Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Family leaves decision to Kirti

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira showing boutique papers and says Naksh cares for Kirti. He gives her papers. She says visa application form. He says Kirti wants to go US, you got a paper from Naksh’s side, and I have a paper from Kirti’s side, it should be her decision. She says right, we should give the papers to her to decide, after all its her life. He says I know what you wanted to say, I don’t know her decision. They hear Manish shouting.

Manish says Naira, ask Naksh not to call Kirti. Naira says he is calling his wife, how can I stop him, he really cares for Kirti, he is not a bad guy, he has right to call his wife, Kirti will decide, we know he will never hurt her. Manish says he has already hurt her. Dadi says we have to give him a chance. Suwarna says we know his

intentions well. Dadi says we are doing a big mistake. Akhilesh says we decided after knowing Aditya’s truth. Dadi says Naira brought his truth out, she cared for Kirti’s happiness, why are we not trusting her now as its about her brother, its loss for both families. Naira says Kirti will decide now.

Naksh lies in Rajshri’s lap and cries. He says I tried a lot, Kirti is not answering, I want one chance to explain her my intention was not wrong. She says don’t lose courage, whatever problem comes in front of you. Naksh sees the Lord idol. Kartik and Naira come to Kirti. Kirti sees the visa application papers and also the boutique papers. Naira says don’t think we are pressurizing you, I wanted to show you so that you take right decision, just Naksh understoood you like designing dresses, Naksh didn’t ask me to show the papers to you, he is calling you repeatedly, maybe he wants to apologize. She sees Naksh’s call. She says you are free to decide, I m always with you. They go.

Naira says every love story is different, when you said you love me, I took time to understand, we have many misunderstandings, but ultimately love won, their story is also such, there is love, they are not able to see, you also try to see it, you will see, maybe this can affect our relation. Bhabhimaa says I won’t say Naksh did right, but he regrets a lot. Devyaani says we think we should find some solution. Dadi says I also want that. Bhabhimaa says we can apologize to Kirti. Dadi says no, everyone is upset here, if anyone says anything in anger, it won’t be right, Naira said we will not pressurize Kirti, we will pray she leaves thought of going US. Rajshri asks what, don’t let her go. Dadi says we all can pray that everything gets fine. Naksh hears this and worries. He leaves.

Kartik is on the way and says I left from office, I have much work at home. A man sells corn. Kartik buys corn. He comes home. He sees Naira and opens the door for her. She sits in the car and eats corn. She thanks him. He recalls their cute old moment. Jag ghoomeya…..plays…..

She says I never thought we will have such a phase where we will not be together despite being together. She goes. Devyaani asks Rajshri about Naksh. Rajshri says did he hear about Kirti’s US thing. Devyaani worries and calls Naira to ask about Naksh. Naira asks where did he go, did anyone say anything. She looks at Kartik. She says don’t worry, he will be fine, he will not lose, he won’t do anything that makes others worry.

Kirti recalls Naksh. Kids come to her and says Naksh is missing. She worries and goes out to see. Suwarna asks Naira not to be upset, Naksh will be fine. Servant says Naksh has come. Kartik sees Kirti. Naksh sees Manish, Dadi, Kartik and Naira. Manish asks why did you come here, did you come to create a new scene. Naksh says I want to meet Kirti once. Manish says she doesn’t want to talk to you, please go. Naira says you may have forgotten that Kirti will decide, if she wants to keep relation or not. Manish says I forgot he has many people to support him, but my decision is same. She says your anger didn’t get calm, so you are not able to see the pain in his eyes. Manish says I can see and understand.

Kartik says Naksh didn’t call media to create a scene, he wants to solve this calmly. Manish scolds Naksh for breaking Kirti’s heart. Kartik says calm down, one wrong action can spoil things. Manish says you think your wife and her brother are right, and your sister is wrong. Kartik says sometimes some words looks bad to listen than saying, we can’t take our spoken words back. He sees Naira.

Naira gets hiccups. Kartik gives her water. Yeh rishta kya…………plays……….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why so much importance to kaira & not keesh…

    1. Kaina1

      becoz keesh are threat to kaira cvs scare

  2. Hi everyone,
    Heart breaking to see Nash being insulted by Manish. Beautiful acting by Sachin Tyagi…not to mention Rishi dev…the pain and trauma is visible in his eyes….After seeing this intense drama was totally absorbed into it when suddenly the comic element came up..Tomorrow’s pre-precap…. Instead of showing something as intense or serious to hold the audience in watching 2mrw’s episode here they r showing Naira getting hiccups….. WHAT NONSENSE.!!!!!…. REALLY!!!!!!…HAVE PEOPLE REALLY LOST IT!!!!!!!

