Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira change their decisions

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik waking up by Suwarna’s call. She says sorry to disturb, I thought you will leave for college, are you fine, is the weather suiting you, is the hotel comfortable, tell me, I will change it. He says I don’t want to take lecture. Servant comes to her. She asks what did you say. She makes the juice fall by mistake. She asks what happened, did any staff or student misbehave with you. He recalls her words. He says nothing like that, I will get ready and call you. He ends the call. He says I have to catch the flight. He gets the dean’s message. Sudhir greets Naira. She asks him to be careful. He says sorry and thanks for saving me from falling, this is for you. She asks what’s this. He thinks I wanted to give love letter. He says its colleges list, Naitik

said you didn’t like that college.

Naitik says I told him that you want to leave Imperial college, so that he can suggest other college. Chitti says everyone told me that college is the best. Sudhir asks didn’t you like the college or the professor. Naitik says Naira would have thought well. Sudhir says my college is good. She says I just want good education. She gets a message and reads… you have to come to collect the TC. Naira and Kartik reach college. They get hurt while opening the door at the same time. Dean asks are you fine Kartik. Kartik says yes, sorry. Dean says no need to say sorry, you both have hurt each other, you both are at fault. Kartik asks how can you be so sure, sometimes people hurt intentionally. She says he is right. He goes. Yeh rishta kya….plays… Suwarna talks to some ladies. Lady says pandit said you can’t travel today. Suwarna says I won’t go then. Manish gets glad and says everything gets in favor when things are done with good intentions.

Dean asks what happened in class yesterday. Kartik says I wanted to tell you… Naira comes there. Kartik turns away. She thinks he doesn’t care. He thinks she doesn’t care and is attending classes well. She says I don’t have to say anything, I will come later, its time for my class. She goes. He thinks she might have come to complaint about me, she has seen me and left. She says maybe he wanted to get me expelled, this is not his house, I won’t leave my studies, I won’t leave college. She goes. Dean asks are you fine. Kartik says yes. He thinks why do I care, I didn’t come here because of her, I won’t go because of her. He says sorry, I wasn’t well yesterday so it got messed up, I m ready for my lecture. Lady says you are doing much donation, why did your son’s marriage get affected, are you getting Kartik remarried.

Suwarna signs the cheque and says just focus on this work. Lady says I mean if Kartik is getting divorced, we can find a girl for him. She goes. Suwarna recalls Kartik consoling her. Naira calls at that time. Suwarna angrily disconnects and cries. She then answers and hears Naitik asking Kartik to meet Naira once. She switches off the phone. FB ends. Suwarna says my wounds get fresh on hearing Naira’s name. Tanvi says Naina, where did you run yesterday. Kunal says she got insulted and disappeared. Tanvi asks Naira to attend the class. She gives a notebook. Naira thanks her.

Tanvi says its Mr. Handsome’s class now. Naira says he won’t come. Tanvi asks how do you know, I wanted to see him. The girl says I will also sit on first bench to see him. Naira gets jealous. Naira thinks to go home and attend classes from tomorrow. She goes. Kartik and Naira collide. She falls on the door. Yeh rishta….plays…. He says you may have felt I won’t come back, I m sorry, I should have not left, if anyone isn’t interested to attend class, they can leave, I don’t want any disturbance in my class. Naira gets seated. Kirti asks Devyaani to sing the song as always. Devyaani asks her to sing. They all sing. Kartik starts the class. He says text books don’t have everything, as literature mentions love is forever, but its not true in reality.

Morey saiyyan….plays… He says in any company or life, we will see later if you are right or wrong, but we shall see if you are true, if you are transparent, if you can say anything openly or not, hiding anything just creates misunderstandings. Tanvi says he is so awesome, I like his smile and anger too. Kunal keeps his phone on Naira’s bench. Phone rings. Naira takes the phone to check. Kartik throws a chalk and asks what’s this Naira Goenka…. Naira looks at him. Tanvi says Sir, she is Naina Singhania, its not her mistake, trust me. He thinks and what did you change, city, name and yourself too…. yeh rishta kya….plays….

Naira sees Kaira on the bench and turns to go. Bench falls. Kartik holds it and sees Kaira written in heart. Morey saiyyan…plays….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Please unite kaira please. Suwarna is soooo sick. Where was her love for shubham when she herself dumped her son. Manish should have thrown her out then but it was naira who made the whole family understand. Please remove suwarna from their path now. It’s enough. Yrkkh is not based on such negative characters

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