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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik asking Naksh and Naira about Akshara. They say she is not here, we checked everywhere. Naitik says where did she go then, and sees the gate open. Naira runs inside to tell elders. Naksh and Naitik run out to see. Rajshri tells Dadi that Vishwamber has gone to see Akshara. Kaki says he is worried for Akshara. Rajshri says we all are worried. Dadi says we women cry and share things, but men don’t cry, they can’t see children happy.

Akshara walks on the road thinking of everyone’s words. Naksh and Naitik call her out. Akshara walks towards an open manhole. She is about to fall inside, and Vishwamber stops her. He holds her and moves her back. He asks how did she come here. She says Bau ji and cries. He hugs her. Naitik sees them and smiles.

He gets relieved and goes to them. Vishwamber asks her to come with him, and takes her to the car. Vishwamber sees Naitik and asks her to sit in car. Naitik thanks Vishwamber for managing Akshara, they all got worried. Vishwamber stops him from going to Akshara. Naitik gets stunned. Vishwamber says I was going to tell you to take care of my daughter.

Naksh and Naira come there. Vishwamber says Naitik is unable to take care of Akshara, that day he spoke big words to become Ram, does anyone take care of Sita like this. Bau ji and Naman come there too and hear them. Vishwamber says my daughter was crying and walking on the road alone, see that pit, she was about to fall inside it, if I did not stop her, last time she got saved by everyone’s love, this time she would have died, as that love ended now. Naitik asks whats he saying. Vishwamber says our relation is by Akshara, if you don’t care for her, then whats our relation, its ended now.

Bau ji asks Vishwamber to calm down. Vishwamber asks him to think what if Bau ji was in his place. Vishwamber scolds Naitik and says I will take Akshara with me, she won’t stay with you from today. Naitik gets shocked and cries. Bau ji says if you allow, can I say something. Vishwamber says sorry, I can’t listen anything now. Naitik asks him to listen once, its not like he is thinking, it happened suddenly. Vishwamber says its not sudden thing, till person gets hurt, he does not understand other’s pain, its easy to show pity, you would have understood this better if you were in Akshara’s place, only the one who goes through pain understands it. He leaves. He takes Akshara in the car. Naitik cries.

Naitik, Bau ji, Naman, Naksh and Naira come home. Naksh asks Naitik why did he not stop Akshara. Naitik says it happened right, she will get a change and feel better. Naira says what was the need for Nanu to scold you, you did not react once. Naitik says he did not say anything wrong, I m not able to take care of Akshara well, she was falling today because of me, he can scold me, I have to find out whats the mistake I m doing. He recalls Vishwamber’s words.

Vishwamber brings Akshara home. Rajshri gets shocked. Everyone look on. Vishwamber asks Rajshri to make tea and food. He asks Akshara to take rest in her room, and takes her upstairs. Naksh asks Naira whom is she calling. Naira says I m thinking to call Nana ji, I m scared, will he not send mumma ever. Naksh says no, he will realize he did wrong. Naira says Bhabhimaa was angry for 10 years, if Nana ji…. Naksh says Akshara will come back, she loves everyone here. He hugs her.

Vishwamber tells Dadi that he knows what he is doing for Akshara is right, everyone is thinking of relatives, I did not do anything wrong, even if you were there in my place, you would have done same and tells her Akshara’s state. He says Naitik was careless and said he will take care of Akshara, why did he not fulfill his duty, he did wrong, I won’t bear this.

Naksh and Naira come to Naitik. Naitik says I was packing medicines for one-two days, she will come when she wants, this is her home, if I go there, they won’t like it. He gives the medicine box to Naksh. Naksh asks does he have any message. Naitik says no. Naksh leaves. Naira hugs Naitik.

Rajshri tells Akshara what happened, Naitik loves her a lot, think about that house which you left, everyone is worried and sad there. Akshara thinks she decided this only for their sake. Rajshri asks what mistake Naitik did, think being in his place. She sees Vishwamber there and goes. Akshara cries and rests.

Vishwamber tells Rajshri that she is Akshara’s mother too, he did not see Akshara’s mum here. Rajshri says you were finding me being Akshara’s father, you will understand this soon. She leaves.

Akshara gets Naira’s call. Naira cries and says I don’t like being without you. Akshara says I don’t wish to come now, when you are sad, you wish to come to your parents, even I wish the same, I will come back after few days. Naira asks shall we come there. Akshara says no, you have to take care of everyone there, I know Naitik is annoyed with me, keep him happy. Naira says when you come here, Naitik’s smile will come back. Akshara cries. Yeh rishta…………plays……..

Naitik closes eyes and tries taking tea. Naira and Bau ji ask him to open eyes. Naitik says I decided, I will not open eyes till I understand Akshara’s pain completely.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naitik took wonderful decision

  2. Naitik took a foolish decision, he should let Akshara stay with Vishamber, she will stay happy and when her eyesight comes back then she can go to Naitik

  3. It IS all about understanding pain….natik did right

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