Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Naira waits for Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh getting Kirti to room. They see the decorations. The light goes. Khoyi khoyi….plays…. He asks her to change and relax, the marriage is tiring for a bride. She smiles. She slips. He holds her. They have an eyelock. Naira prays for Naksh and Kirti’s new life. She says I should get courage to explain Kartik. She sees Kartik coming home and shouting Naksh. Bhabhimaa asks what happened. Naksh comes and asks is everything fine. Kartik slaps him. Naira shouts no and looks around. She prays to Lord.

Naira does arrangements. She looks at the door. Ananya gives her silver plates. Naira sees her face in the plate. She says you have always seen me when I got ready, today I feel I will see your hatred and anger, don’t know how will I face it,

why is my heart restless, waiting to see you or by worry of your reaction. Bhabhimaa welcomes guests. Rajshri sees Naira and worries. Goenkas come. Naira and Rajshri look for Kartik. Naira cries. Suwarna looks around. Naira thinks where is Kartik. Bhabhimaa asks Naira to welcome her family.

Naira welcomes Goenkas. Dadi says Kartik will come, Guru ji called him for some work, he went there. Suwarna asks Naira to come back soon, she will manage everything. She hugs Naira and goes. Naira says its strange day, I wanted to meet you, now I feel its fine if you come late. Manish says nice decorations. Suwarna smiles. She says I know you are waiting to see Kirti, even I want to see her happiness. He says I felt I did her bidaai in true sense.

Dadi comes to Naira. Naira smiles and turns to her. She asks did you like everything. Dadi says its very nice. Naira says you would be missing Kirti. Dadi asks did you talk to Kartik. Naira says yes, but he was busy. Dadi says he just listens to you. Aryan says I got a job, but also this uniform. He sends the servants. He likes the grand house and says they are super rich, I have scope in two rich houses, impression on them won’t have depression, I will work, they do perfect decoration. He falls and shouts Maa. Suwarna helps him. He collides with Manish. Manish scolds him. Suwarna signs Aryan to go and talks to Manish. Aryan thanks her and says she is so good, she saved me as mums saves sons from dads. Naira gets Naksh and Kirti. Everyone smiles. Aryan shouts that he has to take a pic. Manish stares at him. Aryan gets back. Dadi asks Kirti to be with her sasural first. Naira says no, you have first right on her. Kirti hugs Suwarna and others. Yeh rishta….plays…..

Manish asks Naksh to always keep Kirti smiling. Naksh says I can just promise to keep her happy. Suwarna says we completely trust you. Kirti asks where is Kartik. Surekha says he will just come. Dadi worries. Naksh sees Naira worried. Naira waits for Kartik. She tells Ananya that they will first sing and then give the surprise. She says Kartik and I planned that surprise together, I wish he comes soon. Ananya teases Naksh and Kirti. They all sing dil se bandhi ek dor……. Naira dances. They all dance. Kartik walks in. Kirti and Naksh dance with everyone. Naira takes rounds and falls. Kartik holds her in arms.

Naksh asks why are you behaving like this with Naira. Kartik asks what did you do with Kirti, I have seen your and Yash video, you have married Kirti unwillingly.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aku

    Finally got some keesh scenes.. aww so cute and understanding naksh is.. but again naira has to spoil everything.. huh..

    Anyways guys a very happy and prosperous Diwali ???

    1. Ponkuri

      Sis Aku U too hope u enjoy ur holiday n blessed with great health n great wealth???

