Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara asking Naksh to go office. Naksh says I will meet Papa, but first explain Mishti. She says you explain her to take medicines. Naksh says Karishma should understand, scolding Mishti will not increase her height. Akshara sees the brochure and gets restless. Naira is shown. Rajshri asks Shaurya why are you asking this, will I agree for picnic, no way. Shaurya asks her not to worry, how long will we live in fear. She says my heart is not agreeing, what shall I do. Kohli and his wife come there. Vishwamber asks them to give rent next week. Mrs. Kohli says no, we will give rent, our ATM card got stuck in machine and got blocked. Rajshri says its fine, you can give rent later.

Naira feeds the cow. A man says you will get blessing and your life will change.

Akshara calls on brochure number and Naira attends call. Naira hears her and gets shocked. She gives phone to that man. Akshara talks to that man and makes booking for the yatra, and asks for two helpers. She asks him to arrange ground floor room for tomorrow. He says it will be done. She feels restless. He tells Naira that two women are coming, she has to look after them. Naira says I will trap them and smiles.

Mishti comes from school and wants to say something. Karishma asks her to go and change. Gayu asks Mishti to say what she wanted to. Mishti tells her that her play got selected in annual day. Karishma says I knew it, my daughter is genius, you just got lagging in height, why are you upset Mishti, did I say anything wrong.

Mishti goes and checks her height. Gayu cheers her up by talking to her via a puppet. Akshara asks Gayu to leave all the work and do her jewelry designing work. Gayu says its easy work, don’t worry. Gayu asks Akshara and Varsha to sit and talk, she will get tea. Akshara asks her to end her project first. Akshara thanks Varsha for agreeing so soon, and finding time for her. Varsha says its good you thought of me. Akshara says yes, someone had to go with Bhabhimaa. Varsha says it would be good if you go. Akshara says I have hope that this time we will get Naira. They smile. Power goes. Varsha says power went, I understood everything without your saying, you will get happiness again. Naira tells the man Negi that she has to earn money, else she will lose home. There is power cut and all the girls do not get sleep in the heat. Negi says there is no way to get power now, and asks them to sing bhajan if they are not able to sleep. Naira says I have an idea, and sings a lullaby for the girls. They all sleep. Negi asks where did you learn this lullaby. She says my mum. He asks what, did you learn this from your mum. Naira says my mum is dead, I told you. She recalls Akshara’s words and cries. She says I won’t think about Akshara…..

Kartik takes his selfie and sees Naira. He thinks to teach her a lesson and throws some leaves on her. The milk can falls down from her hands. He calls her coward. She sees him and says you… he leaves on his bike. She says I will not leave you, my name is not Tina if I don’t scare you now.

Akshara gives tickets to Bhabhimaa. Bhabhimaa gets hurt. Devyaani says Bhabhimaa can’t go now. Naksh says Akshara will go for Naira’s puja.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Plsssss reunite aksharah with Naira plssssssssssssssssssss this is getting boring

  2. i really very missing u karan bahiya in yrkkh very badly plz come back soon aap toh aaj kl show main jayada dikhte hi nhi. papa ki princess milne wali hai aur aap ka naira ke saath scene dikha hi nhi wase bhi day by day yrkkh ki trp decrease hoti ja rahi hai so plz come back in yrkkh. u are the truly actor in yrkkh nd specially after the post leap

  3. aww so cute..naira singing lori..shes good from heart bas galatfhmi hai regarding akshara.aur ye kartik kitna badmash hai

  4. Naira is so rude to that caretaker who is elderly to her. Cant she say the same words without that rudeness and making angry eyes at him?

  5. iss show ke real hero naitik hai unhe bhi dikaho plzzzzzzzzzzzz srif akshara hi naira se kyu mile naitik ki toh princess haa na toh naitik ko bhi naira ko search karna chahiye i rally miss naitik nd naira bonding actually kya karu naitik ki bonding show main sab ke saath aachi lagti hai especially akshara nd naira i hope ki akshara nd naira main unite naitik hi karwaye.

  6. One bad friendship with sukanya spoiled Naira’s life completely.. Sukanya kept on instigating Naira about Akshara..

  7. Nice episode. Very excited about da upcoming episode where Akshara will meet Naira in rishikesh.

  8. Verynice episode
    Lol I spotted the way you gave mishti a height problem as the reason she was short haha – when in reality it was that he’s one of the best young child actors I personally have seen
    Kartik seems like an interesting character but I like gayu and her story line more – please uncover reason for her parents death
    Also, I like how you fully made us accustomed to the co actresses in today’s episode – naira and gayu

  9. She’s* not he’s.

  10. All over mistake of sukanya..she spoiled Naira’s childhood..

  11. Naira was an idiot, such a loser to make friend like Sukanya. She should have learned a lesson well when she was kidnapped from Mirchi Set Gang. But hell no! Naira has to be a problematic child of her parents(Naitik & Akshara)… For Naira, Singhania and Muheshwari family is suffering a lot… This is very sad for us. I feel pity for her.

  12. But naira is suffering too..hating ur mom also gives pain only not happiness n gayu has no storyline.her mom dad died n now akshara n naitik treats her their own daughter.thats it.

  13. Writers have conveniently not mentioned the years of leap they have taken! How come no one has grown older except Naira and Gayu?? Kuhu looks way too much grown up, while Mishti is almost the same except slight changes! Lol! During the first leap itself they left Naman’s Sister and her Husband behind!! Now Anshu and family missing! No word of Ananya too! One more thing how come all of a sudden Gayu can become Akshara’s replica?

    1. mishti is suffering from disease thats why she hasnt grown up physically..n they made gayu akshara replica coz maybe in future they ll introduce love triangle between gayu kartik n naira so to give imp to gayu they did that.

  14. I think gracy goswami suit for kuhu role because she is sweet or prity .this juju so uagly.

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