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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhabi maa asks Akshara to play a game. It was like a board game, Muskaan was excited. Akshara says that this is a traditional game. Akshara says to Muskaan that they are really lucky that they get in laws who care for her happiness and rest as well.
Namal asks Naitik to take Karishma for dinner and wants his car. Naitik tells him to enjoy but be careful not to let his family down. Namal says that he and Karishma are now serious.
AKshara leaves for work, they all also disperse to works. Akshara forgets some papers inside. Deviani notices Rashi come there; she says she came to meet Akshara. Deviani says she went out, and will be back in half an hour. She tells Rashi to sit, she will be back soon and they will have tea together.
Mohit tells Nandini that he understands

and will talk to maa. Nandini tells him to be careful maa doesn’t dislike it. She goes to take tea. Rajeshwari comes there and asks Mohit when he came, Nandini didn’t tell her. Mohit says she doesn’t knew it herself. Mohit asks why she wants to send Yash outside, why she didn’t think what Nandini and Yash will feel.
Akshara cheers to see Rashi, Rashi thinks why Deviani lied to her. Akshara was going out, Rashi says she wants to go out too. AKshara says she must stay at home, with everyone. Rashi says she can talk to everyone, only Akshara doesn’t have time. Deviani brings tea but Akshara and Rashi have left. She asks Girja to look for Rashi, she says she didn’t see her.
Naitik comes to the seminar room. Alok remembered someone so beautiful as model. He says he didn’t think about meeting that person again in life.
Namal takes leave from deviani saying he will be late. Deviani tells Bhabi maa that she doesn’t trust Namal and Karishma now. Bhabi maa tells her to learn and trust him and Karishma. Deviani says she is unable to do it.
Alok says he can still not forget her face, and name. It was Mohini. Naitik says hello to everyone. He says he was told Naitik was busy, he says he is just leaving and invites ALok home as Akshara sees all the designs work. He will join them in the evening, sometime later. Alok asks is she comfortable. Naitik says when friends are clients. Alok says they were never friends. Naitik says he knows it all, but one can be friend any time.
Sooraj asks what will the school do with these cards. Akshara says they will sell them, and help poor children. She asks him to roll them and watches a book. Sooraj says it is his private book, she tells him to go bring the newspaper rolls. Akshara reads the diary and Lux’s fears about the baby-to-come. Akshara cries that children learn everything. Akshara wipes her tears, and hugs Lux when he comes back. She says to him, that he will be a great elder brother.
Everyone discuss that the cotton cleaner didn’t come. Varsha says she forbid her, not to open all the quilts together. Dadi isn’t well, they ask her to go to hospital. Rashi says she won’t listen to her. Deviani calls they will listen to her. She gives Dadi a medicine to take in water. Varsha asks how she knew. Deviani says Akshara told her, she came to see some patients so brought it. Rashi thanks it, then says one must show whatever is in the heart.
Nandini comes to Rukmini. She apologizes Nandini saying Yash is her grandson too. She was just fearful about the child to be. She won’t do whatever she dislikes, she must stay happy so that the child is also healthy. Yash comes and hugs Nandini. Rukmini asks him to put off his shoes. Nandini leaves to bring milk for Yash. His dadi scolds yash, that he hugs his mom jumping. Yash says he will tell his papa. Nandini brings milk then.
Bhabi maa spills some tea on AKshara’s design. She was worried, but Akshara says that she recalls some incident from it. She looks behind that her late mother in laws photo. Alok comes there, AKshara offers him seat. ALok says she is lucky to have a husband like Naitik. Akshara says she knows about it. They discuss about the design. Deviani says that Akshara must walk a bit now. Bhabi maa says she must say to it now. The ladies discuss that the man is a good and decent one.
Naitik arrives in a meeting. He comes across a man, he says hello to. The man leaves. His phone bell rings, and he goes to attend it. Namal and Karishma arrive at the restaurant. Namal tells her there are good reviews about this place, he was planning only dinner but found a good night plan. Karishma says she is really happy, as it is a great surprise.

PRECAp: AKshara asks ALok why he didn’t marry. ALok says because of her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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