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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira running to Suwarna and hugging her, assuming her to be Akshara. She cries and says mumma. Suwarna says Naira….. Naira gets away and sees her. Suwarna recalls Akshara seeing the pic. She keeps white flowers near the pic. She makes Naira light the diya. Everyone come. Suwarna says I m Kartik’s mum Suwarna. They all get shocked. The neighbors come and ask what are we hearing about Akshara’s death. They go to put garlands on Akshara’s pic.

Naitik comes there and takes the pic. He scolds them and says we will tell you if there is any news, do you know what it means to put garland, go from here. Naira calms him. Naitik asks how can you lose so soon, you are Akshara’s daughter she will come back. Naira says I m sorry. Suwarna looks on sadly.

Naitik says shut the door, we will know when Akshara comes. Naira goes to shut door. Kartik comes and holds the door. Naira sees him and cries.

He says Naira. She shuts the door. He pushes the door and gets inside. Everyone get shocked seeing Kartik. He asks what happened to you, why are you silent, how will I understand, I was in hospital, I met with an accident, you did not come to meet me once, what happened, why is everyone sad here. He asks Mishti to say. Mishti hugs Karishma. He asks Gayu. Gayu turns away. He asks anyone to say.

He says Naira, go and call Akshara, I don’t understand your annoyance, just she can end this. Naira shouts stop this drama as if you don’t know. He asks what did I say, what’s my mistake, tell me. She asks don’t you know. He says I remember I was with my friends, I took friend’s car and then I met with an accident. She asks don’t you remember, you did my mumma’s accident and she fell down the cliff. He gets shocked and asks are you mad, what are you saying, call Akshara, where is she.

He sees Suwarna standing far and thinks she is Akshara. He says is your joke over, Akshara is there. He goes and sees Suwarna. He asks Naira what is happening, I don’t get good feeling, end this prank now. Naira says what’s there to end, you ended everything. He says I did not do any accident, I don’t remember. She says how will you remember, you were drunk, I told you many times, not to drive and go home, why did you not listen to me, my mumma ….. He says trust me, how can you think so.

He goes to Rajshri and Vishwamber, and ask do you trust me, I did not do anything, I met with an accident, there was no one. Naira shouts enough, no one will listen to you, we have seen that place by our eyes, police studied everything well, they are sure you did the accident. He says no way, I would remember. She says you were drunk. He says I was not drunk, my friends offered me drinks, I did not drink. She says I spoke to you, I sensed you were drunk, so you met with the accident, do you remember. He says there was a stone. She says and my mumma. He says no, this is not true, there was no one. She says you don’t remember anything, you were lying unconscious there, everything ruined because of you, my mumma… He says don’t say this.

Naitik shouts leave from here and holds his collar. Kartik says I did not do anything. Naitik holds his neck. Naitik says my Akshara is not with me because of me. Naira and Suwarna ask Naitik to leave Kartik. Naitik suffocates him and says I will not leave him. They all shout. Naitik pushes Kartik away. Kartik falls down and his head was about to get hit. Manish comes and keeps his hand under his head to hold him. Manish gets angry.

Akhilesh asks Manish to be careful. Kartik gets up and sees Manish. Akhilesh asks Kartik not to say anything. Manish asks Naitik how dare you do this with my son. Naitik says you may not know what Kartik did, he did my wife’s accident. Manish says nothing is proved, till its proved, don’t dare to touch or blame him. Kartik asks who called you here, please leave, its my matter, I can solve it. Naitik says take Kartik away, else I will not leave him. Manish says someone dare to touch him, he is Manish Goenka’s son, its not easy to file a case on him.

Kartik asks Akhilesh to take Manish, I don’t need him. Akhilesh says they are blaming you. Kartik says they are my family, I agree if they punish me, but none will say anything to them. Naira looks on. Kartik asks Akhilesh to tell Manish not to interfere in their family matter. Akhilesh asks him to stop it now, and don’t speak till our lawyer says.

Kartik says I don’t need lawyer, they are my family. Akhilesh says listen to me. Naira says I have to say something, just Kartik knows truth, please tell us the truth, everyone is waiting, tell us will mumma come or not, what happened with her, where is she, say something. He cries seeing her. She begs him to say. He says I m saying true since I came here, trust me. She says why is our and your truth different, all the evidence say my mumma’s accident happened by your car.

Police comes there. Inspector says our expert checked the area well, Kartik has done Akshara’s accident, so he has to come with us to police station. Everyone get shocked. Inspector asks Naitik to sign. Naitik signs and gives the papers. Kartik, Naira and everyone cry. Koi bhi kuch bhi na kah paya…..plays……… Inspector asks Kartik to come. Kartik is taken away. Manish stares at everyone. He says police took my son, it does not mean he will go jail. Naitik says he will be punished and go jail. Manish says it will be better if you strengthen family’s courage than finding peace in my son’s problem. He leaves. Suwarna greets them and leaves.

Kartik says I don’t trust myself, maybe I have hit Akshara. Akhilesh asks him to shut up. Kartik says I will support Naira in whatever she thinks. Naira cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Very sad episode feeling bad for kaira

  2. Now I think that karthik is innocent . What ever they show in previous episode was not full truth.

  3. ye kya hai?? Will Kiara seperate??
    *Praying to the god to end this matter n unite Kiara*… Will Akshara come back??… Karthik’s dad seems to be very much arrogant ?

  4. Mohsin’s act was looking soooo true that my eyes were filled with tears, I feel sorry for kartik. He doesn’t even remember what happened. It was really a very bad, sad episode!

