Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st August 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayu showing her dress torn. She says she did not check it before. Rashmi says she has to go office. Naitik asks her to go, as he will get new dress for Gayu. Naira says you promised you will be with me. He asks her to see situation and goes. Naksh cheers up Naira, and gets message. He says he has to go, and will come in Naira’s competition. Rajshri calls everyone. They all get ready and come. Rajshri says competition will start there, we have to go and take front seat. Shaurya says seats are booked and shows the passes.

Rajshri says I thought we can see kids well and encourage them. Vishwamber asks how. Rajshri claps and shows them. They all laugh. Singhania and Maheshwari families meet at the venue and the competition is about to begin. Akshara asks

Naira to get ready. She gets Naitik’s call and asks him to come soon. The teacher asks Naira about Gayu, she has to tell her. Naira says tell me, I will convery her. The teacher says no, I have to talk to her.

Naitik brings Gayu. Akshara says she will do makeup for Gayu, and asks Naira to do her makeup. Naira gets sad. Nandini, Rukmani, Yash and Mohit come and greet Maheshwaris. Sanju greets Nandini. Nandini apologizes to Rajshri again. Rajshri hugs and blesses her. They all sit. Rukmani tells Nandini that one day she will regret and will lose Yash. Yash and Sanju have a talk and smile. Nandini says why to worry from now, we shall enjoy the program now. Naitik tells Rashmi that Akshara is making Gayu ready band asks her to come soon. The function starts, and Naitik says he will help in makeup. He does not know anything, and Akshara asks Naira to help. He asks about Naksh. Akshara says he will come

Naksh is managing the arrangements at the hotel. Akshara calls Naksh and asks where is he. He makes excuses. She asks is he hiding anything. He says no, I m coming. Naksh asks the men to do work soon. The elders also wait for Naksh. Naitik asks Naira and Gayu to pose for pics. Naira says she wants solo. Akshara asks them to stand together. Rashmi comes and says sorry Gayu. Gayu says its okay, Naitik and Akshara made all arrangements. Rashmi thanks them and wishes Naira and Gayu all the best. Akshara says we have to do well for our victory, not for other’s failure.

Rajshri tells everyone to cheer the girls when they perform. Naitik says their competition will start. Jasmeet asks Akshara to explain them that one of them will win, so not to feel bad. Devyaani says they love each other. Gayu is called on stage. She performs on the song O re piya………..Rashmi smiles. Everyone cheer for Gayu. They all clap for her. Akshara and Naitik feel proud of Gayu and congratulate Rashmi. Naksh sees the lighting and is worried that he could not go for Naira’s competition. He says sorry Naira. Naira is called. Gayu wishes her all the best. Naira thanks her and starts dancing. Rajshri stands and claps for her. Naira performs well. They all clap for her.

Everyone discuss who will win. Vishwamber jokes on Rajshri. They laugh. The judge comes on stage and announces the winner name as….. Everyone look on tensed.

Naksh comes home and Naitik scolds him for not coming for Naira, he does not care for anyone’s feelings.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks amena for fast updates. 🙂

  2. Nice I hope naira will win cb she performed with so much emotions nice episode hope yrkkh will continue like dis

  3. I thnk evry1 is doin wrng sidelining naira………
    Nd ds wd hppn
    if gayu wins all attention wd b givn to hr
    if naira wins all th attentn wl b gvn to gayu as she lost

  4. On which song naira performed?

  5. Where are muskaan,alok and prerna…???

    1. They quit after leap

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