshara asks Naksh why did he go to dhaba He says it was important to tell them, and shows the proof against them. He says we should do police complain. Akshara asks him to let this go. Naksh says I can’t.

Naitik asks him not to do anything. She says end this here, focus on your work. Naitik says I allowed you to help in restaurant on

condition that you will study. Naksh sits to study. Naitik and Akshara feel Naksh is right, they have to take care of Naksh, don’t know what he said there in anger. He says we will talk to him in morning. She says I have some work, I will leave. He gives her a rose saying thanks, I love you. She says I love you too, why thanks. He says for saving Krishna. She leaves.

Rajshri and Vishwamber play table tennis. Shaurya says game over, its enough now. He says mum lost the game on love, it means zero. They laugh. Vishwamber says she loves everyone a lot. Rajshri says one more game, we will see. Omi says no, my head is aching. They start playing again. Dadi stops them saying their head is aching. Vishwamber and Rajshri to play at night.

Naitik gives coffee to Naksh and says he made it by love, have it. Naksh says no thanks. Naitik starts imitating like him. Naksh drinks it. Naitik laughs and says you have grown up, and makes him smile. The sardar comes there and Naitik asks Naksh to sit, he will manage it. Naksh says how dare they come here, throw them out. The sardar says he has come to have food here. Naitik asks them to sit. Keshav comes to take order. The man asks Naitik or his son to take order, whats special, there is nothing good in this. They start taunting Naitik. Naksh asks them to leave. Naitik asks him to study. They ask him to bring the best dish.

Naira gives Gayu and Naitik’s pic to her. She says she broke the frame and made it again, hope you like it. The elders smile. Gayu says its very nice, thanks and hugs Naira. She says I have something for you, and shows their pic. Naira says I love it and hugs her. Mishti says no one will give me anything. They give her kisses. Mishti says I love it and hugs them. Akshara comes home and says she came early for some work. Bhabhimaa says she is thinking about Rashmi and Gayu, they have loneliness. Akshara says I thought of something. The girls ask her to make chocolate shake for them, as they are hungry. Akshara goes.

The sardar and his men asks Keshav to bring food fast. Keshav says it will take time, as cooking time is 15mins, they ordered many dishes. Naitik says get it fast, I don’t want any scene here. They get the dishes served and dislike it. They ask Naitik to see the bad food, their dhaba food is better. They ask him to send his chef to their dhaba, to learn cooking. Naksh asks them to learn etiquettes first. They start arguing. Naksh asks them to be in control, he knows what they are doing. He asks them to leave. They say they will give money and go after having food.

Akshara waits for Naitik and Naksh, and says they are not replying to message. Naitik thinks Akshara may be waiting. Its night, the dhaba men are ordering till closing time. Keshav says that was last order. Naitik asks Keshav to take their order. Akshara calls Naitik and hears sardars. She asks did they come there. Naitik says no, its someone else. She asks him to come on time and ends call.

Vishwamber and Rajshri come to play table tennis again at night. She says we will play slowly. Dadi comes there and says she can’t scold them. Vishwamber says one more game please. Dadi says no way now. The sardars say the food was not good, but we will give the bill, we should help in this newly opened restaurant. They put the tip 100rs in Naitik’s pocket. The sardar insults Naitik. Naksh gets angry and asks them to stop this nonsense, how dare they insult his dad and give him tip. Naitik requests them to leave. They ask him to slap Naksh and leave.

Naksh says I can’t bear if anyone does wrong with you. Naitik says we can’t make any issue. Naksh says they thought your silence is your weakness, I will show them you are not weak and alone, your son is with you. Naitik hugs him and asks him to control his anger, we will not react and then they will get quiet. Naksh says I don’t think so, they will do more. The sardars get angry on Naksh’s anger. The man says he will beat up Naksh. The sardar says no, we are not goons, we will win by good food and discount to win challenge. The man says I want that restaurant to get shut.

Sardar’s wife give him Prasad of Gurudwara and asks them not to do bad to anyone, else they will not get good. She says Lord will give things written in fate. Sardar says this is business, you won’t understand. The wine bottle falls there. Akshara sees Naitik and Naksh, and asks why did they come late. Naksh goes to his room. She asks Naitik did anything happen again. He says no, but this challenge is getting serious.

Naira asks Naksh why is he in tension. Naksh says dhaba men insulted dad. She asks him to do something for sure.

Update Credit to: Amena

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