Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st November 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira wishing that she could tell everything to Gayu. Akshara comes and sees Naira and Gayu sleeping. She covers them with blanket and wishes they both are happy. Its morning, Akshara leaves. Bhabhimaa asks Naitik why did he get sad, he could have gone with Akshara. He says Akshara goes there every year. Bhabhimaa says Akshara went to pray for Rashmi, you take care of Gayu. Devyaani tells about Gayu’s fast. He says whats the need for fast, its tough fast, I will tell her inlaws to allow water and juice in fast, as devotion is in hearts, they have to care for my daughters as I want. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa smile.

Bhabhimaa says we see women’s feelings, does father not have a heart, men don’t show feelings, it does not mean they don’t

care for children. Devyaani says all fathers are not same, some men don’t think of children, wife and mother, Mishti is lucky to get this house to get such loving family, whatever Naman did…. They see Baisa hearing them. Baisa asks did Akshara go, what happened, is there any problem. Bhabhimaa says no. Bauisa goes. Devyaani says I felt Baisa heard everything. Bhabhimaa says yes. Devyaani says I m scared what will happen when Baisa knows about Naman.

Naira tells Naitik that Gayu is fine now, don’t take tension. Naitik says we worry seeing children unwell, Gayu is Rashmi’s amanat and if there is any tear in her eyes, it means we did not do our responsibility well. Varsha asks Kuhu and Nannu what are they talking. Nannu says about game. She sends Nannu and thinks if they were talking about drugs.

Mishti talks to Baisa. Everyone smile. Mishti shows Karishma and Naman’s marriage pic. Karishma gets worried. Mishti asks Baisa did she not come in Naman’s marriage, you are not there, its good, else you would have scolded everyone, even Papa said this. Baisa asks where is Naman, I m angry, he did not come to meet me, what work he does that he has no time to meet family. Mishti says he is busy, you can’t talk to him. Baisa asks Karishma to call Naman. Karishma says Naman kept phone off. Baisa says call office and tell him. Bhabhimaa asks Mishti to go and get ready, you have to meet Kuhu right. Mishti goes.

Kartik says when I missed flight, I felt it will be good and I could meet Naira, but its not easy for wishes to turn true. Naira sits by Gayu’s side. She calls Kartik. Gayu holds Naira’s hand. Kartik angrily throws his bag. Karishma cries. Naitik says my sister is not so weak so break like this. Karishma says I tried to keep luggage, what would happen when Baisa knows, she will hate us and Naman. Naitik asks her not to spoil today thinking of tomorrow, even Mishti’s responsibility is in you. She says we should tell Baisa, if she knows from outside, she will be very annoyed, whats guarantee we will get saved always. Baisa hears them.

Varsha checks Nannu’s laptop and sees bad drug page. She gets injections from the packet and gets shocked. She shouts Kuhu and Nannu. She scolds Nannu. Everyone come there. Varsha says I thought you changed, you are spoiling Kuhu also, what is this. Kaki asks what is this Nannu, you are taking drugs again. Vishwamber asks them to hear Nannu once. Nannu says I changed, I did not take drugs, we started a blog to stop others from taking drugs, I took help from Kuhu. Vishwamber says we had misunderstanding. Rajshri says I told Varsha not to doubt. Nannu says don’t scold her, its not easy to trust me. Varsha apologize to Nannu and everyone. Rajshri says this fear should not get on your belief.

Baisa comes downstairs. Bhabhimaa asks are you fine. Devyaani asks shall i make medicines. Baisa says I got cheated. Naitik asks who cheated you. Baisa says you all cheated me. Bau ji asks what is the matter, did anyone do something, Mishti…. She says no, Mishti’s father, you all lied to me about Naman’s truth. Baisa says I got to know what Naman tried to do with Naitik, you all are my blood and hidden this, you hugged these strangers, see what they did. Bau ji says there is no one stranger here, don’t talk such, it can spoil relations. Baisa asks did you forget me when I said against your wife. Naitik says its nothing like that.