    2. Same to you❤

    3. Kaina1

      happy diwali aku

  2. Kaina1

    Hayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee me sadke jawan thu thu keesh ko kisi ki nazar na lage cvs aaj toh tum logo ne diwali aur bhi acchi kardi cvs aagar tum aise episode roj dekhaou toh i am telling i wont abuse u but but guys KEESH KE SCENE GUYS THEY ARE GOALS I MEAN DUDE I DONT KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT LET ME TELL YOU WHENEVER THERE IS A KEESH SCENE I AM BLUSHING LIKE IT IS ALL HAPPENING WITH ME I MEAN DUDE THEY ARE GOALS AND THEY SLAY LIKE NO OTHER I MEAN YAAR I AM IN LOVE WITH THEM SAMAJH NAHI AARAHA KAISE KAHOON DUDE IF YOU FIND WORDS TO DESCRIB KEESH THEN LET ME KNOW YAAR THEY ARE MAGICAL THEY ARE EVERYTHING THAT I WANT TO SEE IN YRKKH i mean dude this was literally the best episode of keesh hand down for me they are perfect GUYS A BIG THANK TO GOD THAT CVS DIDNT SEND NAIRA WITH KEEESH IN NAKSH ROOM mujhe cvs pe bharosa nahi hai i am mentally prepared for that but it didnt happen and i thank god for that so guys episode start with keesh entering naksh room with light-off and then naksh put on the light and was abt to talk to keerti but then keerti notice the room decor and both of them oh my god me sadke jawan me balayian utar loon in logo ki thu thu kisi ki nazar na lage yaar i am still blushing on that akwardness hayeee me sadke jaun and that background music oOMG IT WAS SO PERFECT CVS TODAY I PROMISE TUM LOGO KO MERI TARF SE PARTY HAYEEEEEEEEEEEE KOI KEESH KI NAZAR UTARLO guys that background music i am so in love with this scene i am still watching it and then comes another million dollar scene light goes off again and the naksh says “lagta hai MERE kamre ka lamp fuse hogaya” and then he puts on another lamp and THEN KEERTI SAYS “HUMARE KAMRE KA” OH MY GOD GUYS BAHAR JAKE DEKHO SURAG KAHAN SE RISE HUA HAI I MEAN CVS SERIOUSLY U WORTE THESE SCENE I AM IMPRESSED BHAGWAN KARE ROZ ROZ AISE SCENE LIKHO CVS YOU MADE MY DIWALI MUCH BETTER I GUYS AAJ KEESH KE SCENE HAYEEEEEEEEEEEEE KISI KI NAZAR NA LAGE OMG THEY ARE MAGIACAL THEY ARE EVERTHING I WILL WISH I AM TOTALLY AT LOSE OFF WORDS TO DESCRIB THEM THEY ARE ROCKING THEY ARE WHAT I WANT and that romantic stare at keerti oh naksh you are so so perfect keerti would you mind exchanging him with me

    1. Yes yaar loved the keesh scenes very much.when they light went off I thought now Naira will come with glad they didn’t do it, other wise it will be more irritating

      1. Kaina1

        vahi toh anjana cvs ne hum fans me kaira ka aisa khoof pada kar diya hai ki kuch bhi ho jaye lagta hai ki ab naira nahi toh karthik aajayenge i was whole of the time sitting with cross finger and was like plz god ont send naira plz pl finger cross and when whole scene went i was pretty happy that no naira literally yaar naira nahi koi bhoot hagay jo kabhi bhi aa sakta hai

      2. Anjana & Kaina sis you two are so funny ?
        It is funny because we all know that the producers would have thought of it but some sensible soul must have stopped them.

    2. Ponkuri

      Hi??? Bro Fenil Sis Kaina Anjana Raf Sachu Missy Meena TVfan1 Ayesha Aku n all???????????
      Sis Kaina I think ur in love wit Naksh hahaha????? I love their scene too so loving n romantic ??? I just wish that Karthik dun spoils this perfect moment of Keesh… After all
      in this moment Keesh r happy… (Naksh had agreed to the marriage but he did not said that he loves Kirti like someone said this is a an arranged marriage but he promised he will keep Kirti happy) so why Karthik must insist Naksh is lying??? ?? why he is so stubborn… can’t he just let Keesh enjoy their happiness in this very moment…. Why insisted in telling Kirti the truth??? Every precious moment is precious why spoilt it??? There is no guarantee that every marriage is going to last… Even love marriage can end up divorce…. and it too happened to 3 marriages in this show (if I am not wrong) so can Karthik guarantees Kirti happiness even if she is married to someone tat promises he loves her???? So why spoilt this moment when Naksh alrdy promised he is going to make Kirti happy??? and how abt u Karthik u said u loves Naira n see how ur treating her??? Ur worst than Naksh now!!! ??

