Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tara seeing Naksh and smiling. He says you did not tell me you are coming here. She says you will blame me again, whatever happened was not my mistake, someone added bhaang in my drink. He says I did not ask about it. She says you don’t say anything, you changed a lot. He says even I can say that, one thing won’t change, I can’t change without you, I love you a lot. They hug and smile.

Akshara gives speech at Sammelan about family strong roots and relations. Everyone clap. Dada ji says now there is nothing left for me to say, I did not believe girls do any work, but she changed my view, Akshara manages her husband’s restaurant, my granddaughter plays hockey and makes our name shine, she did not leave her values, I m proud of Tara, I request you all

to encourage girls. Everyone clap.

Ananya talks to everyone on video chat and says I have world’s best Papa, he has given me good gift. She asks why is Kuhu here. Varsha says Nannu asked her to stay here. Ananya says how can her father be careless about her, and where is my Papa, call him. Varsha sees Shaurya and says he went out, I will make him call you later. Nannu asks Rajshri for food, and even Kuhu calls her Dadi. Rajshri asks Kuhu what will she eat. Varsha goes. Shaurya looks on.

Akshara talks to Naitik and tells how Dada ji encouraged her. She says you should have recorded, I will listen. He jokes and laughs. He says I have meeting now, I will talk later. Nannu asks Shaurya to come and dine with them. Vishwamber and others leave seeing Shaurya. Shaurya cries. Jasmeet takes Nannu to room. Kuhu holds Shaurya’s hand and serves him food. He apologizes to her. Naksh and Tara get stuck in traffic jam. Naksh asks a man. Man says its long jam, it will take nearly 2 hours. Tara says I can’t wait here, I m tired, I m hungry too. He says we will look around for a hotel, and checks.

He says its same place where mumma was coming for Sammelan, I will ask her. She says why to bother her, we will find the place and rest for some time, it will be better. Kuhu serves tea to Vishwamber in her kitchen set cups. They all smile and say Kuhu made nice tea. She smiles and gives a cup to Shaurya. Shaurya tells everyone that they are good, they accepted Kuhu, if they forgive him… Vishwamber tells Rajshri that Shaurya lied to him once after getting less marks, when he apologized, I have forgiven him. Rajshri says I remember. Vishwamber says then Shaurya lied again and hidden about his love, I have forgiven him as it was just mistake, but this time he did a sin, and he can just get punishment. He asks Rajshri not to call him as Shaurya’s Bau ji, I will not call you as Shaurya’s Maa, you are just Rajshri and I m just Vishwamber.

Akshara says we will have some food and then leave. The people praise Akshara. Sangram asks Vikram to make some food for Tara. Dada ji says Tara is lucky to get Akshara as saas, and even Naksh is a great guy. Naksh and Tara come to same hotel. Naksh asks shall I take two rooms. She asks will they give two rooms for some time. He says yes, we will pay for it. He goes to take a room, and man asks are they husband and wife. Naksh says no. A man hears them and goes to Akshara. He tells them that a guy and girl has come to take room, they are unmarried and came for honeymoon, such guys ruin our values and name. Akshara and Dada ji look on. Akshara says maybe the reason is anything else, why to think bad. The lady says maybe this man is saying right. Akshara says we should first know things well, we don’t have right to say in their personal matter. Sangram says you are saying right, come, we will go and have food. Dada ji says its not important to agree with Akshara always, the man also said right, why are you staring, if guy and girl book room and stay in hotel before marriage, this is very wrong.

Naksh and Tara walk that way. Tara slips and Naksh holds her. Akshara, Dada ji and Sangram get shocked seeing her. Naksh asks Tara are you fine. The man says I did not say wrong, they came for honeymoon before marriage. Sangram shouts Tara. Tara and Naksh get shocked seeing them. The man asks do you know them. The lady asks is this your granddaughter. Dada ji gets angry.

The man says we called Akshara and Dada ji to know about our Sanskriti, and they are not part of our culture. Akshara says we are sure that our children will not do anything that ruin our values. Sangram asks them not to interfere in their personal matter. The people taunt them, laugh off and leave. Dada ji and Sangram take Tara with them. Akshara asks Naksh whats all this. Naksh says I told you I m going to meet Tara, she was not at home, her match was here. Akshara says I did not hear that. He says Preeti called and said Tara is upset, and not able to concentrate, on return, there was traffic and Tara had to rest, we came here, why is Dada ji angry. She says its big misunderstanding. He asks what.

Tara says I did not do anything. Dada ji scolds her and says you are using our love, I praised you, I said I m proud of you, and now you got us insulted. Sangram says you went to play match, what are you doing here with Naksh. Tara says sorry, I went to play match, I did not Naksh will come, there was jam and we came here, I thought he will be annoyed if I don’t agree to come with him here, so we came here. Naksh gets shocked hearing her lie and thinks why is Tara not saying truth.

Dada ji tells Sangram that they lost respect, when Tara can marry, we should …. Akshara says you should get her married, that’s why we got shagun. She smiles getting shagun. Dada ji gets surprised.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. sarayu (honey)

    tara, you are so selfsh and very bad, i hate you

  2. Tara is such a liar! ?
    She looks like a vegetable. Something like cauliflower! ?

  3. Even i don’t like tara’s character..Naksh is so sweet..but she..always complains..
    She didn’t even apologize to Akshara for her behavior..very Naksh should say no for this marriage.

  4. How can their be a wedding without Naitik.


  6. LoL everybody! ? U ppl are describing a human being with vegetables!! ? Super LoL! ? I can’t stop my laughing… ? I’m still laughing… ? U ppl are really very funny.. ? Love u everybody ~ ?

  7. Without naitik present the show is not complete

  8. Hate Tara naksh I’ll gt some one better ask d production ppl fr a new heroin Yar…

  9. Ull gt *****loll it was typo mistake

  10. plz karan come back in yrkkh as soon as possible

  11. The actress works according to the script not on her own whims and fancies. So why hate the actress when she is just playing her part as Tara? I urge the producers not to change Tara’s actress as she’s doing a fine job portraying Tara. Do not ever change Rohan Mehra or Umang Jain and replace Naksh or Tara with someone else. They have perfect chemistry and changing one of them will just ruin Nakshatra.

    All bashers, why didn’t you all audition for Tara? You could have got the role then! Either you audition or keep your mouth shut! Every actress is a human, they too have feelings, so please be considerate of that. Umang Jain portrays Tara well, there’s nothing wrong with her acting or expressions. Where do you see the fault then?

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