Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhara reading the papers. She says mortgage papers… you were keeping house mortgaged. Naman says Bhabhi, your eyes…. Akshara slaps him. Naman and Karishma get shocked. The man worriedly leaves. Akshara says maybe Lord gave my eyesight back to stop all this, what is all this to mortgage house, and this Bau ji’s sign, did you cheat him too like you cheated me, what is this to get eyesight and seeing this bad thing. She cries and asks did you not think of Bau ji. He says whats new, Naitik also did this. Akshara says enough, Naitik kept house mortgaged for saving business, you are doing this for your greed, don’t take Naitik’s name to cover your mistakes, this is our house, where our family stays since many years, we know this house’s value, when we

went from here, we would have come on road if outsider got these papers, this house gave you place to stay, this family gave you love and respect, you were cheating them.

She says Devyaani, think about her, you cheated her also, and your daughter Mishti, she will be ashamed to think what her mum and dad did, I m worried. She asks what else you both did, Karishma you came in my room at night. Karishma says no. Akshara says don’t lie, you had same perfume which Mishti applied, you came to take medical box, you planned all this. Karishma and Naman admit their mistake. Naman says I m helpless to lie, I should have told Naitik and Bau ji, I felt bad and my ego got hurt when Bau ji asked Naitik to see office, forgive us. Akshara asks how to believe you both are genuinely sorry and want to rectify mistake. They apologize and ask her not to say family. Naman says give us one chance please.

Varsha talks to Sankari. Sankari says I was waiting for your call, I felt today’s generations find matches on their own. Varsha asks her to find a nice guy for Ananya, with good values. Sankari says don’t worry, give me some time, and see, proposal will be fixed soon. Varsha hurries and Rajshri looks on.

Naira, Naitik and Naksh come home. Akshara gets glad seeing them. Naira runs to Akshara and hugs her. The family comes back too. Akshara smiles seeing them and happily cries. Everyone come smiling. Naira says one event got cancelled, so I got back today. Bhabhimaa and everyone talk. Akshara just looks at them. Naira says I missed you. Akshara says I also missed you, why are your eyes red, did you not sleep at night. Naira says yes, yesterday…. They all look at Akshara.

Naira asks how do you know, you can see. Akshara nods. Naira says mumma can see. Naitik and everyone get happy and thank Lord. Naira hugs Akshara. Akshara says I m seeing you all after a lot of time and hugs everyone. She asks Naitik to say something, I can see you. She cries. He holds her and they hug. Music plays…….. Naitik says I will take you to doctor, no first temple. She hugs him. He says when I gave you bad news, I was with you, and today even I was not here. Bau ji asks Naman and Karishma, why did they not call them. Devyaani says we will go temple tomorrow again. Akshara cries. Naitik asks what is the matter, don’t cry now. He asks Naira and Mishti to freshen up.

Naitik asks Akshara what is the matter. Bau ji says tell us. Akshara wipes her tears. Karishma says Bhabhi. Akshara says I can’t hide such big thing from them. Varsha talks to Shaurya and says I will tell you all details. Dadi tells Rajshri that I know Shaurya is missing his stay here, some decisions are really not in our hands. Rajshri says yes, Varsha is hurrying to get good proposal for Ananya.

Akshara shows the papers to Bau ji. Bau ji and Devyaani check it and say such a big cheat. Naitik asks Akshara when did she know this. Akshara tells them how she was praying to Lord and got her eyesight. Akshara could see the temple and smiles. She can’t believe it at first and gets glad. She thanks Lord. She runs downstairs and sees her home. She stops seeing Naman and Karishma. She says I should tell Naitik first. She then hears them talking and thinks are they doing something wrong, and she should act as blind to know truth. She says she sat there and knew their truth.

Naitik says Naman could not go office as I was there, so he pretended to be ill and stayed here. Akshara says Karishma took the medicine box. Naitik asks did you both got Maya here, so that Akshara did not get her eyesight. Karishma says no, I did not get her. She says I was outside the door when coil was burning. Akshara asks then why did you not open the door when I was knocking the door. Naitik asks her did she keep the coil. Karishma gets silent. They all get shocked.

Naitik says it means you both called organizers that Akshara can’t come, and fake call about Naira’s accident, why did you do this. Devyaani asks Naman is this all true, how can they do this to cheat their own family, I m ashamed to be Naman’s mother. Bau ji says you told me that I don’t regard you mine, you proved you regard us strangers, this is your truth which is out today. They all cry. Naman apologizes to Naman. Karishma says yes, please. Bau ji requests them to leave the house.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Superb episode. I’ll say one of the best episode till now…

  2. Naman n Karishma are so crook minded people.

  3. Bau ji did a great job by kicking Naman n Karishma out of the house. But it would have been splendid if he could have kick also Devyani(the root cause of all problems) along with Naman n Karishma.

    1. i feel bad 4 mishti though.

      1. Yeah! I also feel very bad for Mishti.

  4. Once again Akshara, u prove as an ideal bahu of Singhania Family. ✌

  5. In the upcoming track we’ll see Naitik n Akshara in Hongkong. Glad to see them together in a different places… I’m eagerly waiting for that track…

  6. Diya aur/Yrkkh fan

    Brilliant ep! May na kha ta N&K KO kick out karage buije great but davyani Akshara KO HUD implore karagi use Ki son and doughter bring them back in the family . Can’t wait for next ep and I hear there’s going to be a huge twist . please reply.

    1. Yes there will be a huge twist of Naksh n Tara.

  7. Excellent episode director. Well done Iam impressed. Pls get Akshara to help Tara and Naksh please .

  8. If Divyani becomes rude , she should be kicked out as well

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