Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira, Gayu and Kartik’s spending time outside. Naira steals his phone and checks it. Kartik says I have won, check and mate. Naira checks Kenya’s numbers and says Papa is also there. Gayu says Kartik is so clever. Kartik asks where is my phone, where did it fall, Naira did you see it. Naira says no. She throws phone on ground and asks is it this one. He thanks her. Gayu says we will go to hotel.

Dadi says I got courage by meeting you all, I got Nannu’s news also. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani smile. Bhabhimaa says even are glad knowing it. Mishti tells Kuhu that I heard mumma and Papa’s talk, mumma was upset as Papa is doing something wrong, don’t know what is it, he did something wrong years ago. Kuhu says we will say everyone. Mishti says no, I

have to be sure first. Naksh hears her and asks her to say complete thing. He laughs and says caught you both, do mischief later, we will play games. Mishti agrees.

Akshara reaches Zurich and talks to Bhabhimaa. She says I reached, I told Kartik and Naira that I will come there myself. Bhabhimaa asks her to sleep for sometime. Akshara says yes, I will first meet kids at the lake view market. She sees a lady with the cow bell. Even Naitik holds a cow bell. Akshara says why am I feeling such strange thing. Naman passes by and she does not see him. A man asks her to click a pic of him and his wife. She says sure, and takes phone. She misses Naitik and sees him. She clicks their pic. She says Naitik we wanted to come here, and today I m alone here.

Gayu thinks Naira should go somewhere so that I can tell my feelings to Kartik, I can buy a gift to express feelings. Naira thinks shall I call mumma and tell her about Kartik. Kartik thinks what happened to Naira that she is upset and lost, she made my mood off, shall I give her any good gift and convince her. Gayu and Kartik go to buy gifts. Akshara calls Naitik and says he is not answering, battery is getting less, I have to find kids without phone now. Kartik takes a tigress miniature and smiles seeing Naira. Naira sees a man talking to Kartik. She says everything can’t be coincidence, there is something I need to find. Gayu sees Kartik by binoculars, while he sees Naira by binoculars. He says its good, she came close atleast by this, else she is always far. Gayu smiles. Ishq mujhko hua hai…..plays….. He sees Gayu. She turns away and says what will he think of me. Kartik says what will Gayu think that I m seeing Naira, I will say I was seeing sights, but this tigress is upset, don’t know why, she is losing such great time, once Akshara comes, what romance will happen, I m unable to say my feelings. An old lady asks him do you love that girl. He says yes. She gives him symbol of love and asks him to make a wish by this lock and then throw the key in the river. He gets wallet to pay her. She says its for free. He thanks her. He says I got the lock of our love, then keep finding the key. He smiles.

Naksh tells Mishti and Kuhu to wait. He tells everyone about the Amazon app deals. Karishma says it means we can do shopping for entire family. Shaurya says I can buy gifts for clients too. Naksh asks them to get lucky. Naksh says why are we waiting, lets download amazon app now.

Rukmani comes and asks where is everyone. Chitti welcomes Rukmani, Yash and Rose. He says there is no one at home, they all went to Akshara’s dad’s house. Yash says Gayu, Naira, and Akshara went to Switzerland. Rukmani says yes, I will go after meeting everyone, I will stay here for few days. Chitti says I will make food. Rukmani asks them to get freshen up. Rose says I m happy to be back, we will meet everyone. Yash shows Naksh’s childhood pic and says he was very cute in childhood, I want our baby to be such cute. Rose says no baby till 5-7 years, I can’t share your love with anyone, not even with a baby.

Akshara clicks pics and sends to Naitik. The phone battery ends. A man collides. She says sorry and picks the things. She sees Naitik’s watch and worries. She says Naitik’s watch in Zurich. She asks the man is this your watch. He says no. She says its my husband’s watch, see my and my husband’s initials are on it. He says I found it at airport. She says thanks and wonders how did the watch come here. Bhabhimaa and everyone come back home, and get surprised seeing Yash, Rose and Rukmani.

They all greet and hug them. Yash says Mohit and Nandini are at home. Mishti asks for gifts. Rose feels nausea. Rukmani says she was fine, don’t know what Chitti made Rose eat, she did 4-5 vomits till now, was the food fresh or not.

Akshara says Naitik can’t be here, else he would have told me, maybe someone has stolen his watch, he would have not told me as I would get sad. She calls Naitik again. She recalls the signs….and thinks what that feeling a sign.

Naira and Kartik dance on tum paas aaye…….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awesome episode. One thing I must admit, YRKKH is much better than YHM…. Sorry YHM lovers/fans but its a true fact.

    1. Seriously when YHM started it was seriously best serial with amazing performers but now they spoilt it ,they r wasting divayanka and karans talent .
      Yrkkh is a positive show after the leap it’s becoming even more better .lovign it

    2. even though im a yhm fan i agree with you…nowadays dont know what the hell is happening in yhm

  2. JHAKAS*

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