Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayu caring for Kartik. Kuhu asks who has sent khichdi. Gayu says I made it, I mean Devyaani has sent this as Kartik has to eat food after having kada. Kartik misses Naira. Some thieves enter the house and hide from the guard. Kuhu asks Gayu will she have coffee. Gayu says no, ginger tea. The thieves enter through kitchen and catch Gayu and Kuhu.

Naira asks everyone to leave her alone. Akshara stops her and says I need to talk to you, you have to hear us. She asks Naira to listen to her. Kartik goes out to kitchen and says why did they get so late to get khichdi. Gayu and Kuhu try to make noise. The thieves get many things and are greedy to get more. They stand talking. Gayu prays that the thieves don’t see Kartik.

Kartik finds khichdi and starts

eating it. The thieves pass from behind. Kartik does not see them. The dance teacher trains some girls. Akshara and Naira come there and call out Guru Maa. Akshara says I want to talk to you, sorry to disturb your class, this was necessary. Guru Maa says maybe for you, for me those girls are necessary. Akshara says artists are artists, I want you to make Naira your student, I got her here as Naira needs you, I know you feel Naira is raw, but once you train her, none can stop her from becoming good artist, why can’t Naira learn.

Guru Maa says because she feels she knows everything. Akshara says don’t you think you should get her to right path, if you don’t teach her, she will dance wrong, she is good student, she is confident about her dance, she does not have pride. Guru Maa asks why shall I find solution for her, who is she to me. Akshara asks who are these girls to you, Guru Dharm is not this to differentiate between students, if you think such, then somewhere you have ego too. She leaves.

Naira asks Akshara did you convince her, it should be my decision to choose my trainer, you have to interfere in everything. Akshara thinks to use Naira’s anger now, its good. Naira asks why are you silent now. Akshara says whats the use, you can’t do anything, we feel children are best, we know truth when Guru tells about students, Guru Maa said right, you don’t have that talent and qualities in you, you can’t learn anything, its just wasting Guru Maa’s and our time.

Kartik sees the thieves taking jewelry. He gets shocked. He sees Gayu and Kuhu and sign them that he is there. The thief says I think someone is there, and goes to see. Kartik hides. He says I have to do something. Guru Maa asks Naira why is she silent. Akshara says I told her what you said, she understood she can’t do. Guru Maa says I felt she is overconfident and will atleast try now I think even her confidence is just show, she does not have courage, I can’t teach her, you can come to learn, I will teach you Akshara, its about fulfilling Naira’s dad’s dream, you fulfill it, else its not a big thing. Naira says my dad’s dream will be fulfilled, I will give that exam by learning from you, I m ready to become your student, tell me when to come tomorrow.

Guru Maa says why tomorrow, learn today. Naira asks today, I did not come prepared, I don’t have ghungroo. Akshara says I got ghungroo, its in car, I will just get it.

Kartik calls police station. He says the thieves are leaving before police’s arrival. He plays police siren and thieves stop. Kartik makes them fall and beats them up. He asks the thieves how dare they tie Gayu and Kuhu. He frees Gayu and Kuhu. Gayu cries and hugs him. Ishq mujhko hua hai………….plays…………..

Kartik asks them did they get hurt. Gayu says no. Kuhu calls him hero. He hugs Kuhu. Gayu thinks Kartik is my life’s hero. They hear police siren. Naksh sees the girl and calls her out to return her bracelet. She runs. Naira dances with the girls. Guru Maa sends all the girls. Akshara looks on tensely. Naira continues dancing alone. Naira coughs. Guru Maa asks is this your stamina, what will you teach kids in your academy, I think you should do few mins musical songs, this Sadhna is not your cup of tea.

Naksh returns the bracelet to the girl. She asks how did you come here, don’t follow me, please go. He says I don’t have interest to follow you, I just came to return your thing, I did mistake to help you. She says sorry, I did not mean so, everyone is selfish and do not help without motive, so its not easy to trust anyone. He asks what happened with you. She says its long story. He says I have much time, tell me why are you worried, share with me please.

Naira continues dancing. She falls down. Akshara worries and shouts Naira. She asks Naira is she fine. Naira pushes her. Guru Maa says take her and get her tomorrow, make her have food. Naira refuses to take Akshara’s help. Akshara asks her to use this anger in dance, get up on your own, its also like an exam for you, get up and prove yourself.

The goon catches the girl. Naksh says leave her and fights with the goons. Kartik comes there and helps Naksh. Kartik gets beaten up. Naksh looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. no kaira scenes no nok jhok…..akshara suprb as suprmom
    naira really awsome dancer
    what a energetic dancer yaar….

  2. Naira’s stupid attitude is starting to get old, we are over her anger and its time she gets over herself, dunno who the hell she thinks she is. She is so rude and thinks everyone should bow down to her. And the family just bows down to her every whim like she’s the only child they have. Irritating girl

  3. Naira anger is being used by her mom in a very good way akshara way to go man awesome woman ur.naira wow u can go to any extent toget your dads dream fulfilled….naira ur a confident girk with her own identity .and all ur hatred will be done when dance competition u will win.yaar at least one kaira scene they should have shown since two days its so bad…but everybody needs screenspace na.

  4. Nice episode

  5. guys ,here is an os on yrkkh written by me , it is an imagination story before the leap . do read it and comment . here is the link :

  6. osam

  7. Incase gayu become s extra too much naira should show gayu her place in the house. Bcz for sua Naitik will support her.and gayu has no right to complain she gets too much than she deserves

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