Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying I love you Naira. She calls him frog. Chandu says who will be mad to love Naira. Kartik says anyone will fall in love with you. She asks him to think if anyone loved her. He gets upset. Naksh asks a girl about a slim fair girl inside bathroom, she is my sister. The girl says yes, she is there doing makeup. Naksh says Naira is mad to do so much makeup. He says I m taking tension because mum and dad are not here. He goes and other girl comes out of bathroom.

Kartik holds Naira and talks to her. Chandu sees them and thinks this is also a nice idea. He takes their video. Kartik is about to kiss her and gets away. She looks at him. He asks Naira to get away. She asks why. He says what why, just be away, you are so stupid and don’t understand,

just go.

She goes to him and falls over him. Chandu records them. Kartik gets away. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai…………plays……….. Naira sleeps on the bed. Kartik sleeps on the couch. Chandu says my work is done, I will edit this video and present it badly to take revenge from Naira. He leaves. Naksh wonders where did Naira go, I will check in her room.

He sees Naira sleeping and does not see Kartik. Kartik falls behind the couch and is asleep. Naksh says Naira is mad, she did not tell us and came here to sleep. He tells everyone that Naira is sleeping in her room. Mishti thinks where did Kartik go. Ananya thanks everyone for this party and says I will thank Naira and Kartik tomorrow. Nannu is restless. His friend asks where did you keep the box. Nanny says don’t know, I wanted the tablets. Shaurya and Varsha say Nannu danced well today and enjoyed. Nannu tells them that he lost some item, I will just go and get it.

Shaurya says sometimes coming away from home is a good change. Varsha asks him to sleep with Nannu today. Shaurya goes and sees Nannu scolding the resort staff to find the chewing gum box. Shaurya scolds Nannu and asks will you scold staff like this, Varsha said right, we can’t leave you alone, even we run a hotel, you should say sorry. Nannu says sorry. Shaurya asks him to come. Nannu is afraid that if anyone eats the drugs assuming it as chewing gum, what will happen. He goes with Shaurya.

Chandu sees video and says now it will be fun Naira, go home and I will take revenge by this video. Its morning, Kartik wakes up and sees Naira sleeping. He says I wish I just sit seeing her like this, I can’t say her anything in real life and can dare to say in dream. He says she troubled me, now its my turn, and takes water. He pours water on her. Naira wakes up. He says yes, now my revenge got completed.

She throws water from the jug on him. She looks at him and asks what happened last night. He says even I don’t remember anything, I just remember I did not drink anything in party. She says yes I just had cake. He says then we danced. She says then I came here to clean dress, you came to repair tap and then…

Naira asks Kartik to please tell her, if anything happened, any mischief or old revenge, we are friends now… Kartik asks how can she blame him of such thing by calling her friend. They both apologize to each other. Naksh knocks door and calls out Naira. He asks her to come out, and he is going to call Kartik now. Kartik says I will rush. They all go for breakfast. Varsha asks Vivaan about Gayu. Vivaan says she is packing her stuff. Naksh asks Kartik where were you, you were not in your room. Kartik says I went to friend’s house. Naksh says fine. Mishti says you were with Naira right. Kartik says no. Mishti says I have seen in tv serials, GF and BG go and… Kartik says shut up, talk as per your age. Mishti gets upset and goes.

Naira comes. Ananya asks whats going on, you and Kartik disappeared together and came late together. Vivaan says they both disappear and appear together, whats there to ask, its clear that… Ananya says yes, I saw them together and did not say anything. Naira says no….. Everyone start laughing. Ananya says Vivaan, this idea was nice to fool them. Naksh says I was surprised too, I have seen Naira in her room and even then I got tensed. Chandu sees them and smiles. Shaurya says we should leave now. Chandu says go Naira, I will also come behind you.

Everyone is on the day. Naksh asks what happened to Mishti. She says I m annoyed with Kartik. Naksh says maybe you did something, Kartik always pampers you. Naira gets a video and shouts Kartik. They all ask what happened. Kartik stops car. Naira says I missed diamond earrings, and checks her bag. She says its there. She signs Kartik and passes her phone. He gets shocked seeing the video. He returns her phone and drives.

Naira gets a message and signs Kartik. They both get tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank u so much for the review….felt like I’ve really seen d drama by just reading ur article…good job!

  2. chandu has the same mu which naira had against akshara.but kartik is such a gentleman.he ubderstood he wont b able to control himself so he just stayed away from her 🙂 kaira rocks.

    1. Very true dear truely a gentleman he could habe gone ahead with intimacy but even in his wildest dreams he will not think of hurting her or doing anything without her permission. Kaira have that unsaid understanding seriously loving them a lot.they bboth have a bad past darkenss but together they will bring in light to their lifes.felt very bad for misthi but his bff will make it up for her once mms thing willsolve

  3. Naira seems not to have learnt her lesson. From childhood she used to hide things from family and do things behind their back, rely on outsiders. One might like the chemistry between Karthik and Naira, but no denying in spite of what all happened with her, she continues to do the same

  4. BT ye kamini gau unka MMS leak kr degi taki naria ko lage ki ye kartik ne kiya h or WO usse nafrat krne lage taki gayu kartik k ho jye .

    1. I really dont think she will do such a thing .even if she does I pin my hope on akshara she will not come into conclusion without investigating the matter .if gayu has done it I want whole family to slap gayu for doing such a cheap thing with her own sis she calls herself parchayi na .but somehow seems very little chance ir gayu doing that a wrong spoiler I guess

    2. WO sahi key raha hai chahe to link dekh lo

  5. Kaira r such a cute lovable jodi….naksh’s concern,ananya’ teasing, mishti’ temper….Shivi is a such a beautiful doll….loving kaira a lot….

  6. Pathan anvej jahad

    Were nice good friends

  7. Pathan anvej jahad

    Were nice friends and the best part about this moment in time to see the best

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