      1. Kaina1

        yes ponkuri i agree to every single words of urs now karthik has become worst than naksh

      2. Me too Ponkuri I am with Kaina I love Naksh because he is the epitome of Nakshara’s love, personality and upbringing – it is so evident.
        The way he looks at Kirti with passion but respectfully.
        He is really Akshara’s Duggu

    3. Kaina1

      and the way keerti was tense and the way naksh just told keerti to change and relax bhai yaar aaj toh cvs ko meri taraf se 100 kilo kaju katli free i mean guys they are so perfect i still cant get over any of their scene i mean dude after nakshara is i am adoring someone like this them it is keesh and i mean naksh is true nakshra child THE WAY HE UNDERSTOOD KEERTI ISNT COMFORTABLEthe way he stare at keerti oh my gosh i love him and adore him i mean guys is it me or are you also blushing ?? and that fall hayee me sadke jawan keerti tum aise har din gira karo yaar cvs tum ne toh aaj dil khus kar diya u dont know how much i love keesh scene today

      1. Yes Kaina sis I love their scenes
        Blush Blush Blush

    4. Kaina1

      hayee bhagwan ye naira dreams bhi itne ghatiya dekhti i mean even in dream naira is seeing naksh getting beaten yup dear naira sapna toh aisa dekho ki humara dimag kharab na ho i mean guys tis naira cant see anyotheer dream dream me bhi naksh ko mar pad wani hai kya yaar naira sapne bhi acche nahi dekh sakti tum aur haan bhagwaan se keesh ke liye baad me dua maangna phele unse bolo ki voh tumhe or karthik ko sadh buddhi dede tumhe pata bhi nahi kitne logo ka khoon frustation ki wajah se jalna band ho jayega magar chodo yaar tumse ummed karna behas ke sammne bin bajjane jaisa hai aur haan madam jar batana aap ne kya sambhalah hai ab tak nani aur naksh dono ko pata hai nothing is allright toh kya ghata sambhala aapne jaaye kisi kumre me band ho jayeye mujhe aapki awaaz se bhi chid hone lagi hai so pl go to hell

      1. That part irritated me Kaina because I can never imagine my husband hitting my brothers and I am older than them let alone if they were older than me – just shows you Naira’s wayward ness

    5. Kaina1

      guys is it me or anyone else notice that the moment cvs shift their focus from goenkas to shinghaniyas then everything falls in place no over the top make-up no jewellalry ki dukan no aajeebo gareeb kapade nothing everything comes back to place from where it left i meant everything start getting normalize
      anyways moving ahead is a scene in which ananaya tells naira to do some work and she see some plate and she says that “till now i get ready for karthik and blah blah blah” (read it as arre yaar aaj cvs ne mera tayyar hone waala scene nahi dikhaya i am sad “) and yes naira only said that shinghaniya sadan isnt her house then y she is like ladke waale ladki waale and then devyani ask where is karthik @FENIL BRO UR PREDICTION COMES TRUE SEE to which dg replies that he went somewhere guruji called him (in short arre yaar abhi nahi aayega footage kahani hai baad me aayega )
      and then again naira ki bakwas bhai yaar issko aise ghade me dhakelo jahan se is ki awaz na aaye i am so so irritated by her voice that the moment she speaks and i am like “can u plzshut-up” and then aryan and suwarna and manish scene ROFL guys do tell me is they give you any parents son vibe becoz for me they are like no where related so do tell if you have same

