Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju apologizing. Jasmeet says its good that mehendi did not spoil. Akshara comes to her room and sees Naitik’s missed calls. She calls him and he asks about Naksh, he was missing him. He asks what was she doing. They have a talk and wish each other happy anniversary. She asks for her gift. He says he is her gift. She says she wants special gift and asks about his mood. He says I m sorry, I was angry when I left from there. She says she knows to calm his heart.She asks him to rest and sings lullaby. He sleeps and she ends call smiling.

She sees Rajshri looking on. Rajshri comes to her and applies lemon syrup to her mehendi. They talk about girl’s new relations as a wife, mum, and bahu. Rajshri says she has managed all her relations well, she will do

her vidaai tomorrow. Akshara hugs her and says this time she is not crying. Rajshri blesses her. Akshara asks will they make them marry every year and laugh. Its morning, Naitik wakes up. Everyone come in his room and wish him happy anniversary. Naitik takes elder’s blessings and hugs them.

Bhabhimaa promises that nothing wrong will happen in this house, they will be happy ever as Akshara is coming at home today. Naitik gets Naira’s call. Naksh wakes up and talks to Sanju and Ananya. He says Naitik is angry. Ananya says he did not tell the family, so no one is annoyed. She gives him lemon water. He says he will leave now. Akshara and everyone come and greet him, asking how is he. Rajshri asks him to have haldi milk. He says he had lemon water. They ask why did he drink that if he has cold. Akshara asks him not to work much, he worked all day and slept.

He says sorry, shall I leave now. Rajshri asks him to have breakfast. Ananya asks him to go. Akshara asks did anything happen when Naitik came here. He says nothing and hugs her. He jokes and wishes her happy anniversary, he will come with baraat and dad in evening. He leaves. Bau ji says Naman they did not get tea today. Naitik gets the tea. Rashmi asks why did he make tea, its his marriage. Naitik says can’t I work. Karishma likes it. Bhabhimaa says its good he learnt everything.

Naman says she is saying as old people used to say about girls. They laugh. Bhabhimaa gets weak and Naitik asks her to rest. Naksh comes and asks is she hurt. Bhabhimaa says its knee pain.

They ask Naksh is he fine, is his fever gone. Naksh says yes, he will not go anywhere and will be with them. Devyaani sends Bhabhimaa to rest, they will manage everything. Naitik and Naksh take her. Ananya shows kurti to Varsha. Varsha asks how did clothes get so tight in few months. Yash and Sanju come there. Ananya smiles seeing them. She says she will try another dress. Sanju likes the necklace. Varsha says its for Akshara, I will keep it else Nannu will eat it. Sanju tries the necklace and Yash smiles. The necklace falls and breaks. Sanju says Akshara will not leave me, I have broken this necklace. Akshara and Ananya come and get shocked.

Rajshri asks how did this happen. Yash stops Sanju and says its his mistake, he was showing Sanju and it fell. Varsha says it can’t be repaired soon, what will Akshara wear. Rajshri says she has an idea. Naksh serves Bhabhimaa. Naitik gives her medicine. Bhabhimaa says she is most lucky one in the world and blesses them. They hug Bhabhimaa.

Naitik tells Naksh that he does not want to listen to him. He is annoyed and he will be angry again, you will promise this won’t happen, I will explain you again and same things will follow, its better if you say you realize the mistake, then I will forgive you. Naksh nods. Naitik says what else do I want, my scolding will not make you understand which you can understand on your own, drinking wine is not a good thing, life ruins along with relations. Naksh hugs him and cries. He says this will never happen, I will never forget my relations, I m really sorry. Naitik smiles and asks him not to cry. Devyaani calls Naitik. Naksh says he will just come and wishes him happy anniversary. Naitik says thanks and leaves.

Naksh gets a call from Ananya. She says she has some doubt on Yash and Sanju. He gets shocked. Rajshri asks Akshara to get ready. Askhara says she will wait till haldi comes. Shaurya asks Yash to check lights. Nannu gets Yash’s phone. Ananya takes it and messages Sanju. Sanju thinks to meet him. Ananya asks Nannu to give phone to Yash. Nannu gives phone and he thanks him.

Yash gets Nandini’s call and says he will come in some time. He tells Shaurya that he has to attend functions there, so mum is calling. Anshu asks him to go. Rajshri says yes, you go now and come from groom’s side. Kaki says someone has to come with haldi. Yash says I will get it, Naksh is busy. Ananya sees Yash and Sanju signing each other and sends Sanju to get ready. Yash leaves. Ananya smiles and calls Naksh. She says work is done. Naksh says good and smiles.

Naitik’s haldi function goes on and he goes to remove the haldi. Naitik says his face turned yellow. They laugh. Naitik says tell the bride’s family that this marriage is cancelled.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Akshras you are the best mum ,wife,daughter and bhau
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