Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh annoys the family

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira sweetly arguing. Akhilesh asks Samarth to have food. He says I m done with these things and relations. Samarth smiles. Kartik surprises Naira and romances her. O morey saiyyan…plays….. Naitik says I can’t think of Akhilesh’s big change, you shouldn’t take tension in this state. Kirti says I know, I just think of that matter, you can help me, you can play video game with me. He says sure. They play games. Naksh asks what are you guys doing, go and sleep. Naitik and Kirti say we aren’t sleepy, we are having fun. Naksh says its good for your health, you aren’t agreeing to me, I think I have to do something. He switches off the game and goes. Dadi recalls someone’s words. She worries seeing someone.

she screams and switches on lights. She doesn’t see anyone. Samarth is really outside the window. Its morning, Naira wakes up by Suwarna’s call. Naksh asks why is Kartik busy. Kirti says I spoke to him, he fed medicines to Naira, he has told me the same. She feels sorry to lie to him. She says if I didn’t lie, I would have worried and even you would have worried, this isn;t good for them.

Everyone sees Akhilesh doing a puja. He goes to take blessings from Dadi. Dadi says I can’t bless you. She cries. Kartik and Naira ask Dadi to bless Akhilesh. Samarth smiles. Dadi goes to bless. Akhilesh says I don’t want your blessings now. Samarth says sorry to talk between your family. He asks Akhilesh to at least tell them what he is doing. Akhilesh says no, please. Samarth unveil the company name board. Everyone gets shocked. Samarth says new company is launched by Akhilesh. Suwarna asks why, we felt you will change.

Akhilesh says I was clear to everyone. He asks Manish to give the amulet, which is given to the new founders of the company. Manish gets shocked. Akhilesh says you got it from dad, now give it to me. Akhilesh forwards hand. Dadi asks him to stop it. Akhilesh says its about rasam, do you want to snatch this chance too. Kartik asks why are you misunderstanding her, she meant to say…. Manish removes the amulet and gives to Akhilesh. Samarth smiles seeing them. Kartik asks how would you feel when Lav and Kush fight this way, when the history repeats itself. Akhilesh says history is repeating itself this time. Samarth asks Akhilesh to control his temper. Akhilesh goes away. Dadi and Manish go. Akhilesh says you would have understood this being in my place, no one blessed me.

Kartik says you are saying wrong, everyone loves you here. Naira says Dadi blessed you, Manish gave you this amulet, you know Manish very well. Kartik says when I was upset with dad, you helped me see his perspective, you help me understand him and love him, why do you doubt on him now. Naira says there is no place for hatred in between you both. Kartik says you can move on, but don’t make it difficult for us to reach you. Samarth sees Akhilesh. Suwarna asks Manish what’s the truth. Manish says no, there was some minor conflict years ago. She says Dadi was upset. He says no, she is fine, she thinks of good omen and bad omen, these things troubles her. She says don’t try to mislead me, tell me the truth. He says I don’t know exactly, I was around 21 years old. She says fine, I will ask Dadi. He says no, she is already worried for Akhilesh, please trust me. Kartik says we came here to ask, it won’t be any use to ask, I want answers, I will ask later, its something major. Naira says yes, why didn’t the families talk till now. Kartik says I m sure there is some secret that dad isn’t telling us.

Lav and Kush say Kartik is busy, the nurse has come with medicines. Naira sees Kartik with the nurse and shouts out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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