      1. Kaina1

        and yes now come the part so yash an ananaya introduce keesh i was so happy that its not naira really yaar mann kar raha tha cvs ko 100 kilo tamatar (mehegayi ke karan) do but the when keesh were getting of the staircase i saw naira aur phir mann kar raha ki vo tamatar unke muh pe maru cvs kyu kyu CAN YOU PLZ EXPLAIN Y WAS NAIRA THEIR WITH KEESH WHEN THEY WERE MAKING ENTRY ?? I MEAN BOTH KEERTI AND NAKSH KNOW HOW TO WALK AND YES KEERTI WAS ALREAY HOLDING NAKSH HAND THEN Y NAIRA ALONG WITH KOI OFFER HAI KYA BUY 1 GET ONE FREEE I MEAN DUDE IT IS SUPPOSE TO BE “ONLY AND ONLY” KEESH TO YEH SHADI ME thali ke saath FREE NAPKIN KI TARAH NAIRA KYA KAR RAHI HAI anyways #cvsrotinhell so then kirti meet goenka to which dadi tells her to meet shinghaniya and the naira again speaks bhai yaar me iske muh pe konsa permanent tape lagaou i mean dude naksh was there bhabhimaa baisa nani dadi sab the toh ye madam ko kya jarurat hai bolen ki yaar guys i mean for the first time it is the lead of the show which is getting on my nerves i mean yaar KSBKBT se kumkum bhagya tak shayad koi show hoga jiske lead aapko irritate or frustate kare itna ki aap unko hate karo yaar hadd hai cvs har jagah naira free ki dhaniya aur adarak ki tarah kyu ghusa dete ho koi toh saharam karo ab toh kaira fans bhi mazak udane lage hai tum logo ki anyways CVS CAN YOU PLZ STOP SHOWING NAIRA OR KAIRA REACTION TO EVERY KEESH ROMANTIC SCENE PLZ I AM BEGGING YOU YAAR THODI TOH PRIVACY DEDO IN WHOLE DANCE WHENEVER KEERTI AND NAKSH WAS ROMANCING THEY WERE SHOWING NAIRA REACTION (MY FOOT ) BHAI ROMANCE KAR RAHE HAI KOI FREE KI MOVIE NAHI HAI JO YEH MADAM APNA REACTION DE PLZ CVS NO KAIRA REACTION KO KEESH ROMANCE

      2. I agree with all your points yarr
        Manish – Suwarna cute cute
        As for Aryan I feel sad that he is in his own house/ home and he is treated as a servant.
        Aryan looks and talk rough because of his upbringing but once he is acknowledged and taken care off he will gell with them.

    6. Fenil

      Same feeling Dear Kaina.
      Ishq mujhko hua hain…BG tune lovely

  3. Hii guys!!!
    Wish you all a very prosperous and happy Diwali!!!
    Guys I am quite angry now….?? why did CVS keep gayu’s background song khoyi khoyi as keesh background song???? could they not make a new one???that one is just for gayu… gayu is not here that doesn’t mean they will use her background song….they make thousands songs for kaira and couldn’t make a single one for keesh????why why why why why why why why why why why why why why and why????????
    And before yrkkh was famous for its many rasams and festivals and now nothing… whatever little bit they show just for showcasing kaira.. Even keesh shadi is also just for kaira….
    CVS pls pls pls pls pls make a new song for keesh pls ?????????

    1. Kaina1

      i hope they listen to you and give us that naksh always had his own bg be it when he was young “sabki aakho ka tara ye nanha raj dulara” or is first bday “naksh jiyo hazaro saal usse mile sabhika pyaar” or his namkaran song or the extended version of jadu tera chal gaya

    2. Same to you yarr
      Enjoy but not too much ??????

  4. Hey Ponkuri, Anjana, Kaina, Fenil, Sachu and ALL YRKKH fans/family
    I pray all is enjoying the holiday.
    All your comments on the past few episodes has been wonderful to read – so good to read like minded people’s opinions. Because of you all I had to watch all episodes I have missed except yesterday’s.
    @Kainasis your Maha comments are worth reading. I laugh and cry at the same time reading your comments. I feel you sis – the frustration is real. I use my phone a lot and do not bother to log in when in use but whenever I am using my tablet, then I log on. It is easier with my phone as I am with it all the time.
    @Aku you have become the fighter for justice on this page
    @Fenil I see you are still keeping the peace
    @Ponkuri your gentle opinion is so spot on create a thinking mind and thanks for thinking of me always
    @Anjana you are so sweet sis and I appreciate the care.
    @Sachu I feel the same way you do – I sometimes don’t even want to read updates because when I do, I then read comments and then go on to watch
    @ALL commenters I am so with you on the frustration bit – CVs are missing the point of the success of the show.
    Today’s episode was worth watching Keesh absolutely lovely and can’t wait to see their journey provided the CVs wake up.

