Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh meeting everyone and making them happy. Mishti hugs him and he falls. Bua ji gives his hand and hugs him. Everyone happily cry. Naksh says you look handsome. Bau ji says you lie good. Devyaani hugs him. Bhabhimaa smiles. Naksh says you got short in height. She says you got taller. He says I would have got heels for you. She says you are talking lot. Naksh hugs Naman and Karishma. They get glad by his surprise. Naksh says he will not ask Girja in his marriage as she did not call him. Chitti says he will make sweets for him. They have a laugh.

Naksh says you did not come to meet us there, you all did not miss us, so I came. Bhabhimaa says she missed him a lot. Bau ji says its Akshaya Tritiya today and everyone do puja for family, you came today and

its good. Naksh hugs Bhabhimaa. Akshara asks a man about the list of exchange program. She sees a collage and goes to see. She sees her family pic in it and cries. She takes its pic and sends to Naitik. He smiles and calls her.

He asks how did you get it. He says I have seen it here, Naksh has kept it here. She says don’t know when will this pic turn true. Naksh tells everyone that Naira did not get holiday, so he came alone. He came to give them surprise. He asks did they not get happy to see him. Bhabhimaa says no, we are very happy. Bau ji asks him to tell his parents that he reached well. Naksh says I messaged. Devyaani says tell them. Bhabhimaa says he will say later, don’t trouble him. Naksh says I will send message again.

Akshara gets the list and students come to talk to her. She gets busy and leaves. Bhabhimaa says she made laddoos for Naksh and now she will make him have it. She gets very happy. Mishti shows Bhabhimaa’s room to Naksh. Naksh sees it changed completely, and his and Naira’s pics all over. He gets sad and thinks about his childhood moments with Dadda ji. Bhabhimaa says relations are such strong and makes him have laddoos. He says wow, my favorite. Devyaani says she made it for you.

Naksh hugs and thanks her. He says he has to talk and eat too, first he has to meet Ananya and Yash. He says he has an idea to call Ananya and Yash here with their families. Bau ji says Vishwamber got busy and maybe he will not have time to come. Naksh says fine, I will go, who will come with me. Bhabhimaa says she will stay at home, I have to do puja. Naksh insists. She agrees. Naksh hugs her and everyone get happy.

Yash comes and Naksh gets glad to surprise him. He says his idea. Naitik talks to Akshara about Naksh. He says come, we will talk to him together. Yash meets everyone and Nandini asks Bhabhimaa whats special that she looks so happy. Naksh comes and hides. Yash says I have seen Naksh. They all tease him saying how will he be here. Naksh comes out and Nandini sees him. Nandini shows Mohit. Karishma says I think they are missing him a lot. Naksh says I m really here. Yash smiles and Naksh lifts him. They hug.

Naksh says I wanted to surprise. Yash says you did not change. Naksh meets Mohit and Nandini and hugs them. Anmol meets him and says he will tell Dadi and make him get scolded. Naksh says I m scared. Yash says he is Rukmani’s favorite. Devyaani says I will call Akshara, she maybe worried. She calls Akshara and her phone does not connect. She calls Naitik and Mohit asks her to come.

Naksh asks them to come to Maheshwari house, they will have fun. He says he will get annoyed. Bhabhimaa hugs him and he thanks her for agreeing. Akshara starts leaving to meet Naitik. The papers fall and she sees Naksh’s form and is shocked seeing India. She goes to Naitik and wants to tell him. Nannu calls Naitik and leaves webcam on. Naksh goes Maheshwari house in a big gift box. Yash says it’s a big surprise. They ask whats in this. Yash says its for all of you. Jasmeet asks whats in this. Ananya says tell fast. Varsha goes to open. They get glad seeing its Naksh and are shocked.

Naitik says if I cut call, Nannu will get angry. Ananya hugs Naksh and says why did you not tell us. Naksh says surprise and hugs everyone. Naitik asks Nannu is he there and sees the family. Rajshri cries in shock. Vishwamber hugs Naksh. Naksh says I missed you a lot. Naksh sees Rajshri crying, and hugs her. He jokes and makes her laugh. Naitik sees this on video call and is shocked. Akshara comes to him to show the list. Naitik says Naksh and shows her the phone. They get shocked seeing Naksh in Maheshwari house.

Devyaani talks to Akshara. Akshara says we did not know about Naksh going India. Devyaani says he did wrong. Akshara says she will scold him by coming there. Devyaani is stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh my god such an emotional episode…i cried almost on evry scene…btful…mis my fmly too..n miss my INDIA….Luvly perfrmnces by all

  2. now yrkkh took a awesome twist……… love this now

  3. Worst serial on Indian television. ..

  4. Family reunions are always emotional… But whn are they goin to end it..???? They started it whn i was in 7th standard n nw im n colg final yr… So much of un wantd drama… Dear directors pls put an end to it..!!!!

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