  5. Kartik is innocent. And what naira do today every daughter will do the same. But honestly naira never trusted Kartik and Kartik deserve better than Naira. Akshara will never come back but once kartik’s innocence will be proved everyone will feel sorry for Kartik. Will miss u akshara. Anyway love that Tasha wala intro bet Naitik and Manish. Naitik and Manish ko aamne samne dekh kar bilkul clash of Titans wali feel aarahi thi. ???. Kartik has never done wrong with singhania and Maheshwari family, I hope kartik’s innocence will be proved as soon as possible. Love the suvarna scene today. I am a big fan of April Chauhan.

    1. Anyway love that *Tashan* wala intro *between* Naitik and Manish.

  6. Mee too yaar sad episode almost I cried please make kaira unite and I hope karthik didn’t done the aksharas accident may be there is twist
    Akshara Is alive and may gets memory loss or may get change the face by plastic surgery bcas of accident something Is going to happen terribly
    But in those all things kaira love were effecting too badlyy

  7. karthik is innocent. olease please unite kaira and bring akshara back. all the viewers want this. why cant the producers writers understand this.

  8. plzzzzz unite kartik againg & bring akshara again by any means…plzzz plzzzzz

  9. Hi all
    What an emotional episode – I am drained
    I don’t think Kartik did it either
    Knowing yrkh, the CVs will wrap it up soon, they don’t drag their storylines
    Today, I am ashamed at Akshara’s family – in their grief, they forgot all the help that Khartik has given them. Even Naitik that he saved from Naaman forgot Kartik’s goodness. They know Kartik & call him son & now they showed that blood relation is more important
    Even if Kartik was responsible – don’t they know that it was an accident & that he will not intentionally hit Ashara. Today my heart breaks for Kartik, especially when he told his own father that they are family & have rights over him.
    I love this track, as they are shining light on the different shades of love – this is why YRKH has lasted so long. Now I am anxious to see how they are going to wrap up this storyline.
    I also think that they brought this complication with Kartik, buying time whilst they decide what to do with Hina’s character leaving.
    Some fans have been upset that if Ashara is not in the show then it should come off air – now let draw parallel to real life, when we loose our parents do we die with them or do we carry on their legacy. So there is more they can add to YRKH without Hina.
    I am going to upset some Kaira fans but the way Naira behaved today, she does not deserve Kartik. She refused to listen to him & created the biggest drama in the house. When all the drama was going on – all I could think about is that only if Ashara was around she could have handled the situation. She was cool headed, wise & have good instincts.
    I am not saying that if Kartik did this he was right I am saying that it was not done deliberately. It was an accident and they saw his condition at the accident scene.
    It is a pity, because when all this is solved they will feel bad for treating a boy who loves them all. Even Mishti surprises me today – they treated him like a cold heartless killer. It is a shame. I am sorry this is so long

    1. Akshara was mahaan character such people don’t exist in real life…only saints can think rationally in such situations. In real life when grief takes over ur thinking goes off and here whole world vhas gone b upside down for singhnais in a day…when aalll proofs and police confidently saying its karthik on what basis do u think they should trust him …be practical. ..u know it’s not karthik as u ur a viewer but see it from their pov…accident or not accident they have lost a most important member of their life. So u mean to say all those drubk n drive cases people should be let gone as it was just accident not intentional? ???
      What they should hatred to karthik was their pain of losing two most important people akshara and karthik.
      think the pain naira would be going to lose out two people ..standing strong for her family at such a age not crying out her feelings …her love being bthe reason of her loss.their reactions are extreme due tobthe death nobody thinks rationale that too within a day of someones death and more importantly when they still are in denial of her death.they all r shown realistic emotions. …see the emotions behind reactions not the extreme relations. put urself in such state when world goes upside down I justvfew hours. ….
      they need time for b things to sink in then they can think ….who is right or wrong. ..
      how does karthik know he has not done it he doesn’t even know he was drunk…he doesn’t even remember what happened .he should prove his innocence
      heart goes out to both when both need each other both are apart ….
      no one is to be blamed. ..situations they are thrown is to be blamed
      and police without invg they concluded its karthik. ..

    2. sorry to b rude but when u ll put on naira’s shoes u ll understand what it takes.she lost her mom n all proofs r against kartik n even she knows he was drunk.stop b blind over love for kartik.b a neutral u ll understand how much a family breaks when an imp member like ak dies suddenly in an accident that too by sumone’s carelessness.if kartik doesnt deserve naira then i can say kartik ll also nvr get a gem like naira ever.just bcoz love is blind doesnt mean that love is pure.a 20-21yrs old girl taking responsibilities of two families n also taking the pressure of her lover murdered her mom is not any game.i m sure at that age even ak wouldnt b this much matured to handle this kind of pressure n situations.

  10. reshma begum

    Very bad episode ….
    they should unite kaira …
    if not I am not going to see this serial..
    I can’t see karthick in that state.

  11. Sethidisha002

    thats the love spirit kartik

  12. hatts of to karthik today. loved him.

    i know its vvv difficult but naira should trust him.

    please i request the producers not to drag the storyline and unite kaira atleast and get them married.

    but for that karthiks innocence will have to be proved first.

    they should even bring akshara back.

  13. indera sanichara

    That’s what all serial do separate two lovers these writers can kill a good story. So sad what happened to kartik.

  14. I agree with Anjali and Piu there are times when you have to be faced with reality over emotion. I remember when I lost my mother I was the closest to her of all her 4 kids. I am the eldest so when she passed on I had no luxury of crying for my loss but to grow up in a split second and had to handle my father who got stroke after my mother’s demise and I had 2 young sisters and a young brother to also handle. People judged me that I was an emotionless child but if I had broken down who would have handled my family who depended on my mother who was now gone. I had to cancel my marriage to look after my sick father and raise my siblings so I understand Naira very well.

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