    1. Thank you missy

    2. Ponkuri

      Sis Missy Thank you for ur lovely comment ??? yes hope cvs wake up now or else our Sis Kaina is ready to attack anytime soon???

      1. Kaina1

        yes ponkuri di if cvs didnt stop this kaira crap song then i will call ISIS

    3. Aku

      Should I take it as a compliment?

      1. Kaina1

        yes aku atleast you are straightword and best part is you are clear you know what you are speaking and are unapologetic for it belive me there are very less ppl in the world like that even not me if some1 comment bad on my comment then i make sure to explain and be diplomatic not becoz i want but becoz they want (i truly hate this) but you are what you are be same way dear

      2. Yes babes it is a big compliment coming from me as I am pro justice all the time. I can fight anyone for human rights anytime. Enjoy Divali hols

    4. Aku

      So true ?

    5. Kaina1

      oh missy dear keep commenting i miss reading ur comments so much plz keep commenting just a hi will also do so plz comment daily

  5. Keesh scenes and Manish scenes are magical.looks like old Loving huband and wife, loving father and daughter
    Kaira and Naira scenes are new YRKKH
    Oh they want to show Naira in keesh entry in reception.they are spoiling kaarthk character.just arrogant as always when he joins goenka. he is going to get angry on his brother also.

    1. Ponkuri

      Sis Anjana???

    2. Kaina1

      anjana they have spoiled karthik character i mean common he was supposed to be the ideal husband of indian television an he has end-up like a biggest joke on indian television

    3. Hey Anjana sis
      Kartik’s character is completely destroyed and I think in real life the actor too is arrogant
      I remember reading that he was causing trouble on set and he embarrassed the whole India police force that they take bribes when he was caught breaking the law.
      Sometimes I think it is the CVs revenge on him for rudeness because he is not the same Kartik as before marriage in fact way before marriage.
      His character completely destroyed
      I wouldn’t want him as a son, or a brother or even a husband – can’t stand his character.

  6. Now for a small analysis of what is going on
    DG – for once I agree with her for locking Kartik up because she knows that Naksh was not ready for marriage and she was the one that forced it.
    Kartik – he has become the biggest joke in tv world. Your sister has an arranged marriage so it is expected that love will not be part of the equation yet. Also you lived with the Singhanias and they never treated you badly, even when they did not know your status – they were willing to marry their daughters with you. All throughout the preparation of the wedding – you never saw Naksh misbehaved with Kirti so what the issue – this was an arranged marriage oh no a forced marriage. You are ACTING as the wonderful brother but where were you when she was being abused by Aditya, even Naksh knew Kirti was not happy in her marriage before you do. FOOLISH boy. Your wife even tried to tell you so many times even on her wedding day what did you do you treated her like garbage. So you think and called Naksh cheap – REALY – you can never match up to Naksh. Remember one thing Naksh didn’t come with a proposal for Kirti, your family did. Stop being so immature and stupid. It is time to grow up foolish beta.
    Naira – you questioned your brother – oh wow the one who could not maintain relationship with her mother or family for six years. And Naira you don’t walk out on your marriage. You stay and sort things out. You acted immaturely. But then again you think you are older than your parents, grandparents and great grandparents. So you know everything. You managed to spoil Keesh’s beautiful moments with your immaturity.
    Kaira – your relationship is abusive and need sorting out – if I was in such a relationship I will run for the hills. You two are so silly and it is time for you to grow up and start acting like sensible people. Your overacting is too much for one to bear. So your cycle is this you romance – fights – separate – dream – fights – cry – apologise – cry – make up – romance – fights – and so on the cycle continues. #sobored with it. And I forgot to say your fights are meaningless.
    CVs and Rajan sir – please spare us this Naira/Kaira’s over doing. We love your show and have invested in it but too much of the same thing is sickening. Stay with your concept and share the lead between Nakshara’s children then it is progressive continuity.
    The family together was so sweet and Manish looks like a young father – so sweet.
    Our Baisa was rocking it & she always love Kirti so I am pleased.
    Keesh you are so sweet – I can’t wait for my future husband to welcome me into his life, family and home awwwwww.
    Kirti is so in love it shows
    The outfits of the ladies superb and the gents very handsome too. Everybody was rocking it today in the looks department. I love the dance sequence. Kirti is going to be so loved in that family testimony to Nakshara’s legacy.