  3. Kaina1

    guys i dont know abt u but my soul gets kill 1000 times whenever i see naksh sad face dude what the hell is wrong with shinghaniyas y r they sorry it isnt that naksh did a crime dude goenkas werent sorry even after killing akshara they came apologize and then went to goenka house and worry whether shinghaniyas will sent mansi to jail or not and guys what wrong with dadi goenka and manish have they interchange their character karthik again i will say kutte ki maut maro tum and guys plz explain me the reason of following question
    naksh is calling kirti repeatedly can you manish goenka explain me the reason of scolding naira for that ??? cant you go to naksh an directly talk to him
    well naksh goes missing could you explain me the reason of informing naira b4 calling naksh himself ??? i mean guys why is every1 asking naira abt naksh she isnt a parent to him nor she cares for him why
    and dont you think that when a daughter is suffering from pain that it is parents job to be with her then why the hell are kaira behaving as parent to kirti that we will support you and blah blah i just not getting as why everything which is related to keesh comes down to kaira they are parent to keesh neither they are elder then why it is due to them that every1 goes through a heart break be it gayu or keesh then why are they behaving as pure goddess i am not getting anything

    1. What the hell is problem with u. Sorry to say but in every matter why r u taking everything on kaira. Koi seperate ho toh kaira wrong. Koi mar bhi jae toh kaira wrong. Why do u always blame our kaira. So plz stop your rubbish

      1. Their problem is that they are obessed with keesh and moved out of the reality that shory line is changed also the importance of character Now its only *KAIRA* and one more thing these thought you had i think so before a year or 6 months every one was crazy behind kaira guys you must know that yrkkh is on 3rd position only because they are showing kaira even Rajan sir gives them credit then y cant you and dont blame cvs they are try there best to give equal importance to keesh also but its a serial if it doesnt get trp then it will be closed down so dont go personal to any one and one more thing due to kaira yrkkh is not closed down you know when shanaya irani show was coming star was trying to close yrkkh but seeing its growth due to kaira they dropped that idea so please as Kairalover said dont blame kaira for each and every thing and kaina you were telling that everyone was questioning about naksh its obvious its here in laws house they will ask her only na about naksh wellbeing and even where he had went????? so stop your stupid questions???

      2. How long have you been watching the show dear? Have you ever felt the difference in the story line now and then. Do you know what the main lead means? what are their role to take the story line ahead? How the story is affected by the main leads? YRKKH was an exclusive serial in the history of Television world. If you eat “sugar more and more it tastes bitter” right?
        Same with kaira here. I used to like the nokjhok, romance that they had in Rishikesh and after returning to Singaniya house, the bond between Misthi and kartik. When Rishi Dev was replaced in the Rohan Mehera’s role then I was the person who didn’t like him at first. BUT, NOW I AM THE BIGGEST FAN OF RISHI DEV aka NAKSH. So, plz stop supporting the bullshit track. Fans are those who love the characters and criticize them as well. WE are not against Moshina and Shivangi. We are just concerned about the show and its track.

        If you are hurt then its not my problem.

      3. Laveena

        i totally agree with you…..y they always blame kaira…even they blame on personal level… y they not understand they are just performing what is written on script….

