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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik smiling seeing Akshara. She wakes up and wishes him good morning. She sees time and says she got work, she has to make breakfast. He says you were resting well, so i did not wake you up. He romances and she says let me go. She says she has to cook for Naksh and Naira. He asks her to give him a kiss. She gets a call and asks Ananya how did she call her in morning. She tells Naitik that Ananya asked her to come there. Naitik says we will go.

Rajshri cries and talks to Dadi that children did not ask us before taking this big decision. Dadi says its not their mistake, they did what they felt wrong, be strong. Rajshri says she wants to stop them. Dadi says no, you are elder, and manage everyone. Rajshri asks what will I tell them. Dadi says Shaurya

and Anshu will be alone, it would be good if anyone goes with them. Akshara and Naitik come to Maheshwari house. She asks why did they not tell him. Naitik says they could have told them about opening hotel abroad. Anshu and Shaurya say they did not know family will reach like this, now they signed contract and nothing can happen. Rajshri and Dadi come and hug Akshara.

Naitik says parents want children to be with them at this time. Akshara asks what about Varsha and Jasmeet. Shaurya says you have lose something to gain something. Rajshri says she has some solution. She says we will worry for Shaurya and Anshu, if anyone goes with them, our worry will get less, I was thinking if Varsha goes along. Ananya asks and Jasmeet? Rajshri says Jasmeet has her work here and Nannu’s studies. Kaki says Jasmeet can go in Nannu’s holidays and Varsha can come. They all agree and are happy.

Jasmeet hears Akshara saying Varsha is going with them and cries. Kaki asks Varsha to be with them and take care. Jasmeet thinks no one thought about her. Rajshri asks Varsha to do packing. Akshara tells Jasmeet not to worry, once Anshu’s business sets, he will come back. Shaurya tells Akshara that Maa and Bau ji’s anniversary, they wanted to celebrate it, but going now. Anshu says we thought to celebrate it grand as you are here. Shaurya and Anshu ask her to celebrate well. She says I will try, they will miss you both. Shaurya says we will miss them too. She hugs them. Jasmeet looks on and thinks Anshu did not say he will take me also.

Back at Singhania house, everyone talk about Shaurya and Anshu going abroad. Bau ji says we should talk later, Akshara will be coming now and get sad hearing us. Naitik and Akshara come home. Akshara cries. Devyaani hugs her and consoles. Akshara says I know everyone showed they are fine, I know they got sad after Shaurya and Anshu left, Varsha went with them, we stayed away and know it hurts. Naira sings and asks her not to sing. Everyone sing and ask them not to cry. Naksh says my mumma is superwoman. Naitik gives her a rose and they all make her smile. Akshara says if I m not with you all then…. Naksh and Naira stop her. Mishti also sings and they all laugh.

Naksh gets Tara’s call. She asks when will we leave. He says in some time, be ready I will pick you. Sangram spots them together and follows them. Naksh and Tara get inside a house. Sangram gets angry and says this girl will ruin our family name, why Dada ji believes her, I will not leave Naksh. Naksh opens the lock and asks Tara to come. They get inside. Sangram tries to hear and opens the door. He shouts Tara………. Tara asks you? Sangram asks why can’t I come, if you come here.

Yash asks who is shouting. Naksh says we all are planning for our friend’s birthday party. Sangram asks you all, why that lock. Ananya says it was surprise party and I did not wish anyone to know. Dada ji gives sweets to Singhania family. He says he bought new land in village which Sangram liked. He asks them to take all grains. Naitik says it was not needed. Dada ji says its needed in families, its all mixed things in city, its pure from villages, no need to buy anything from market, everything will reach here on time, he has many fields. They all smile. Akshara says we can’t take this. Bhabhimaa says we can keep this as it will be pure, by paying money for this. Dada ji says no, I will go to hell if I take money to you. Bau ji says we will also not go heaven by not giving money. Dada ji says fine, I will take just base cost. Bhabhimaa likes the pure grains and says I wish to visit village. Bau ji says its long time we went. Dada ji asks them to come, they will be happy.

Sangram comes there and says he has to talk. Dada ji asks what happened. Sangram says they would have lost name, Naksh and Tara were going in room opening lock alone. They all get shocked. Akshara says you are mistaken, they went to party with friends, Ananya and Yash are also there. Sangram says yes, they are right, I came to know this by going inside, but from outside it looked like they both went inside, if any stranger saw it, he would have spread news and ruined our respect, no one will go inside and see like me, anyone will make fake story, get them married soon, if anything happens, you all will be responsible, once you lose name, respect won’t come back. Dada ji gets angry.

Sangram asks where is problem, Naksh, Tara and families are ready. Akshara says I told before, they both are not ready for marriage responsibility, we were not ready to take shagun, we knew you will say for marriage. Dada ji says yes, you are right, but Sangram is also right, any stranger will also think wrong. She says I believe my children, we should not worry. He says I worry for Tara, name will be spoiled. If children take any wrong step… then… Karishma says they won’t take wrong step, they promised after Goa marriage incident. Akshara and everyone get tensed. Dada ji and Sangram get shocked.

Akshara says Dada ji reacted as he is Tara’s Dada ji, we will explain him by love and peace. Sangram tells Vikram, no love and peace now, we have to think something else.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i didnt like this episode

  2. They are showing that it hasn’t been a year since akshara and family are back from South Africa. So Naksh is at the most 19 years ,! So what sort of job offer is he getting at this age?..
    The show has lost its track…

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