    1. Ponkuri

      Oh Sis Missy wow ur spot on??? I agreed ya ur the one who said this is an arranged marriage n Naksh just accepted the proposal he did not said he loves Kirti at that time…!!
      And like u hve said b4 love can always develop over time??right?? the way Karthik is doing isn’t he is spoiling Kirti n his own happiness by telling the truth? Knowing that Naksh agreed to this marriage is for Naira n Karthik happiness.. Then by doing this nonsense wat good will come out of this??? Is it going to make relations better or worst? Ur right he is such a childish guy!!! n abusive really? even wit the person he loved…. Yes I love the dressing of all the ladies today to be frank I always love Hindi dressing very lovely???
      Sis Missy I am sure u will meet someone who loves u and u love him soon??? although I dun know how young r u? ?hahaha… Best wishes n blessing showered on u and everyone here who r still single including me?????????????????

      1. Sis I am youngish just finished studying
        We are searching for husband – as I prefer arranged marriage. Not that I have anything against love but will rather arrange. Nothing so far yet but I am hopeful.
        I agree with your point he is acting foolishly
        He could have had a sensible talk with Kirti about how she feels if Naksh’s feelings are not the same.
        He could have had a heart to heart talk with Naksh to as certain that he is genuine about Kirti
        He used to live with the Maheshwaris and know that Nakshara has an arranged marriage and witness their love.
        He was there for Rose’s wedding and saw the way the family stood up for Rose
        I am not sure about the timeline for Ananya’s wedding – I think it was before he came to live there.
        Most of the Maheshwaris and Singhanias had arranged marriages- so what his problem – I just think he is stupid.
        Also I was thinking that if Kirti finds out she will side with Naskh – I feel Kirti knows that Naksh is not in love with her but he respects her and she is going into the marriage hoping to make Naksh fall in love with her.
        But I think Nsksh is already in love with her and I don’t think he himself is aware.

    2. Hi Missy nice views.

      1. Ponkuri

        Sis Missy ur right agreed with u? n wish u all the best regarding about ur marriage ??

    3. Kaina1

      and here i has missy special comment girl i agree to ur words like they are my own

  7. omg omg omg naksh is killing me with his hotness and keerti with her shyness and keesh with their magicness I mean today it was best of bestes keesh episode ever they just made my day Amazing lovely hot and what not should I say I don’t even know what am writing but am really excited(bear me guys)

    1. Kaina1

      wahi toh yaar naksh is so so hottttttttttttttt usse dekho ko dil me aag lag jaati hai that level of hotness he has and keerti hayeeeeeeeeeee me sadke jawan uski toh nazar utarne ka mann karta hai mann karta hai ki yeh dono jab bhi saath me ho tab inki sari balayen utar loo and yes dont worry dear humara bhi kuch aisa hi haal hai i am still blushing thinkinh of those scene yaar ek-do scene milte hai keesh ke usme ye haal ho jata hai bhagwan jaane jab ye cvs keesh ko unka apna romantic track denge toh yaar kya hoga i promise i will write a whole novel on keesh if that ever happens

    2. Yes Ayesha they have magic

  8. hahaha kaina dear I understand ur happiness and excitement cuz I can feel each and every word u wrote thnx for sharing yar same to same

    1. Kaina1

      thanks dear dil ka haal bayan bhi nahi kar sakte i am still in hand over mode

  9. and now naira tum shukar manao that when kartik slapped naksh that was just a dream otherwise tumhare kartik ki to aj oh my maata kar chuki hoti men…..
    precap:ufffffffff kartik is immature he can’t see how happy naksh and keerti were nazar na lage..