    2. Kaina1

      oh my godness god to see you mate what the hell problem with me well my problem is immature foolish egositic kaira any solution ?? well if you have any soultion plz do tell me becoz it not only problem with me but with almost eveyone here so it will be a grt reliefe to us and now plz like a boring person say to us that dont watch yrkkh well dear its our choice and you arent any1 to tell me what to do well if you permit may i ask you the exact same question what is your problem you know that i am not the fan of current yrkkh then why the hell stalk me and yes if possible plz just shut up plz i am already frustated with kaira beyond limit if you still comment on me that what my problem and all then i am not gonna leave you anyways what you “Koi seperate ho toh kaira wrong Koi mar bhi jae toh kaira wrong. Why do u always blame our kaira” well you forget akshara well akshara died becoz of goenka so now tell me isnt kaira involved well tell me if some1 bash mom will you leave that guy without giving tit for tat or even getting angry on that guy no you will make sure that the guy who have bash mum u bash him double and here our naira “forgive” her mother “killer” well tell me y becoz they were her husband sister and if this not enough then you will dance with them on their party and not only that you will leave that girl without even a proper apology yes all this y becoz you are or mahan naira #myfoot and yes i am not telling that kill mansi or goenkas but atleat be sure that you arent ok with what they have done atleast show ur displesure no you wont do this instead you will dance in their birthday party #blo*dyridiculus and now dont tell me that naira angry with karthik was her showing her displesure dude if this was that then slow claps naira was angry with karthik becoz he didnt told her truth she wasnt angry becoz his sister killed her mother she wasnt angry at goenkas for having hand in her mother muder she was angry becoz no one inform her and yes even if she was angry then tell me will you dance in their party well i am sure no i mean one day she was crying mumma and in the night she was like dancing with makeup on and making karthik i am sorry (sorry becoz i was angry as ur family had their hand in my mother muder #blo*dyridiclus) and now tell me wasnt gayu heartbreak all due to kaira well karthik knowing that he dosent love gayu still agree to marry her well why becoz naira told him to do that (who herself was aware that gayu loves karthik) but both of them decide to play with gayu feelings and at the end gayu was heartbroken well did they say sorry no did they even try to paciy her no all they did was 2 mins crying and the proposing each other #myfoot here you broke some1 heart knowingly and all you do is prepare for ur love confession #blo*dyselfish

  4. Kaina1

    @laveena dont you thing that it is too much kaira out there anyways i wont explain the detail but the fact is that cvs in their quest to show naira mahan has spoiled karthik character i mean dude it isnt 6 monts to their relation and they have 5 major sepration and offcourse milan due you want this to be your dream marriage i mean if i say the same question for nakshara we all want our relatio to be like them but same for kaira no never not even in my wrost nightmare and then what relation they have all then time i love you naira and i love you karthik and when coming to trust belief respect well they are 0 at all major occassion they havent trusted each other beliefe that my love cant do this no they didnt have it and respect well ur patner call you liar selfish and what not and what you come back to him without him apologising to u and then guess what when ur patner get “proof” that u are rite he calls whole mall dance around you an you forgive is this the self respect ypu have ?? anyways i hope i wasnt to critical anyways if you really want to understand that why are we mad at kaira then do watch the episode of akshara and naitik time and now dont say that naira isnt akshara we know it it is cvs who constantly buzz us with “humari naira ekdum akshara jaise hai” and yes while you watch old episode do notice how equal time is given to all family bond and all couple romance i hope you understand

  5. Kaina1


  6. what the hell.. they are hurting Naksh and keerti to teach that stupid kid a lesson…!!! they have time to show all the nonsense yet no time to show what’s keerti’s feelings..!!
    no respond form keerti after seeing Naksh’s weeding gift..CV WAKE UP.. Garima come out of ur dreams and look what are you doing with this show…!!
    even in this track they just busy showing kaira kaira n kaira…
    I don’t know what will happen on so called Kaira centric track according to Rajan shahi.. sabhi story meain kaira hi kaira dikai detea.. kaira centric track kea saath show namke change kardena chahi yea…!!

  7. Kaina,
    I think dadaji tried calling Naksh…. I think I saw something like that…and about Kaira do u really want to know the reason?If they r not asked or called they will smell it and will poke their nose and blown the issue and then sit and try to solve it so better call them. They r immature, impulsive, egoistic (never ready to accept advice or willing to listen) but they have to be praised as responsible, caring, sacrificing (their happiness for others) etc so they have to be shown like this.

  8. It’s a problem between Keesh.. a major drama.. but hey are giving importance to KAIRA.. jus like that they are completing this track.. I hate it.. I also saw a video where in after Keesh Milan they are going to show grand KAIRA milan in mall.. CVS.. after such big trouble Keesh gonna join and learn their love.. but you are making it incomplete.. no flashbacks.. nothing.. hate it.. hate been watching yrkkh so long.. jus close this serial and create a new one for your KAIRA.. but don’t spoil the show.. I am so much frustrated to write anything more..

