Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik saying Kuhu’s Papa will come. Akshara gets his phone and calls on last dialed number. She says Kuhu… what wrong number. She checks his call list and asks Naitik about Kuhu’s dad. She says I checked call list and there is no number of Kuhu’s dad. He says I did net calling and lies.

Ranveer tells inspector that he is mistake. Inspector scolds them and says come with us to police station, your parents will come and explain you well. He asks Ananya about her father’s name, address. She worries.

Akshara looks for Kuhu’s bag and sees it. She says its hidden as if someone will take it away. Varsha calls Akshara and tells about Ananya’s proposal. Kuhu takes her bag before Akshara gets the pic. Akshara says sorry, I was keeping clothes.

She continues talking to Varsha. Varsha says guy is from Sneha’s family, the one who started liking Naitik. Akshara recalls Sneha. Kuhu talks to her mum Sneha’s mum and cries hugging the pic.

Akshara says its old thing now, this does not matter, you do what you find right. Varsha says I will know about the guy and then tell you. She ends call. Akshara tells Kuhu to pack her bag, her Papa will come to take her. She goes. Kuhu says but Papa is here.

Naitik gets a call and asks what did you think. Varsha waits for Ananya. Inspector gets Ananya and Ranveer home, and tells them that they were romancing in the car on the road publicly. Ranveer and Ananya refuse it and explain the situation. Shaurya asks inspector to come out with him. Varsha looks on angrily.

Naitik lies to family again about Kuhu’s dad, who can’t come for a week. Devyaani says what will we explain Kuhu. Kuhu comes downstairs. Varsha scolds Ananya. Ranveer apologizes and says I want to marry Ananya, I really like her, I was wrong earlier, she has all qualities that my life partner should have, I will not change my decision, I called my parents to fix the relation. Ranveer’s family comes there and ask them to forgive Ranveer, as he realized his mistake.

Varsha takes Ananya aside and asks her not to take decision in pressure, none will force her, refuse to them if you don’t like Ranveer. Naitik goes to room and worries thinking of everyone’s words. He looks at the wind chime and gets sad. Akshara comes to him.

Ranveer tells Ananya that he met her today, he took a ring from home, he decided to propose her, I want to propose you infront of everyone, last time I made you wear this by my family pressure, this time I m doing this by my wish, if you come in my life, we both will stay happy, Ananya will you marry me, say yes just once, I will accept whatever you punish me. Ananya cries and says yes. They all get happy and hug.

Akshara asks who is Kuhu’s father, why are you hiding truth, tell me, I will not let you go today without getting answer from me. Naksh comes and tells Naitik that they have to leave for Krishna now, its urgent. Naitik says Keshav told me, lets go. He leaves. Everyone bless Ananya. Dadi says no one can snatch whats written in fate, all is well that ends well. Varsha and Shaurya are happy. Shaurya says we will have sweets, that’s Ananya’s fav icecreams. Ananya asks are you all not annoyed. Varsha says no. Ananya asks shall I inform Akshara. Rajshri says yes, ask her did Kuhu go with her dad. Akshara tells Kuhu that you can wear Mishti’s dress, I will make you ready, come.

Mishti looks on and gets jealous. Akshara makes Kuhu ready and compliments her. She kisses her. Kuhu cries. Akshara asks do you miss your mum, did she make you ready like this. Kuhu nods and hugs her. Akshara asks her to smile.

Naksh is busy and gets Tara’s call. She says you did not talk to me. He says I called you. She says I was in practice that time, I m busy now, I have work, I will manage. She offers help, and says you don’t share anything. He says its about Krishna’s accounts, you won’t understand it. she asks are you taunting me. He says no, I will talk later. Tara tells Preeti that this happens with people after marriage, and happening with me now. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara to clear the old files. Ananya calls Akshara and says Ranveer came home and proposed me, I said yes. Akshara is glad for her. Ananya asks about Kuhu. Akshara says her dad did not come. Some old pics fall and Akshara picks it. Ananya says I feel bad for Kuhu. Kuhu sees Sneha’s pic. Akshara too sees the pics. Ananya asks Akshara to come home.

Kuhu cries seeing her mum’s photo torn. Akshara says we will make it fine, and joins it. She gets shocked seeing Sneha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finally ananya-ranveer issue solve,waiting for their marriage episodes
    Bt story is really twist in kuhu and sneha issue,keep going,bt pls broke suspense

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  3. Oh my god so much suspense waiting for the reveal of kuhu’s secret

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