Baisa says I m fighting with them for you. Naira says relations become good and bad by love, not name, Devyaani is Naitik’s mum, she stood with Naitik and against her son, Karishma also stood with truth, our relation is strong. Naitik says Karishma is like my younger sister, and Mishti is our life, we told her to take case back, but Devyaani did not forgive Naman. Devyaani says I can understand Baisa, I m also a mum, it will happen which Baisa wants, we will leave this house if Baisa wants, we will not answer you back. She cries. Baisa says Naitik, get the ticket.

Mishti tells her ideas of having tshirts with slogans. Everyone like the idea. Vishwamber says small steps make you reach big destination. Mishti says don’t tell this to Baisa, she has problem in everything. Devyaani asks Karishma to pack her bags before Mishti comes. She takes Baisa’s blessings. Baisa says Naitik, do arrangements for me to leave, I will not stay here. Devyaani says no, we three will stay here. Baisa says fine, no one will go, I m afraid if anything happened to Naitik, but Naira changed my thinking, she said right, if heart accepts person, then its real relation, else its step relation even if its blood relations. Bhabhimaa says even bahus are strangers, but becomes ours. Baisa says Naira is like Akshara in true sense. Naira hugs Baisa and says thanks for certificate. Baisa asks are you 5 year old kid, you have grown up now. Naitik consoles Devyaani.

Chitti shows a gem/showpiece with I love you Kartik written on it. Akshara says in whose heart is Kartik……Naira or Gayu?

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Both Akshara!???

  2. I know Yeh Rishta is a family show and every member of family has importance so they are giving space to every character . But , I watch yeh Rishta for KAIRA , nd started to watch it few days ago !! I just want to know what will happen next ? Will KAIRA unite or no KAIRA ?? If no KAIRA I’ll stop watching it !!

    1. KAIRA is the end game but this gayu angle will continue torturing us for few weeks probably one month
      So have to wait in patience

  3. I thank director for showing all God’s religion(Hindu,christian,muslims),one episode they showed church prayers by lit candles, and also showed naira and karthich prayed in mosque baba, and already they showed all festivals like Ganesha,
    Directors showed all religions God rituals

    1. But the way they showed islam is not right, islam doesnt support songs even if they are religious and in islam it is not required to be devoted to the babas in such way, its like muslims are giving them status of prophets and gods . Thats my opinion bcz i have many muslim friend i also want to ba a muslim #^.^# . Thats my opinion , I want to know others opinions about islam too plz??

      1. i too agree with u ashley . im a muslim and in islam v r not actually supposed to pray to the babas and all but some muslims do. glad u want to b a muslim .

      2. Wowww It’s a great news! U should accept Islam and become Muslim as it’s the only true religion! U can also search for it if U have any doubts! May ALLAH TAALA guide U until U become Muslim! Regards & Best Wishes 4 U… Stay Blessed ?

      3. Thanks i want to but i can not as i am not independent 🙁

  4. I like kaira dream songs it should continue in sad version also

  5. I heard that Akshara and Naitik will ask Kartik for a marriage with their daughter which will be Gayu (dumb head) … Kartik misunderstands and says yes thinking it’s Naira and Naira gets shattered thinking Kartik is ready for marriage with Gayu (dumb head)… Omg .. can’t tolerate all these…Please can somebody kill that Gayu ?????…trying to be princess of Kartik and forcefully… she does not look good with Kartik at all not even 0.01%

    1. Also…I think at the end Kaira will get united. But for now they are just trying to show that Naira is not getting Kartik easily because of being Akshara’s daughter as most of the times viewers are saying “oh it’s happening because she is Akshara’s daughter”….In the story they are also trying to show Akshara, Naitik and family give equal priority to both daughters and Naira is not treated as princess who gets everything served in golden plate…Might be…She will have to go through lots of trouble to reach Kartik… It will give justice to Naira’s character… My opinion only…Eagerly waiting for Kaira’s ? union…❤️❤️

      1. they are showing it somewhat like shastri sisters serial . in that also rajat agrees for marriage thinking its anu (whom he actually loves) but the proposal came for her sister devyaani (who is madly in love with rajat at first sight) both rajat and anu love each other but thinking raj loves devyaani , anu hides her love and sacrifices for her sister . so yaa sameway happening here with gayu , naira and karthik.