  9. in keesh Milan when keerti will hug naksh guess what kaira are standing behind and am sure they will only show their emotional face…I want to give them a super solid curse cuz they boiled my blood…anyways I didn’t watched today’s epi… and really kaira Milan in mall thanks for telling Zak now I dare am not gonna watch it!!!

  10. not Zak its keesh sorry

  11. kairalover ye rubbish nahi he its truth…we don’t waste our time to say rubbish…
    why??i know truth is always bitter that’s why u won’t accept it but truth is truth…and by the way we r saying our opinions…here rubbish is one and only ur Kaira!!!

  12. Does anyone know where naitik has gone? Did he leave the show as well?

    1. He is on a holiday

  13. Where did Naitik go? Did he leave the show as well?

  14. I feel pity on myself for reading the written episode today.. aur ye Precap: ufff,,,,,, I hope Naitik is not going to leave the show. By the way guys do you know what was the last scene of Gayu in the show cuz I didn’t see how they end the role of Gayu?

  15. Sejsmiles

    I want naitik to come back n stand by naksh.

  16. Happened to see a comment where someone was boasting about the trps yrkhh fetched…. When it was keesh marriage week many kaira fans were saying that the trps r going to topple down and were requesting to end keesh track and it so happened that trp increased and yrkhh reached top 5 from 7th or 8th position and they changed their stance saying that the trps raised bcoz kaira was shown in between..What hypocrites! How can u say kaira raised the trps when u ppl were blaming that keesh were given undue importance.
    If the “so called leads” were once loved are found irritating and the loyalties shift to another couple that clearly shows there is some huge problem in the way the characters Kaira are developed and how keesh has worked hard amidst all the hatred and insecurities to make their own way into the hearts of many.
    There was one more point spoken about KAINA by PIA. Pia, kaina has never spoken anything personal about the actors ,it has always been the characters….
    When Naksh went missing if devyaani called Naira to find out if Naksh had reached there it was OK…. If u watch the serial objectively u will find that undue importance is given to Naira in many situactions.. I said Naira not kaira becoz karthik is also shown in bad light to make her good even though many of her flaws do come out during many situations.

  17. I just went through the news that keerti’s bidai will be shown again from Goenka house. Singhaniya will welcome the bride and the groom once again. they are going to show Keerti just as Akshara (innocent, dari dari, sehemi sehemi sii..) dil garden garden hogaya ye padhke guys… finally, there is a ray of hope Writers will gonna focus on Keesh story.

  18. Fenil

    Everything gets fine between Naksh and Kirti. The track shifts to Kartik and Naira again. Naira finds difficult to select a dress to wear on her birthday. She checks out all her wonderful dresses, but doesn’t find anything stunning enough. She wants to look special as its her first birthday celebrations in Goenka house. She is very excited. She asks Kartik to finish all his work, as he has to stay free on her birthday. Kartik teases her and tells her that he has more work tomorrow, he shouldn’t make any mistake, if there is any special occasion, he can see if he can change plan. She asks him how can he forget her birthday. Kartik’s smile fails his drama. She learns he has made special plan for her.

    Naira asks him to reveal his surprise. He says you will never know it, its a surprise, you can’t blackmail me. She insists him to atleast give a hint. Kartik asks her to have patience. He gets busy in arrangements. Naira tries to beautify her looks. Kartik gets a shock when he sees Naira with the face pack. He asks what is she doing, she was giving him a heart attack. She says I have to look special tomorrow. He tells her that she will always be special for him. He wishes her birthday in advance. They have light moments.

  19. Supporting characters are not fully utilized by makers they are only stand to main lead or apologize to them or scolding I think main lead or so much irritating in this show

  20. so guys hope u all are fine…
    so read the news about Naira’s upcoming birthday celebrations:
    keesh’s all differences are sorted between them…so now the track is again shifting to kaira…naira will be choosing dress for her party and bla bla and wholeee kaira nokjhok(I will never watch it)
    and then I got happy reading it:
    Singhania’s are very happy cuz if keerti’s return.keerti does tulsi puja.naksh and everyone gets emotional recalling akshara because keerti seems similar to akshara…am so happy to read this only…

  21. Guys and gals
    Don’t miss today (2 Nov) episode…. It is one intense episode…. Full of Lee’s… This is going to b the best episode of leash till date…. Watch it on TV…. Let the trp soar to the peak.

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