  10. Anjana they are not spoiling kartik’s character they have already did it…
    Missy I too loved the dance sequence and everyone’s clothes and keerti was looking soooo gorgeous that too with handsome guy Naksh ohhh they just slayed yar
    love u keesh

    1. Yes his character is gone
      That what you get when you act arrogant with the CVs

  11. Ponkuri

    Hi Sagarika YRKKH Fan ??
    I saw ur comment yesterday but so sorry the part u wrote in Hindi I dun understand coz I can’t understand Hindi (I am a Chinese) n yes of course we Welcome U and ur bestie Natasha if ( I am not wrong) I read update to understand the show… I began to watch YRKKH when my mum was watching n I happened to sat down wit her and that was when I fell in love wit YRKKH tat was 6 years ago??? hahaha… During that time I also was watching other hindi shows…. Eg…. Veera… Bhabhi Meri Bhabhi… saath-nibhana-saathiya…. Another one Pyaar something… All already ended??? sorry for telling so much???

    1. No need to say sorry ponkuri.i was also watching all those serials.

    2. Ohh….. sorry for that….
      Well I was just telling that RD MK fan….. is my bestie Natasha….. and both of us are crazy about yrkkh….. I am liking the show since an yr….. but she has started liking it just recently….
      Thats it
      Well coming to today’s Epi….. keesh rocked it yaar!!!
      I seriously agree that there is not any such magical or charming couple more than keesh
      They are THE BEST!!!!
      But I also want this kaira fight to end up soon
      CVs plzzzzz give equal screen space to both the couples
      See u later guys!!!

      1. Kaina1

        yup yrkkh fan welcome to TU page iand yes keesh are the best i also want naira to leave shinghaniya sadan atleast then it will be only keesh

      2. I do agree with you YRKKH fan equal space to both Nakshara’s children
        That is what we have been screaming at all these months. We don’t hate Naira/Kaira – we just want justice
        YRKKH has been on for 8/9years and if you watch from beginning ten you will fully understand our frustrations with the producers and CVs.

  12. Enjoying your comments for around last 9 months. Hello, everyone! I enjoy your comments rather than serial these day.
    One of the oldest audience of YRKKH.

    1. Hi munu thank you for commenting

    2. Kaina1

      thanks munnu welcome do comment daily it is always fun to know others opinion

    3. Thanks – your points are equally needed and wanted even if you disagree with the majority- we still love to hear them.

      Although I took an hiatus from commenting but I will try to comment too and regularly

  13. U guys not alone even thinking about y’day’s keesh scene still making be blush.. both of them just tooooo perfect yaar…

    1. Kaina1

      thanks zak for the company even i am blushing like red rose yup keesh are goals and they slay it like no other

    2. Yarr Blush Blush Blush
      Keesh makes us Blush

  14. Kaina1

    Guys any guesses who decorated naksh room for the first night of keesh i bet it on ananya and yash
    and yes guess that scene in which ananya hold keerti hand and keerti thought it was naksh and then when she saw it was ananya hieeeee finally ananya remembered chiku and am happy that finally cvs showed us sibiling love
    do see this link

    1. i am sure Ananya and Yash.. have always loved the 3some (Naksh,yash, ananya) they would hve don it for Naksh.. ??

    2. @kania1 Free Free Free ?? so true

    3. Ponkuri

      Thank you Sis Kaina for the info n link???