  6. Sethidisha002

    only kaira can b the couple gayu cant b kartik love ever

  7. Kaira lover ❤❤

    I think akshara will only know about gayu now. But due to her intuitions about naira’s feeling for karthik she will get to know about them. I think gayu is just pretending to be goody goody but in real she’s a witch! BTW love mistu she will be the Jodi maker of kaira ❤❤

  8. Guys chillaxxxx its going to be Kaira in the end for sure they are the reason why it has gotten so much trp! Take a chill pill, somethings are nice slower to show the end game which will make viewers really happy 🙂 So take a chill pill and lets see where this ends (I really hope they dont drag it for TOOOOOOOO long now)

    I think they will make gayu sacrifice her love because everyone hates her atm and she is supposed to be a positive character xD

  9. both but Naira loves Kartik And he Loves Naira .Gayu is on the side she loves Kartik but Kartik is just a friend of Gayu not a lover of Gayu.

  10. whats gayu face donkey face this darama should be ended right now i thinfk whats is gayus beauty and where nairas naira is most beautiful she is only set for karthik because thy both love each other but only gayu love karthick not karthick
    so only kaira should marry

    1. How can call gayu as donkey face???. She is also a human OK!! u cant criticize her looks and by the way she is good looking

  11. its not gayu false also because anyone can fall in love and gayu also dont know the feelings of kartik towards naira so blaming gayu is also not good

    1. Is she not educated independent and so called parchayi of ak before keeping karwa chauth for a guy xant she confess her feelings n before doing auch hungama of not breaking fast till karthik comes is she in senses..??? she confidently says to naita karthik also lives her how lame is it.and whole family saying nazook dil hey qe should nit hurt her but naira who has gone ao much since her birth without anyone’s help she has become independent n stong.but gayu stayed with family got served on golden platter love n comforts still remain nazook dil.naira was better of without thia family. naitik can see gayu pain but he xant seee naira ia sad ahe also got hurt….when gayu can givee her mother place to her mami her character is seen there only. she n her dadi only think of them before anyone else selfishness runs in blood for them

    2. That stupid Gayu is the only one to blame for whole trouble that cute couple Kaira is going through… If you are in love with someone then either you should try to find if another person also loves you or try to confess your love. And I don’t think
      that Gayu has done any of these. If you don’t know another person’s feeling then you should not jump high thinking that person might also love and fast for karwachauth and blah blah… She’s the only obstacle here for Kaira…We just want her to go away from Kaira’s lives… Either
      she suicides or goes abroad with her dadi…we don’t care… All we want is Kaira’s union… I don’t see her as parchayi of Akshara from any angle… not a single quality so far…She is selfish and gets lost in her own dream world. Her dream house made up of cards and will fall one day…that’s for sure…Go to hell Gayu??

  12. Haha 😀 yeh KAIRA . It’s good for them if they make it KAIRA at the end . What if they make karthik marry Gayu ? Like in other shows ? I hope Yeh Rishta isn’t like other shows . KAIRA and their BG song is the reason for why I started to watch Yeh Rishta !! Let see how much they drag

  13. Avishi

    I’m don’t piking that naira is sacrificing its love when she know that kartikn also love her

    1. Avishi

      sorry its liking not piking

  14. I have read in a news that the family would came to know about gayus feeling s towards kartik and fix their engagement and kartik would think thet have fix his engagement with naira and agree happily. and naira would be amazed that how did kartik agree at the proposal….

  15. That gayu ia a wall between naira and kartik . I want naira to tell the truth to gayu ,and want naira and kartik to marry

  16. I herd that kartik and gayu will get married and naira shatters . But want naira married to kartik

  17. I want to naira to tell kartik about her feelings regarding him and gayu about kaira’s love.

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