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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara and Naitik bringing Naksh to hospital. She says they have beaten him a lot. He asks who. She says Tara’s brothers. He gets angry and calls police station. Dada ji asks Sangram and Vikram did Naksh get sense. Sangram says yes, we have beaten him a lot, he will not see Tara now. Vikram says we would have beaten him more, his mum came there to save him, she was beating us with stick. Dada ji asks what was his mum doing there. Sangram says we did not leave that guy. Dada ji slaps Sangram and scolds him. He recalls Akshara. He says don’t know why is she after our family.

Preeti tells Tara that Sangram has beaten Naksh. She gives message by window and says she has seen Sangram taking Naksh in jeep, call Naksh and ask him is he fine. She leaves.

Tara worries. The sister says doctor is doing MRI. Akshara cries. She says parents can bear anything, but not child’s pain. Naitik says we are helpless. She says what will we tell at home, they will be worried, I did not tell Bhabhimaa. He says once doctors give reports, we will think what to do. She asks what did Naksh do, that they have beaten him, did Naksh feel we did not do anything, so he went there. Naitik asks her not to blame herself, even he loves Naksh.

Sangram asks Vikram why did he tell Dada ji about that woman. Vikram says sorry. The police comes there. Inspector asks who is Sangram, they came to arrest Sangram and Vikram, on the crime of attacking Naksh Singhania. Dada ji says we don’t know Naksh. Inspector says Naitik filed the case and takes them.

Jasmeet asks Nannu is he eating food or not. She tells Rajshri that he is lying, does he throw food or give friends, he can’t eat. Rajshri tells Nannu that insects come in stomach by lies. Nannu says he gave food to friend. He says Naksh will have insects, as he lied a lot, he has a GF, she went to Goa, so he took you all to Goa. They all get shocked. Kaki asks Varsha and Jasmeet did they know this. Jasmeet says no. Varsha says Akshara told me after coming back and asked me not to tell anyone. Rajshri says Naksh did wrong to use Dadi, I will not forgive him. Dadi asks what.

Akshara and Naitik are with Naksh. Dada ji comes to hospital and asks Naksh’s ward. Naitik says he will pay for tests and medicines. He goes out. Tara looks for the ward as Ananya told her, and sees Naksh. She cries and sees Akshara there. Dada ji hears Naitik taking Naksh’s name to pay the bill. He stops Naitik and asks is Naksh your son’s name, is he alive? Naitik gets angry.

Tara comes inside ward. Akshara requests her to leave right now. Tara says please, I came to say sorry, I know its my mistake. Akshara says I know what you feel, I don’t want anything more bad to happen, please go. Tara says let me apologize to him. Akshara says he is not conscious, go. Tara says sorry and starts leaving. Naksh gets conscious. Akshara says I will call doctor. Tara asks Naksh is he fine. Akshara sees her and leaves. Naitik says its lie, Naksh and Tara love each other, they both are equally responsible, how dare you beat my son. Dada ji says he did mistake, Tara’s marriage is fixed, if your son sees her, I will not leave her.

Naitik says if your grandson touches my son, I will not leave him. Dada ji asks him to take complaint back. Naitik says he will not take complaint back. Dada ji threatens him about Naksh. Naitik asks him to touch Naksh and then see. Naitik goes to Akshara and she tells him about Naksh getting consciousness. Naitik says Tara’s Dada ji came to threaten us to take complaint back. She says I will talk to him. Naitik says I told him, lets go to Naksh. Naitik sees Tara there.

Akshara says she is Tara. Naitik asks why did this girl come here. Akshara says she came to see Naksh. Tara says sorry. Naitik asks her to leave, why is everyone after Naksh, tell family not to be around Naksh. Tara leaves. Akshara asks Naitik to calm down. He says I can’t. Tara cries and comes out of hospital. She prays to Lord for help, Dada ji should not see her. She sees Dada ji there and hides. Dada ji leaves.

Ananya comes to Tara. Tara hugs her and cries. Bhabhimaa says there is something that Naitik and Akshara are hiding, Naksh did not come. Akshara and Naitik bring Naksh home in injured state. The family gets worried and asks what happened. Naitik asks Akshara to take Naksh to his room. He says Naksh fought with some guys in college. Devyaani asks what did doctor say. Naitik asks Devyaani not to ask many questions, he has shown Naksh to doctor. Naitik goes. Bhabhimaa asks how is he taking. Bau ji says they are hiding something.

Dada ji calls out Tara at home and asks Aditya. Aditya says she is not at home, I was busy in work, maybe she went to her friend. Dada ji says she will come if she wants, if she does not come, I know where is she. Akshara takes care of Naksh. Naita and Mishti ask who has beaten Naksh. Mishti takes hockey stick and says I will beat them. Akshara says Naira does not need to know, he will be fine. Akshara thinks what will happen. Dada ji comes to Singhania house. Bhabhimaa asks Naitik what happened to Naksh. Bau ji says we are not able to believe what you said, we feel truth is different. Naitik says no, I told you. Dada ji shouts where is that shameless boy. He comes inside and everyone look on shocked. Naitik asks how dare you come here. Dada ji says I m very daring, you have seen it. Naitik asks him to go. Dada ji asks him to bring Tara, where did he hide him.

Dada ji says he will not leave them when he knows Tara is here. Akshara asks how are you talking, and sees him. Naitik says he is Tara’s Dada ji.

Update Credit to: Amena

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