      1. Kaina1

        ponkuri di no need to thanks

  15. Aku

    I saw yesterday’s episode.. wow yaar naksh is so cute and understanding.. and Karthik just a selfish and the mean guy.. and the dance sequence..I just loved it..apart from naira in that obviously.. and and and.. Singhania’s looked so amazingly simple yet beautiful.. nothing over the top like naira…. ??

    1. Kaina1

      finally aku you watched a yrkkh episode

    2. Yes Aku the episode was gorgeous – before I watched I told myself to ignore Naira/Kaira’s scene unless it is relevant to the episode.
      The welcoming scene should have been done by the bahu of the house. Karishma should have welcome Goenkas – am I wrong?

  16. Naira u are too good . Bcz of that useless naksh ur and kartik relationship is affecting. Keesh are so cheap. They are enjoying their newlymarried life over kaira separation . And thanks rajan sir for saying that u will only focus on kaira .And we don’t any keesh .we want only kaira scence bcz of them the no one show is not in top ten also

    1. Aku

      Yeah you want the cheap so called fake romance of kaira.. and it’s their immaturity that they can’t handle their relationship not keesh.. and whatever naksh did was as a concern bro for a sis.. but your idiot immature selfish foolish mannerlesss arrogant beloved kaira will never understand.. all they want is just attention.. and we want keesh not these cheap kaira especially overacting ki Dukan make up ki Dukan naira

      1. Ponkuri

        Sis Aku????

      2. Aku sis I agree with your comments.
        Useless and baseless comments I ignore
        1) Keesh do not know about separation
        2) Naksh sense something is wrong and asked his sister unlike Naira who is selfish
        3) it is Keesh wedding – I will love to see on your wedding day and the focus is on your sister or friend – how will you feel.
        Please reply and justify your comments

    2. @Himani i dont get the logic all this time were are watching kaira drama did rajan shahi forgot that?? kabhi kabhi keesh nikal ata hai.. abh kua nata dialog bola raha hai Producer nea?? they were showing only and only kaira drama there is nothing new tonstart with kaira.. itz running for some times . oh achanak sea yaad aya shayad sirf naira aur kartik ko show meai rakne ki bath hodi. after all other actors dont habe work on yrkkh this day only kaira now if they are startig a fresh kaira track the now no one will be seen at all.. achcha hai.. ?? jaldi katham hoga..

      1. Zak so right
        She needs to reply with a justification of Keesh selfishness.
        The other characters help tell Nara/Kaira’s story if they all walk out – what will happen?

    3. Aku

      Btw Himani would do a little effort and spare your precious time and tell all of us how is naira too good? Cz I couldn’t find any goodness in her.. so please do tell me I’m waiting for your reply.. do reply

  17. dear himani if kartik has handled the situation maturely than naira would have not leave goenka house because of his childishness we are seeing their separation and about naksh he is 10000000 times better than kartik not only me but everyone else agrees..

    1. Ponkuri

      Sis Ayesha ??????

    2. Kaina1

      yes ayesha naksh is 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better then arrogance ka makan karthik

    3. So so true Ayesha
      Those two romance and so called love is base on childishness
      They really need to grow up
      They are rotating on the same cycle.

  18. Kaina sis I have just seen the instagram link
    What I am getting is
    1) Hate from Kaira’s fans
    2) Keesh fans are all about love – genuine one
    3) Kaira’s fans are one sided in their thinking
    4) Keesh fans see the family as a unit
    5) Keesh fans want justice for all as I believe are more loyal to the show than a set of people – this means that if Mohsin and Shivsngi left the show – they won’t watch anymore
    6) Fsns who are loyal to the show helps the show to continue in production and fans who are not brings the show down
    7) Kaira’s fans need to think about this without the other characters there is no Kaira
    8) I also believe that Kaira’s fans are young teens 13 – 15 and if that is the case why are they so obsessed with romance.

    You all I am thinking that Mishti and Naitik have left the show – I mean the actors who played them. What do you think?
    You all I will watch and comments tomorrow as I am out to dinner with friends this evening and by the time I get back it will be late. I am free this weekend so will comments.

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