Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aditya picking the earring and saying see this is the proof, now decide who is saying truth and who is lying, you all will beat me if I say anything, now who is the liar, this driver or this earring, just Kirti and Naksh are true right. Kirti cries. Aditya says I requested Kirti many times, she does not listen to anyone. He acts to cry. Kartik says Naira was right about you, you have fallen much. Kirti says whatever Aditya is saying is not true. Naksh signs no to Kartik. Aditya says she is your sister, you will trust her, but I will prove my innocence, beat me, but I will say truth, you all just saw earring, I have seen much more between Naksh and Kirti. Naksh holds his collar and asks him to shut up. He says I was quiet as it was husband and wife matter, I will

not bear this.

Aditya says ask him how did he get Kirti’s earring. Naira says enough Aditya, you are going out of limit. He asks did your family teach you these manners, you both do such bad things and blame others, Naira said I have teased her, what will she say now, I can’t even say it, I get shame to think. Naksh asks how dare you say this to my sister. Aditya asks why, can you do anything with my wife. Kirti shouts shut up Aditya, you have said a lot, now not a word more, I have bear everything, I will not bear if you say anything about others. Kartik says if you say anything about my sister, wife and Naksh, I will not bear it. Aditya says Kirti you did not care for our marriage and did not think of our marriage, you are responsible for all this, you cheated me for Naksh, your behavior made me violent, your family does not trust me, one day they will come to beg me, they will know I was true, Manish is the witness, that day will come soon. Manish looks on. He goes inside the house. Aditya thinks every disease has a cure, except doubt. He leaves. Kirti cries and runs. Everyone go after her.

Naira asks Naksh not to worry. Naksh says how to make your family believe me, I swear I did not do anything. She says I know, have courage, I will manage everything, just be fine. Naksh cries. She says I m sorry, I can’t come with you now, you go and don’t think about all this, everything will get fine. Naksh leaves.

Kirti cries and asks them to trust her. She hugs Suwarna and asks her to explain Manish that she did not do anything wrong ever that would defame their name. Naksh comes home. Everyone see his bad state and run to him, asking what happened. Naksh tells them everything. Everyone gets shocked.

Naira comes to Manish and asks why did you come this way, Kirti is upset, she needs you, she feels guilty to hurt you, its not her mistake, I understand why you are not able to trust Aditya and Naksh, you should trust your daughter, who stayed silent for family respect, when she is raising voice, why is family not supporting her, please tell me why are you annoyed with her. Manish asks her to leave. She says no, I won’t go without getting an answer. He shouts leave from here.

Naitik says its not Kirti’s mistake and hugs Naksh. Naksh thanks Naitik for trusting him. He says Naira does not doubt on me, she did not question me, Aditya is wrong. Bau ji and Naitik say we trust you and our upbringing. Naitik says Aditya got mad to blame you and Kirti. Karishma says I think he did this as family was in Kirti’s favor, so he did this. Naitik says we are with you and Kirti. Baisa says their thinking is different, if they don’t trust Naksh then. Naitik says this should not happen, not believing Naksh would mean not believing Kirti. Aditya rests and tells his manager to hire biggest lawyer of the city, ask media to be ready, there is a great news to share with them.

Naira says I can’t believe this, how can anyone do this with daughter. Kartik says welcome in my world, Manish just worries for his name and reputation, not children. Naira says no, Kirti is upset seeing Manish annoyed, how can he do this. Kartik says Manish can do what others can’t. Akhilesh asks Manish where is he going. Manish says I have to meet someone, stay here. He leaves. Dadi says I have never seen Manish so worried, don’t know what will happen.

Naira says we will not let this matter go in wrong direction, we will support Kirti. Kartik says yes, we all will fight and punish Aditya. He calls someone and says send that driver to me fast, I m waiting for him. Naira calls Naitik and says Naksh is not at fault. Aditya is a cheap man, he is lying, trust me and Kartik, we will make everything fine, take care of Naksh. Naitik says sure, I will pray Kirti’s life gets happiness and peace.

Kartik asks what, are you sure, fine I m coming. He tells Naira that driver is preparing to run away. Manish is on the way. Naitik calls Manish and says Naksh told us everything, we trust our children, we will face this together, don’t worry. Manish says saying is easy, it hurts when we think something about someone dear and if the person is something else, I will call later. Dadi worries for Manish.

Kirti thinks why is dad annoyed with me, he may break relation with me. Surekha says Akhilesh is finding out. Akhilesh asks what happened to him, there is nothing to doubt Kirti. Suwarna says he did not talk to anyone, he did not listen to Naira. Akhilesh asks is he believing Aditya… Aditya comes and asks did anyone take my name. They all look at him. Aditya asks why are you all surprised, Manish called me here to talk, he realized his daughter’s life will be ruined if I leave her. Kirti cries. Aditya gets seated. Akhilesh says Manish is not doing right. Surekha says what’s happening. Dadi says Manish knows relations are joined with difficulty, I understand Kirti’s pain, the pain will get high if we don’t stop it on time. Aditya greets Manish. They all turn and see Manish at the door. Manish walks to Aditya. Kartik and Naira come. Kartik welcomes Manish and says you did great work, the man who has hurt Kirti so much, you called him home, very nice, congrats, I think Lord kept stone instead heart, some people try to change your image in my eyes, but you always prove them wrong, well done. Manish looks at Kartik.

Kartik asks Aditya to leave and pushes him. Aditya falls. Naira asks how much will you fall more. Aditya says see what else do I drop, Goenka’s name, business, market value….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aditya is full of arrogance…..its family money not his….seriousely…big business in 21st century now Little mouse Aditya eating u up

  2. Naira’s words to manish were nyc….bt he shouted on her n didnt listen to her……bt he will definately slap aditya i thnk…waiting for nxt episode…
    n karthik went to catch d driver…after tht they didnt showed anythng may b mndy they will show tht…n precap was superrb…

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