Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st July 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jasmeet telling Pammi that she does not like this ring and she will not wear it. She says its so big, people will laugh on me, I can’t even use it daily, I want a small one. Pammi explains her that they bought it with love. The relatives also explain her to be quiet and adjust. She says women have to adjust to others. Akshara and Naitik talk at night. She talks whispering saying everyone is around me, we used to talk like this before marriage. He says I m missing you. She says I was going to sleep now. She says Varsha is doing everything here. She says I will work from tomorrow. He says then go and sleep now, we will talk later as our talk will never end. They say I love you to each other and end the call.

Jasmeet feels cold at night. She wakes up and

takes the blanket. She looks in the mirror and shouts. Everyone wake up and ask what happened. She says pimple, see this. Everyone hold their heads. They say even we have. Jasmeet says but its my marriage, see it will look so bad in pics. They think what to do and gives her tips. All the men ask their wives about their clothes and needs. The women laugh and taunt them. They say sorry. The women enjoy and laughs.

Anshu looks on smiling. Rajshri says we already kept everything ready. The men give tips to Anshu. Akshara and Varsha are busy with kids. Varsha and Akshara ask each other to wear that dress they are talking about. Varsha makes Akshara wear it. Anshu comes to them and asks about the ring, shall we talk to mum. Akshara says I will talk to Kaki. Naitik gets dressed and his button is loose. Muskaan comes and says she will help her. He says no, call Bhabhimaa. She says she is busy.

She says you should wear this only, if you want to meet her soon, then go on time, give it to me. He asks does she know stitching. She says who stitches in this time. She uses fevikwik and fixes the button. Naitik laughs and says idea is good. They have a laugh. She leaves. The preparations are going on at Jasmeet’s house. Jasmeet is worried about the pimple. Pammi talks to her and asks her not to be sad. Jasmeet says pimple and ring not of my choice. Pammi says but Anshu is of your choice. Her dad says happiness does not come by ring, but family. Jasmeet smiles.

Anshu asks Akshara to talk to Kaki fast. Varsha supports them. Shaurya teases Anshu. Anshu says please spare me today. Pammi says all the guests have come. Anshu and his family also comes. Dhanlaxmi’s coin falls and they see a wine bottle rolling. They are shocked. Akshara says its money plant bottle right, I know this. Varsha says yes, I also saw it. They manage the situation. Jasmeet’s parents thank Akshara. Naitik’s family also come for the engagement and congratulates them. Akshara looks for Naitik and Muskaan teases her. The kids have a talk. Naitik comes and Akshara smiles seeing him.

Naitik meets Naksh. Varsha teases Akshara. Kaki and Rajshri meet Jasmeet’s relatives from Punjab. Shaurya laughs. Everyone do the puja. Naitik meets Akshara and holds her. He takes her in a corner and starts romancing. He says its ring ceremony and I will make you wear. She asks him to help her. Everyone make Anshu have lassi. Anshu says what will they do next. Naman says why should we bear this. Anshu says you are my friend. Naman says fine, we will also drink this.

Pammi says we have used separate utensils for non veg. Jasmeet meets Akshara and shows the pimple. Akshara says its cute, its from Lord so that you don’t get bad sight. Akshara says I want to talk to you. Mohit comes and greets everyone. Devyaani asks about Rukmani. Mohit says I came from office, mum will be coming late. Jasmeet’s dad talks to Vishwamber and asks is everything fine. Vishwamber says you have to trust us, give us blessings, that’s all, we came here to take Jasmeet.

Jasmeet talks to Kaki and says I want our relation to be like I m related to my mum. Kaki says I also want this. Jasmeet says I did not like the engagement ring, its heavy, I don’t wear such rings. She says please don’t take me wrong, I know you got it with love, I want to wear it. Kaki asks don’t you like it. Jasmeet says yes. Kaki says its fine, the talk is over here. Everyone get tensed.

Bhabhimaa says Akshara that Rashmi is not taking call. Rajshri calls Rukmani and says we are waiting. Rashmi says Akshara now we are not related so why will we come.

Update Credit to: Amena

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