Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik and Akshara making Naksh and Tara meet on pretext of some ritual. They ask them to make the most of this moment and leave. Naksh and Tara say I love you to each other. She says I feel I m lucky to get such loving family, I m sorry for my mistakes. He says its okay. She says I m not annoyed with Baisa too. He thanks her. They hold hands via the cloth and smile.

Naitik tells Akshara that time is passing soon, just marriage is left now, all rasam are over. She says its Naksh’s marriage. They recall Naksh’s birth and smile. They see child Naksh. Naksh says I m finding you both, its my marriage, I have grown up. He calls them world’s best parents and holds their hands. He disappears. They smile.

Sanju teases Naksh. He asks for mango. She

refuses to give him. he runs after him and takes the mango. He thanks her and says you are my best friend. Tara looks on. Naksh leaves. Sanju tells Tara that Naksh is still a child. Tara says you may feel bad, you always stick to Naksh, don’t say I m insecure, think being in my place, don’t you think friendship should have some limit. Sanju says you are thinking wrong. Tara says no, think about this.

Sanju packs her bags and is leaving. Naksh sees her and asks whats wrong with you. Rajshri says Sanju is leaving. Naksh asks did anyone say anything. Sanju says no, I love all of them, dad is unwell and he needs me. He asks what happened. She says so sorry, I have to go. He asks can’t you stay for one day. She says I would have not let this situation come, I want you and Tara to be always happy. He hugs her. She asks them to enjoy. She says Tara, Naksh is very good person, you are very lucky, he will always keep you happy. She hugs Akshara. Akshara says I feel its some other reason, tell me. Sanju says nothing. Akshara says Naksh is lucky to get a friend like you. Akshara asks Tara to give some time to Naksh, he will be fine.

Naksh sends voice message to Sanju and is sad. He hears Kuhu crying and asks what are you doing here, kids are not allowed to come to this room. She says Nannu has hidden my toy in this room. He says fine, go and I will find your toy. He sends her and looks for the toy. Naksh falls in the large wheat box, while Akshara finds him. She comes there and locks that room. Naksh finds himself in the wheat chest. Varsha asks what happened Akshara. Akshara says I feel restless, like something bad is going to happen. Varsha says nothing will happen, once marriage ends, you will get calm, come. Naksh shouts for help and struggles to get out of the chest.

Tara is happy. Preeti gives her clothes and jewelry. She asks Tara to talk to Naksh about pre nup, I m your best friend, I will explain you, its not wrong, its for your safety. Tara scolds Preeti and says if you say this again, I will forget you are my friend, I love Naksh, I m marrying him, its marriage, not a deal, I can’t do this. She goes. Preeti gets the pre nup papers from cupboard. Naksh tries to use his phone. Sangram asks Yash where is Naksh. Yash says don’t know, he is sad since Sanju left. Sangram says I understand. Yash asks did you have any work. Sangram says I had to do a ritual. Yash says I will find him. Sangram says I will call him. Naksh answers call and asks Sangram to help him. Sangram gets shocked.

Akshara gets hurt and thinks why is this happening, why am I restless, is Naksh…. No I should not think this. Naitik comes and gets the gifts. He asks what happened, what were you thinking. She says nothing, I feel strange. He says yes, you will become saas. She asks for Naksh. He says Tara’s brothers were going to do ritual with him, where will Naksh go, he is not small child to get lost, Naksh is expert in all this. She says I hope its true, I feel restless. He says fine, we will go and see once. She says yes. Sangram says I can’t hear you Naksh. Naksh says I m stuck here. Naksh shouts for help. Sangram says maybe network went. Aditya says try again. Sangram calls again. Naksh looks for the phone. Tara thinks to talk to Naksh and asks Kuhu and Mishti.

Mishti says I don’t know. Kuhu says my toy is in that room. Tara says we will find doll later and goes. Akshara says where did Naksh go, when no one has seen him. Sangram comes and asks for Naksh. Naitik says we thought he is with you. Sangram says we did not get Naksh, I called him, I could not hear him. Tara comes and asks for Naksh, what happened, why are you all seeing me like this. Akshara says don’t know where Naksh went, we thought he will be with you. Tara says he will be somewhere around. Nandini says maybe he is missing Sanju and sitting sad, we will find him. Sangram says yes. Kuhu goes to tell Akshara. Akshara says I will talk later. Kuhu tells Mishti that Naksh went in that room to get her toy. Mishti says no, he would have come out. Kushu says no, did he fall inside there. Mishti says no way, come we will play. Naksh faints.

Akshara cries. Naitik asks her to be strong. Tara feels guilty. Dada ji says we will file report in police. Akshara hugs Tara and they cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It’s good Tara should feel guilty plssssss don’t let Tara and Naksh get married and hope nothing happens to Naksh and that everyone turns negative towards Tara and that sanjib comes back she’s amazing

  2. Nice episode.

  3. God do something. Tara is not a good girl. She seperated good friends. And one who seperates good friends is d worlds biggest criminal. Plz. Do something that Tara and naksh not get married instead naksh should marry sanju. Sanju is a very nice and cool girl. Hats off to sanju.

  4. what akshara felt,every mother feels same when her something bad is going to happen with her child.our parents are only god that we can see,they love us so much ,they only want our happiness.pray them everyday,you will conquer whole world.

    1. Yes …….. I agree with u adi

  5. Pls let Naksh and Tara’s marriage happen . Get rid of Sanju .
    She is not good at all

    1. No… Naksh and Tara are not Good don’t want this marriage to happen. Nash’s and Sanjay are really good.

  6. Tara is not right for naksh

  7. Get out Tara…let Sanju get married to Naksh..

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