Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik saying he informed police. He says don’t know will they get car and things back, but he has less hope. Bau ji says its fine you both came. Rajshri says we will do puja, and asks them to get ready. Naitik and Naksh get backache. Akshara feels sorry. She says she will convince them. Naitik and Naksh get ready and come. Akshara apologizes to Naitik. She sings dil se bandhi ek dor……………. She apologizes to Naksh.

Naitik sees her upset and smiles holding her hand. Naksh says this is not right, we decided we will not get convinced so soon. Naitik says she is so upset. Akshara says she will do as Naksh says, she will do situps. Naksh says its fine. Dadi says its all fine, but remember joke in limit, else anything can be true. Naitik says he

is hungry and will do puja soon. They all see the moon and do the Teej puja. Pyaar miljaaye………..plays……… Rashmi gets sad seeing all the couples. Bhabhimaa sees Rashmi. Sanju says its so cool. Ananya asks Sanju will she fast next year. Sanju says no, who will fast all day. They all break their fasts.

Its night, Akshara asks Naitik to sit and put his feet in warm water. She massages his back and apologizes to him. He says its fine, I would have reacted the same way, its our mistake too, we got punished, you can scold Naksh. She says you are so bad. He says I was joking, I got a good lesson, is anyone taking care of Naksh. She says she is not a bad mum. Naksh also relaxes his feet in warm water and makes Naira massage his back. He says he is taking revenge, as she made him massage her hands during her fake fracture. He asks her to tell Girja to give hot water bag. She says fine, and asks for fees. He asks what.
She says rakhi gift. He says I thought my sister cares for me, but she is so bad. She says I felt my brother loves me, but he is so miser. He asks her to leave. She says get hot water bag yourself. He says fine, I will think. Akshara and Naitik talk about having fun in Teej. She says Rashmi is alone, Bhabhimaa and Dadi have good memories of their husbands, but Rashmi does not have it. He says I will go and meet Sameer in Mumbai, I will leave tomorrow, I booked tickets. She says I don’t know family will object to this. He says he will come back and talk. She asks him to be positive and get good news. Its morning, Naitik tells about goons not caught till now.

He says we will get the car for sure. Maharaj gives an envelop. Devyaani says its rakhi sent by Muskaan from Canada. Naman and Naitik like it. Akshara says Muskaan used to send us rakhi in Cape town too. Bhabhimaa asks Devyaani not to get sad. Rashmi says she is happy to tie rakhi to Naitik. She asks for many gifts for every year. Naitik teases Rashmi. Rashmi says I want special gift. Naitik says he will gift her super special one, and thinks if everything goes well, he will give super special gift this time. Naksh hears sisters asking for gifts and runs.
They stop her and ask for their gift. Naksh says his pocket money will go in their gifts.

Naksh says I will give chocolates. Naira says she wants good gifts. Naitik says yes, and asks Naksh to give them good gifts fro his salary. Naksh asks salary? Naitik gives him his first salary for working in Krishna for his publicity and marketing. Naksh gets touched and says he can’t express how he is feeling. Naitik says I can understand, Bau ji never made me feel less of money, but I felt great to earn money by hardwork. Bau ji says yes, I remember when Dadda ji gave me first salary, I felt I m the richest man. Naksh thanks Naitik.

Akshara asks Naksh to spend money wisely. Naksh says don’t worry. He asks the sisters what do they want, their brother got first salary. They all get happy and smile. Maheshwari family talk about gifting Akshara on rakhi. Anshu and Shaurya try to find special gift and asks the help. Naitik and Akshara talk to elders about Rashmi in her absence. Devyaani asks whats the matter. Bhabhimaa worries. Naitik says its thing to be happy. He says we were thinking to …… Naksh shows his list to Yash. He says its his first salary. Sahil comes and asks them to give some money, he will return soon, he has to pay fees. Yash signs no. Sahil asks Naksh for help. Naksh gives him money and asks him to return till evening. Sahil says he will return for sure. Yash says he is liar, why did you give him money. Naksh says maybe he genuinely needs. He says we will go and attend lecture. In evening, Naksh calls Sahil and tells Yash that he is not receiving my call. Naksh asks Rahul about Sahil. Rahul says Sahil went home. Akshara packs Naitik’s bag and keeps a saree for Rama. She says her tension is over, she spoke to family and they are agreeing to this. Naitik wishes Sameer is nice. Akshara says yes, we will pray. Naitik says he wants to get happiness for Rashmi. She asks him to get good news. He kisses her and leaves. Naksh says he is still not taking call. Yash says your money is gone. Naksh says I have to gift sisters on rakhi day, and gets worried.

Naksh comes home and sees the sisters. Naira and Gayu ask about their gifts. Mishti asks him to bring gift tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Amena

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